Perspective: The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful part 3(fini)


Caleb spoke into her hair, his hands gentle on her shoulders.

“While I want your husband to see what he has thrown away, I don’t necessarily want to hear him complaining about it.” He went to a closet, opened the mahogany door, pulled down a dark oak box. Lifting off the lid, he dug around for a minute, then pulled free his selection. She had never really seen a ball gag up close before, and she went closer to look at it. Seeing the size of the ball made her throw a smirking smile at Russell. Fucking bastard! Let him suffer!

After a brief tussle, the ball gag was indeed buried in Russell’s mouth, and tightened securely. Despite grunting and yelling, very little noise actually escaped the room. Caleb walked to his desk and took up a remote. With a click, the room was surrounded in waves of music, something new age with the sound of the sea in the background. 

Walking back to the bed, he watched in amusement as Shiloh pulled items from the box, examining them and putting them back. He laughed aloud as he watched her puzzling over a set of anal beads.

“What?” she turned and looked at him.

He mimed pushing up and puckered his face. She blushed all of a sudden as awareness dawned and she hurriedly dropped the string into the box. He laughed and hugged her hard.

“Later, sweeting, that will be much later.”

He turned her so that he could release her zipper. The dress fell with a soft whisper of sound, audible in the brief silence between songs. She stood a moment, a beautiful statue, clad in silk stockings and stiletto heels. Her husband moaned, that sound carrying to Caleb. A different sort of music to his ears, one that he hoped added to her enjoyment.

Reaching around from behind her, his hands began playing with her glorious tits. Cupping each soft mound in a hand, he squeezed, released, squeezed  and released. His thumb and forefingers found the swelling tips and began to tug at them, and twirling them firmly finally eliciting a moan from her. Her head fell back against him, exposing the line of her throat to his hungry teeth. He took advantage of her bounty and nipped a line down her neck, biting hard where the shoulder slope began. As he bit her, his fingers painfully squeezed her nipples making her squirm at the three points of pain. She backed closer against him, her silk-covered ass pressing hard against his groin, and felt his very hard cock pushing back.

“Please…” she moaned, but she couldn’t exactly say for what.

“First rule, sweeting. I start and stop at my own whim. You will receive pleasures from me, but at my discretion.  It will often hurt. But I promise to make it hurt, oh so good.”

She absorbed this. He ruled here. He ruled her. Russell, sitting in the chair across the room, was forgotten. All that existed just now was Him. Caleb. His hands hurting her tits, his teeth had gone back to biting her neck. She knew she’d be bruised.

Damn it felt good.

Finally he released her. She felt him kneel behind her, and blushed to imagine…and squeeled aloud when she felt him pulling down her stockings, then parting her cheeks.

“Bend over and touch your toes, little slut.” The order, gently but firmly delivered, embarrassed her. To be called a slut…? She bent and touched her toes, knowing that he would be getting an eyeful of her ass.

His fingers slid down her crack, and poked firmly against  her back entrance. She moaned, low in her throat. A cross between excitement at the forbidden, and fear. She and Russ had never had anal sex. He’d never been into it. She’d never done it before, although the boyfriend she’d had before Russell had tried to get her to submit to it.

Caleb’s fingers slid further up her slit and slipped across her cunt. It was wet. Bent like this, she could hear the sound as his fingers dipped briefly in her warm crevasse, and then she shuddered as those inquisitive fingers twirled around her clitoris.

“Feels good, yes, slut?”

“yessss,” she breathed.

“Yes, Sir,” he admonished.

“Yes, Sir,” she amended.

“Have you ever been fucked in your beautiful ass?”

She shook her head.  A sharp slap across her ass had her yelp and taking a short hopping step away from the sudden pain. “Ow!”

He pulled her hips back into position.

“Speak with me, slut, do not merely nod your head. You are not a horse or a cow or a trained dog. Use your delightful voice to answer me in the future, understood?”

“Yes, Sir.I..i understand. No, Sir, i…no…no one has ever…ever…You know…”

“Fucked your ass?”

“Correct, Sir.”

“say it, slut.”

She locked her lips. It was so…dirty. So decadent…another slap interrupted her small defiance.

“NO ONE HAS FUCKED MY ASS SIR!” she shouted.

He laughed.

“Good girl. We’ll take care of that item, then, won’t we?” and he laughed again at her moan.


Russell could not believe it. His slut of a wife was being inspected by his boss and she was loving it, the fucking cunt! He pulled at his cuffs, yelled behind his gag. When he’d signed the paper Caleb had given him at dinner, asking him to ‘give’ him Shiloh for the weekend, he’d agreed. It was that, or jail. And frankly, he’d expected Shiloh to throw up a hue and cry and refuse the fucking bastard.

