(Because) I Can (part 2 of 2)

When he finally got his energy back, he slipped from the bed. She was sleeping, tied tightly to the posts, eyes still masked. Her regular breathing, and even a faint whiffle of a snore now and then told  him that he’d exhausted her.

He went to the kitchen and found the box of Breakfast Shake powder. Mixing up two glasses of the chocolately energy booster, he brought them into the bedroom.

He watched her sleeping, exploring her body with his eyes, as he drank. Her rounded tits were perfect. Full, smooth, and topped with very large nipples.  As a tit man, he found these her greatest asset. He admired the curve of her hips, as they flared down to her upper thighs. He definitely liked the rolling hill of her mons before it broke into that wonderful cleft. He could still see the pink flesh there, swollen from his attentions.

She had been more than pleasing.  His musings were interrupted by the vibe of his cell phone against his back. He’d lain his jeans over the back of the chair, then forgotten them. He dug into the back pocket, and answered it. He talked quietly into the phone, but it was enough to wake her.

“Who is it? Are you there?”

Ending his call, he rose and went to her.

“I have a drink for you, slut. Something to revive you for round two and three.”

“B-but you can’t … my husband…this is …illegal…immoral…”

“Your cum is all over your bed covers. Is that what you mean by ‘immoral’, little slut?”

She moaned, a piteous sound, really. He did enjoy all forms of pain, and this little toy was proving to be quite delectable.

“Well, slut? Is that what you meant? Because really, it doesn’t matter what words come out of your face-cunt. I will fuck you again. I will fuck you hard again. I will make you cum, and cum again. The bed will be soaked with it when your hubby comes home. Is that what you meant about immoral?”

He watched her face fall, blush, but before she could full-out cry, he slapped her tit, hard. He loved watching the orb bounce from his hand, the red print impress itself on her flesh and in her mind.

“I’m going to lift your head so you can drink now, slut.” It took some doing, but he finally got her to drink the entire portion. The little sludge at the bottom, he poured onto her cleft, and laying the cup aside, he leaned over her and lapped the bit of chocolate up. He took his time, making certain that he got every last bit of it. By the time he was done, she was bucking and moaning.

“Slut need to cum?”

“Yeeessss” she moaned.

“I don’t give freebies, slut, so you have to give to me first. You’re going to give me your face now. I want you to make my cock nice and hard so that i can ream out your sweet, wet cunt again. You’ll take  good care of my cock, won’t you? No teeth, because if I feel even a whisper of them, my fist will be up inside your cunt so hard you’ll swear my fingers will be tickling your tonsils.”

“no biting, no teeth,” she whispered, scared. “I-i’ll be good. My husband says i give good head,”

He interrupted her. “It’s only good if I say so, slut.”

He climbed onto her, his knees going into her armpits, and his hands grasping her hair over her ears. She felt his semi-soft cock dangling at her lips, and she opened her mouth and, feeling with her tongue, pulled him in. He moaned once or twice as she worked over his cock. It went from soft and somewhat malleable to hard, thick and long. She did love the feeling of a cock being stirred to life by her ministrations. Before she could milk him into cumming in her mouth, he pulled away.

“That’s enough now, my little fuck toy. You are pretty talented with that slut mouth of yours, aren’t you. Later, little girl, you’ll clean my cock from your juicy cunt, and then I’ll truly fuck your face.”

 She licked her lips. Where her fear had gone, she didn’t know. She could not fight, not tied as tightly as she was. Yet somehow, she wasn’t feeling guilty about her submission, either. He was fucking her, using her, hurting her…and she was enjoying it.

She felt him pincering her nipples between his fingers, and she knew he was going to clamp her again.

“Oh, no, please please please not those things again. I’ll do whatever you want, just ple…aaaaaaaahhhhggggoddd”  She arched her back, then fell back to the bed, gasping with the pain on her nipple. In moments her second nipple was clamped as the first, and while it seemed impossible, he pulled the chain between them tighter, pulling her nipples even more close together than before. Tears welled and leaked beneath the mask. As the pain set in, she tossed her head, moaning.

“That hurts, doesn’t it, slut?” he inquired, almost kindly.

“Yesyesyes…oooh goddd it hurts so much so much please please”

He placed his hand over her mouth.

“Hussh. You’ll get used to it. In a minute you’ll have more to think about anyway.”

