And since we’re talking reality here….

 Here are some truly bizzaro searchs that brought people to Vanillamom last week. Occasionally one must just share the sillyness, okay. My responses are in bold because that is just the kind of girl that nilla is of late.

one of the best tit-slapping ever  Why thank you very much! Ever? Wow.

will deleting my wordpress blog hurt my I would so love to know what they thought would hurt after deleting their blog. and i’ll bet it won’t hurt like my ass will if i come off  Sirs’ Wall….  
buttplug blog  WHAT??? are YOU kidding me? since when did this become buttplug blog???? I’ve never even worn a buttplug. Yet. (covers ass with hand)  
suspended by tits in kitchen  Now that’s how you get YOUR  subbie to make your omlette just the way you like it, Sirs and Dom’s!  


tit slapping   What, you think this is a D/s takeout or something? Yeah, um, i’d like a buttplug and a side of titslapping *giggle* I’m so going to *that* restaraunt!  
cum swapping man woman This one shows up almost every week. Bookmark the Site, man, bookmark. V-a-n-i-l-l-a-m-o-m-!!! Easy Peasy!  
hanging tit slap because of my febrile imagination, this may yet become a story feature….  
doll crime (sound of voice through cop mic) okay Barbie, we have you surrounded. come out of the mall with your hands up!  
pushed her down screamed pounded nipple I dunno about you readers, but Sir has yet to scream at my nipple. Pounded, yes, screamed? Just not a turn on. 

On a second “reality” note, i must add, after yesterday’s post, that Sir and i did manage to have some face-to-face time on Sunday. We met at the mall, and necked in His car like a couple of teens that haven’t seen each other in a month. And we didn’t. See each other for a month, i mean. It was only 40 minutes. It was too short and yet…..It was awesome. oh. did nilla say awesome? C’m on, girl, this is a sex-blog!! Deets, deets!

Okay, it was FUCKING AWESOME!!!! His mouth…dear goddess his mouth…it’s a weapon. I had to check my mouth before i left his car, because i was afraid he still had my tongue in his possession. *swoons*

He bit my ear. Hard. Swirled his tongue, oh that talented, torturous tongue, deep into my ear passage. Why, i wonder, is my ear connected to my cunt? A flood of pussy honey. (he checked, and laughed. Really, He laughed at how wet he made me. Then admonished me to not leak on his car seat. Bastard! Thank goddess i was wearing a slip!!)

He pinched my tit, oh, so hard. Mmmmmm, yeah (clears throat.) it, ahem, took me 6 minutes to write the rest of this sentence. Sorry, lost in reverie…

Later he ‘found’ my other tit, and  treated it like it’s sister. Maybe even a bit harder. It’s his “favorite” tit. Don’t ask. I don’t know why either.

And then there was my ass. Yeah. Well, da nilla has been walking since January. It’s been hit or miss, but at the barest minimum, once a week, and often more than that. Mild winter gave me a wee boost in the walking dept. Sir noticed. Been a month, and i’ve walked 4 days or more a week, plus yard work.

He pincered my asscheek between his fingers.

“What ho?!” He cried, in his best ‘pirate voice” ….”what have we here matey?”

Then he chuckled.

Yeah, that chuckle. Pleased, very pleased. And plotting, yes, plotting the demise of my ‘new’ more shapely ass. He was *verrah, verrah* pleased, and i even “earned” a few very hard smacks on my ass, just to ‘test’ it out.

He can hardly wait until the end of May. My ass is getting his full, undivided attention, He says.

whoo, boy!

how’s that for a reality check!

3 thoughts on “And since we’re talking reality here….

    1. I’m just sayin’…if you feel the world shaking, it’s just Sir and i…i hope that bed is nailed to the floor….


  1. I just love the picture of you guys neckin’. Sounds like fun. and as for the searching – made me laugh. It’s not like your blog name is all that difficult to remember…though I guess after reading the entries, maybe their glasses steamed up?? or they forgot all else??

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