Because (1 of 2)

He was driving her close to the edge. She woke up, near orgasm. Her mouth was open, she was gasping. Head thrown back, body caught up in the inexorable tide of lust that he crafted upon her body.

She was blindfolded.

She was tied.

Immobile. Uncaring, really, because all she was thinking about was cumming. Her clit was inflamed, her cunt clenching hard on the cock that was battering her.

So close so close soclosesoclo…

He pulled out.

His voice rasped into her ear.

“No, little slut, no no, not yet. I know, you want it, don’t you? Want to feel your cunt squeezing its release onto my cock. ”

She froze. He began to laugh, stroking her tits, thumbing her erect nipples.

“I waited, you know. I watched him putting the suitcases into his Volvo, watched him give you that little peck on your cheek. How can you stand that? He’s going away for a few days, and he fucking well knows you will be needy and missing him, and yet he can only spare you a cursory peck like you were his maiden aunt? He’s fucking nuts. Look at you! Gorgeous tits, beautiful lips, and a cunt that was made to be fucked often and hard.”

She moaned, frightened and turned on all at once. She hadn’t been fucked like this in…well, since he slid the ring on her finger, probably. Before that, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other, but now, the day-to-day monotony of life was holding them tight and they’d yet to break free, find that happy place.
He continued to breathe his words into her ear. She tried to shut him out, but he was so entwined with her, she was attuned to him and could not ignore him.

He slid his cock into her. Like a well oiled piston, he began pumping in and out, slow short strokes that bumped her up to fever pitch in moments. His mouth covered hers as she began moaning, trying to move. She wanted him to stop. She wanted him to never, ever stop. She was being raped! She was loving what he was doing to her body.

“That’s it, slut, move those hips, fuck me back. I know your movement is limited, but…aaahhh, yeah, little slut, yeahhhh…ahhhh,”

He smelled so good. He felt better. His cock was filling her, filling her. He pulled out, then slammed back inside of her, the intense thrust jarring her, bringing her closer, closer, closer to the peak…

He felt her pussy begin to clamp, her inner muscles presaging her orgasm, and again he pulled from her tight wet hole. He rested his lips on her ear, telling her what a beautiful fuck toy she was, how hot she was inside, how her pussy walls were burning his cock. As he felt her heart rate slow, he slipped inside her again.

His strokes this time were tortuously slow. Sweat beaded his forehead, as he controlled his pace with fierce intensity.

She was lost. Unseeing, unable to move she gave herself over to whatever he was doing to her. Her cunt was screaming for an orgasm. He built her slowly once more to the edge, the very edge of her need.

And pulled his fucking cock out again.

She groaned in frustration.

“Fuck me” she whispered.

“What? Did you say something, little slut?” His voice was lazy and amused, giving nothing away of his own needs.

“Please,” she whispered.

“I think I know just what you need, little one.”

She felt him reach away, his torso leaving hers for the barest fraction of time. She heard a jingly sound. His fingers pulled and plucked at her nipple, then a god-awful pinch.

“AAAiiiii!!!! ” She screamed as her nipple was clamped for the first time in her life.

She tossed her head, moaning, writhing, attempting to scrape it off, but to no avail. It was on there, and staying.

“I know, little slut, it hurts. Focus on that pain. Let it feed you. It looks so fucking good on you, your nipple all puckered and tormented. My cock is throbbing, watching your nipple and your face. I can see how much it hurts you, and you’re being such a good slut, taking all that pain for me. Jeezuz you are so fucking sexy.”

His mouth came down to twirl around the edges of her clamped nipple. The pain and pleasure danced through her, and somehow created an electric sizzle that slid down to torment her clit. His teeth caught at the chain of the clamp, pulled hard for a moment, eliciting another scream. He lapped the sore nubbin, lapped up her pain.

His mouth moved to her other nipple, sucked it deeply into his mouth, giving her nothing but pure pleasure. She moaned and arched  against his lips, his teeth and suckling driving her insane. As he watched her react to his ministrations, his other hand reached for the clamped nipple, and as he squeezed it hard, he slid his cock back inside of her, and sucked hard on her free nipple.

Pleasure, deep and throbbing, and its dark twin, pain, intense and shocking, made her erupt. Her climax caught them both by surprise. He smiled against her tit. As her convulsing cunt eased up, he clamped her free nipple, tightening the chain between so there was no slack, even a bit of pull on both clamps.

His hands moved to her hips, and he began to pound in and out of her, seeking his own release.

“C’mon, slut, give me more. Take that pain. Nipples hurt? Wait until I take the fucking clamps off…then you will truly know pain, little slut.” He grunted through a few more thrusts. Leaning against her, thrusting like a maddened bull into her, he grabbed the chain and pulled, hard, even as hic cock erupted deep inside of her. She went rigid, her breath caught, her cunt clenching on him so hard that he was her prisoner, trapped inside of a velvet vise so  hot, so intensely, painfully  tight.

She felt him throbbing inside of her. She felt her nipples throbbing. Everything combined to make it the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced. She felt fluids pouring from her, and worried she’d released her bladder. She could feel the bed wetting beneath her ass, and blushed.

He reached up and released her nipples quickly. His mouth laved each tenderized bit. Already faint bruises were developing. The bed between them was soaked with their sex juices. She had squirted all over his cock, all over the bed. The scent was  intoxicating. ‘White Diamonds held no greater allure,’  he thought with amusement.

He collapsed upon her, breathing heavily.

He heard her faint whisper… “who are you? Why me?”

He shifted his weight from her, pulling himself beside her, playing with her delightful tits, her swollen and abused nipples.

“Because….” he replied.