She continued to cry, her tits on fire. He left the bed and she heard him moving around across the room. When he returned, he lay something very cold and rather heavy on her abdomen. It was longish. Smooth. She guessed it was a dildo, it was pretty big. He slid it up between her tits, pushing them apart and adding to the tearing pain in her nipples.

“ogod, please, please no…” she gasped.

He laughed. Her pain was so arousing! His cock twitched, throbbing, as he looked at the steel butt plug appearing and disappearing between her captured tits. He fucked her cleavage steadily with it, until he could feel the steel begin to warm. With his other hand, he reached between her folds and began assaulting her clit. He circled it, grazed it with his nails, squeezed it, circled it. A dance of pleasure to counteract the fucking pain in her tits.

He brought her to her first orgasm just that way. He felt the fluids draining from her, trickling from her pulsing cunt down to her ass crack. Pulling the plug from between her breasts, he drew it slowly down her body, until it slid down between her legs. He pushed the tip of it into her cunt, moistening it, teasing her needy hole with it. Then let it slide down further, and further.

When she realized its final destination, she began to beg, and try to buck him away. Hand firmly on her mons, he inserted the long, cool length of it into her anus. She clenched her rectum tight, but he would not be denied. Eventually he pushed past her resistant muscle, and with a pop, it slid inside.

She screamed. A full-out, dear gawd this hurts scream. He laughed. The house was secluded, the end of a cul-de-sac. Everyone else was away. He planned it so carefully. Slowly he pulled the plug out a bit, then back in. then out, fucking her ass gently. Finally her cries became more needy mewling rather than pain.

“That’s it, that’s my slut girl, take that big old plug up your ass, now.” And so saying, he slid the full length of it inside of her.

“Now I’m going to fuck you. I think you’ll enjoy that special full feeling you have now, when my cock is buried deeply inside of you. Later, a nice hard cock will replace that plug. You’ll like it, don’t worry, little slut.”

She moaned, afraid, and yet her heart was pounding in wanton need. Maybe she was a slut. Maybe he was right. The pain of the plug was gone, leaving a pulse of want deep in her pussy. Her nipples were on fire, but if she concentrated on the plug in her ass, it didn’t seem quite so bad. She was so fucking horny! The fucking bastard!!

He slipped his cock into her. Already she was slick and hot. He fucked in and out of her, using her as he would have any whore. He did not bring her to orgasm, but pumped in and out of her rapidly. When he sensed, finally, that she was coming to the brink, he pulled out, as he had before. With the head of his cock poised at the entry to her fuckhole, he slapped one tit hard, jostling the other as the clamps pulled.

She cried out in pain, her near-orgasm forgotten. He slapped the same tit again, then thrust inside of her. For longer than an hour he continued in this way, tormenting the same tit, overwhelming her with pain and pleasure. Finally, he could contain himself no more. The feeling of the plug in her ass rubbing his cock was so delightful, making her hot cunt even warmer, even tighter.

“Tell me what you want, slut.” he barked at her.

“fuck me.”

“NO! Tell me what you want, slut. Use big slut words. Tell me, you dirty little fucktoy.”

She began, faltering over the dirty words.

“I-i wa-ant you to ..fuck my…” she paused, swallowing hard. Good girls don’t say cunt.

His warning growl, the squeezing of her tits in his big hands brought her over her shyness fast.

“Fuck my cunt. Please, please, fuck my cunt with your hard hot cock. Fill me with your cum, and let me cum. Please please let me cover your cock with my cum. Please fill my cunt with your creamy hot cum, please…”

He slammed into her, jolting her. Her words became moans, her moans became short screams as her orgasm tore through her. His grunts were gutteral, animal, as he too boiled up, and he shot his load of jism into her grasping cunt.

Shuddering, empty, depleted, they lay, his body collapsed on hers.

The sound of clapping from the doorway brought both heads up, though she could not see.

“Well done, brother, well done. You said you could do it, and damned if I thought you were full of shit. ”

She began to struggle with her bonds. Her husband! His…brother? The one she had never met before? The one she thought he’d made up? Dear….

She heard the slap of flesh, assumed they were grasping hands. Her blindfold was lifted.

Blinking she stared at them. Her husband. His brother. Twins.

“Wh-why?” was all she could stutter out in her post-orgasmic, dazed and confused state of mind.

“Because,” said his brother

“…I can!” said her husband.