Here she was, bent in half while that fucker stuck his fingers up her pussy. The wet sound, the pungent scent of her overheated sex came to him. His cock was killing him, throbbing in his pants, and he knew he’d wind up blowing in them like an untried teen. Fuck them. Fuck them both.


Shiloh was tightly bound to the bed. Her eyes blindfolded, wrists and ankles secured to the antique four-poster, she felt…everything…so intensely. What would happen next, was unclear. She was powerless, and yet. The feelings that Caleb had already brought up in her were unexpected, overwhelming. How hard she had cum when he delivered a measured spanking. How hot and wet she had been when she knelt before him and he fucked her face. He called it her “face pussy”. Thank god she’d had years to practice deep-throating Russell. Caleb’s cock was longer and a bit thicker than Russ’s but she was able to take him deep, and she knew he was pleased with her.

Why and when it had become important to please Caleb she was unclear. She just knew that he gave her stability in the whirling chaos that her life had suddenly, unexpectedly become.

She felt a faint tingle in her left arm. What? A thin line of sensation trailed up her arm from her elbow to her armpit. She felt it, barely, tracing a path around her armpit, then…she giggled, writhing, as the tickling became more intense in her pit, then down her torso to tease her waist. It slipped back up and tickled her nipple, her throat; then stopped. A moment passed, another, before she felt the tickle begin anew at her feet. She twitched, she moaned, she laughed, she strained at her bonds, and still he tickled her.

“OH GAWD….PULEEEEZZZZEEEE……” she yelled, arching her back.

A slap on her pussy was a change of sensation, and several more slaps brought her to another orgasm. Gasping for breath, she moaned his name..


His body slipped up and over hers, covering her completely. She felt the hair on his chest sliding across her belly, teasing her tits and nipples with a different sort of tickle. The heat from him was incredible, and as his cock slid into her, locking them together, she wished she had hands free to grab at him, hold him tight to her.


He fucked her passionately. Deeply. He felt the heat from the welts on her torso, the swollen nipples pressing hard against his chest. Her breath was labored, exciting him, and her cunt was clamping down on his dick as she clenched through another orgasm. Her head tossed from side to side, and he removed the blindfold to look into her eyes. His  hands locked on each side of her head as he began to feast from her mouth. Tongues dancing, teeth nipping, they kissed as he continued to slide in and out of her.

As he neared his release, he grabbed her tits, squeezing them hard, leveraging himself with them as he increased his thrusts, now slamming deeply into her. She rose to meet each thrust as much as she was able. The sounds from the bed rivaled the music that swelled around them, a vast crescendo, as the slapping  of flesh on flesh, the moaning from her, and his grunts all combined to make a new kind of music. As he poured forth into her waiting cunt, his triumphant roar overrode all other sounds. They collapsed together, spent, glistening with sweat and commingled fluids.


Russell fell back into the chair. His eyes had not left them as he watched his boss fuck his wife. The entire time,  he had watched her, spread-eagled on the bed, submitting to…no, embracing Caleb’s lust. Now he closed his eyes, suddenly feeling lost, bereft. He felt  his breath hitching, the wet spot on the front of his trousers expanding. It was done. He  was done.

He opened his eyes as he felt a presence. Caleb stood before him, his cock gleaming wetly. Already it was half erect. He watched as Caleb  grasped his cock, and skimmed some of the wetness off of it. He wiped his hand on Russell’s face.

“That’s the last you will see, smell or taste of your wife. Tomorrow we will file for a no-contest divorce. You will not impede the process in any way. I hope you remember the contract you signed downstairs. As you know, you still have a job with me. In the mail room. If you do not show up for work, a bounty hunter will find you, beat the ever-loving snot out of you, and then take you to work, where you will be cuffed to your workstation. Oh, Russell, how I hope you will defy me, so that I can call that man. There’s nothing I’d like better than to see you beaten. Then again, that’s really what I am looking at now, aren’t I? A beaten man. Check, and mate. ”

Caleb went to the bedroom door, called for the guard. Unashamed of his nudity, uncaring even, he gestured for Russell to be released from the chair, and taken back downstairs to begin his new life as Caleb’s slave.


She woke when the dawning light illuminated the silken nest around her. She was curled, spooned, with strong, warm arms around her body, cupping her bosom. Even as she stirred, she felt his deft fingers begin to dance across a nipple, bringing it to life.

“mmmmmm” she responded, rubbing her head against his chest.

It was going to be a beautiful day.


Thank you, dear readers for indulging me over the last 6 days!  i’ve wanted to try my hand a writing in ‘perspective’ for awhile, and this story just would not stop drumming in my head. This was written over the course of one afternoon, and the next morning. The intensity of the Muse for this story was…unparallelled for me!   It was there when i started falling asleep, and still there when i awoke!  It was , apparently, just desperate  to be ‘born’!

!  I promise, for those of you following the tale of The Farm, and Perchance, those stories will be coming to their conclusions shortly…and on we go!