Perchance part 6.

Kayla sat at the bar nursing a beer. She’d looked around for Taj, but that little slut was nowhere to be seen. She could hardly wait to get out of this hellhole. She doubted she’d ever been angrier in her life. The Dom that Taj had tried to  hook her up with,  blamed her  for the actions of  that fucktard Dom. . . Lord Eirock. One who was either very new,  or very stupid, and very drunk. She was seething. How dare that fucking asshole blame her for nearly being raped by that …that…dombaboon?! As if she had any fucking choice in that. Bastard.

She felt a warm hard hand on her shoulder.  Oh FUCK! Not again!! She whirled, preparing to blast the owner of the hand, and saw Him. The Fucking Bastard himself. She slammed her teeth shut, glared at him, and turned her back on him. He laughed.

“Feisty, aren’t you, little one?”

She ignored him, but her foot began to jiggle. He noticed it, and of course,  had to comment.

“Am I making you feel all jittery, little one?”

She ignored him, but her foot stilled, and her spine became stiff. His fingers began massaging her shoulder and neck.

“You’re awfully tense, little one. Let’s see if I can loosen you up a bit.”

It felt like fire on her flesh, the strength of his hands. She hated that her pussy was even now beginning to seep. She hated that he was turning her into a submissive wimp. She squeezed her teeth shut so hard, her jaw was starting to ache. She tried to wiggle his hand off her shoulder, but he pressed closer to her. Close enough that she could feel the outline of his cock through his pants, against her  hip. She could smell him, too. For some reason, his scent made her tingle all over. When he turned her stool to face him, she did not resist. 

His fist lifted her chin. Their eyes met, fought. Finally, her eyes dropped to her lap. Damn Him!

He tilted her chin up a bit more, then brought his mouth to hers. A fraction of air separated them, when he spoke to her, a near whisper. She felt the heat of his words on her mouth, and the heated meaning reverberated in her head.

Mine.” He spoke with a finality the brooked no argument. She nodded. She felt …confused. Safe. Frightened. Overwhelmed. She settled on that one for now. The rest, she would sort out, later.

He hooked a finger in the front of her corset, and led her back to the room where he had rescued her. The door had barely slid shut before he had her plastered against the wall, and his teeth were biting her neck, working down to her tits, which his busy hands freed from her corset. Now they hung free, ripe fruit for his picking hands.

He pulled and rolled her nipples, and she arched, hissing to her tiptoes, back plastered to the wall. One leg rested between hers, and he pressed closer still, opening her legs even more. Her nipples were throbbing and she could have cared less at that moment. Her body was awash in sensation. The pleasure of his biting on her neck. It hurt so good! The pain of her nipples, now under assault for the second time this night, and the intense longing the pain roused in her cunt. Her pussy was throbbing, her heart was racing, and she wanted, dear god, how she wanted, needed, him to fuck her.

He took his time getting to it. His cock was throbbing with need, but he wanted to touch her, all of her, mark her with his flesh, make her his. When she woke tomorrow, he wanted her to see where he had been, to remember without regrets. To remember instead, with need.

He pinched and prodded her ass, turning her and pressing her face into the wall.

“Stay” His order was curt. She stayed.

She heard a sound, and then a sharp crack as his belt nailed her full across her round bottom.

“EEEK!” she shouted, trying to push away from the wall.

“Stay!” he ordered, his voice gruff with need.

“GAWD…” she moaned, as his hand came and rubbed at the reddening welt he’d placed on her ass.

Again he swatted her ass with the belt, again she yelped. On the fourth stroke, she moaned, loudly, as his hand caressed her ass, the smooth flesh of her ass, heated to simmer, contrasting with the rougher skin of his hand, cooler now than her flesh. His hand slipped down over her glowing cheeks, and slid lower, until he was cupping her between her legs.

“I could take a drink from what is gathering in my hand,” he murmured against her ear, “but it would not slake my thirst for you.”

She shuddered, and knew she was on the very brink of a powerful orgasm.

“Please,” she whimpered, lips against the wall, “please Sir.”

His finger came to dally and tease at her clit. She rose to tiptoes, then back down, pressing hard against his probing digit. An animal growl came from her, as he moved his fingers away, leaving her unfulfilled.

“Please what?” She heard the supressed humor in his voice. The Bastard!! He knew what she wanted, what she needed.

His hand went back to cupping her, a lazy finger occasionally twitching up near her clit, but not on it, not ever against that swollen, begging bit of  flesh.

“Fuck me!!” she finally erupted, as the silent war went on for what felt like hours. Her clit was throbbing, her cunt was leaking into his hand, down her thighs, and her knees were wobbly.

“Really?” he drawled. “now, is that how a needy little girl asks her Master for some attention?”

She whimpered. She despised simpering whimpering girls, and yet, here she was, near to begging this…’oh, god—dammmmn’…she moaned as his fingers began circling her clit.

“PleasepleasepleasepleaseSirMasterpleaseplease FUCK me! Puleeze?!”

“Really?” he drawled again. “You want me, to put my cock inside this very wet hole?” His fingers slid in and out of her cunthole.

“Yeeesssss” she moaned, pushing down, trying to lodge him deeper inside her needy, throbbing passage.

He grabbed her by her hair and pulled her away from the wall. He pushed her onto the floor, onto hands and knees. He kicked at her knees, issuing a curt

“Open, slut, spread those legs wider for me.”

She shifted, spreading as he ordered. Again her ass tasted the leather of his belt. She gurgled her moan, the pain mingling with her need until she was thrusting back with her abused ass, begging for whatever he would give. Another solid whack with the thick belt, and her quivering arms nearly buckled. She heard him change position, a moment before the belt, not quite so hard as before, landed with a wet smack against her pussy.

“AAAAiiiiii!” she yelped, but could not move.

His hand rubbed against her, soothing, spreading her wetness. She heard his appreciative murmurs about her doing well, being good, through the thick haze of her lust. All her attention was now focused on her cunt, on having his thick hot cock buried inside of her. She’d had that cock in her mouth;  now her pussy wanted a taste.

The head of his cock spread her outer lips, and pressed forward. She tilted her ass up a fraction, allowing him deeper into her, then thrust herself backwards as he moved forwards. As quickly as that, her pussy swallowed his entire, throbbing length. They groaned in unison. He paused a moment, savoring the heat, the nearly oppressive heat of her. His cock pulsed, begging for more. He began thrusting into her, hard, rocking thrusts that made them both grunt with the force. His balls smacked forward on her,  banging her clit, each time his cock slammed fully home. He held onto her hips, pulling her back as he thrust forward, and knew it would not be long before he would explode inside of her. Already she was convulsing around him, her inner passage urging him to come along, come along for the ride. A few hard thrusts and he felt that tell-tale pull in his balls, that boiling urge that rose along with his cum as it exploded. The urge to fill her with himself, his cock, his cum, his desire to possess, utterly, the woman who even now was collapsing beneath him, overcome by their conjoined lust.

She was what he’d been searching for, all along.