Workin’ 9…..

She got the first text on Sunday afternoon. It was His ringtone that chimed against her ass. Pulling her new phone from her back pocket, she admired it for a moment, loving the sleek, shiny feel of it. Not  a single scratch on it  yet;  it was so lickably smooth!

“How appropriate,” she smiled to herself, smiling at the serendipity. There she was,  thinking about licking,  and His ringtone coming just then against her ass.

“Note to self ,” she thought, “do not think about cumming and ass  and Master in the same thought!”  Goddess how she missed Him!

      “When you go to work tomorrow, bring your new dildo.”

She pondered that for a moment. He wouldn’t. Would He?  Although thousands of miles separated them, of late He had stepped up the intensity of His ownership.

She thought of the pole dance, sans pole, that she had performed for Him last week through her computer cam. He’d whistled at her, said terrible, wonderfully dirty things about her as her tits bobbed and swayed in and out of His view. Thinking about it even now made her knees feel wobbly and her cunt wet. He’d jerked off when she’d presented her ass as He had demanded at the end of her dance, spreading her cheeks so He could fully see her puckered asshole.  He’d not let her watch him playing with His cock, just kept her holding   that position. He told her what she was missing, and it frustrated the hell out of her. He did enjoy teasing her that way. Bastard!

She ran up to her room, and found the small blue dildo. She set it on her desk so she would see it first thing in the morning before work. She was sooo  not a morning person, but opening for the day was her responsibility. Yawn. Still, the pay was good, and she was saving every penny until she was once again home with Him. It was worth a few months of early mornings to be able to plan on putting away a nice wad for their wedding.

The second text came a few hours later.

     “Put some of  those small elastics  into  your work pant pockets.” 

She gulped. But she would be at work, dammit! She texted that same sentiment to Him. An hour later she received another text from Him.

    “And your point would be?  Lay out your butterfly vibe, too. Is that discreet enough for you,  slut? Or should I add the second dildo for your ass?”

She regretted sending her reply immediately. Damn her fast fingers and fresh monkey mouth!

    “must You be such a mean owner?”

She waited for His reply. Nearly instantly it came.

     “Butt plug added.  Yes, of course I must. Thanks for the praise, slut.”

***************                                  *****************

Her alarm went off all too soon. Slamming down the snooze button only prolonged the agony, so she slowly sat up. She checked her phone, saw a note from Him.

     “Do not forget your ‘goodie bag’ today, my slut. Do nothing with anything until you hear from Me.”

He knew her routine to the minute, although she used to suspect He didn’t. NOTHING got by Him. She wasn’t surprised when her phone chirped just before she had to leave to catch the bus. It said just one word. She stared at it for a moment, goggle eyed. The fucker. He wouldn’t. Would he? She checked the time, saw she had just a minute before she needed to be out the door before her ride came for her. She bolted up the stairs to the bathroom. grabbed the travel size tube of toothpaste, stuffing that into her front pocket. The dildo’s were nestled inside her bra, one on each side, under each tit, so they wouldn’t show under her uniform shirt, her small clit vibe in the other front pocket. Locked and fully loaded. She grimaced into the bathroom mirror. She wondered just what He was up to.  Fucking damn, it was making her hot. And nervous.

She made it downstairs just in time to open the door as her friend pulled up and honked for her.

It was going to be a very interesting day.