FFF 5/14/10 Oh My!

“I spy with this big shiny eye

a cock that’s waiting ..” she began in a child-voiced sing-song chant.

“Enough” he said, amusement creeping in to his voice. “Put that thing away, and get up on the desk.”

“But Dr., i thought you wanted to examine me?” she purred, sitting coquettishly in his chair.

“Trust me, Martine, when I’m done examining you, every delicious inch of you, you’ll know it.”

Pinching a pert nipple between his thumb and forefinger, he moved her onto the desk. A dark smile crossed his face as he took the magnifying glass and slowly inserted it, handle first, into her rectum.

“Hold that tightly, now,  Nurse.” 

Her fucking big mouth always got her in trouble.