You’ve put me on the bed. Kitty corner, so my legs are splayed on each side of the bottom corner. You’ve told me to keep my arms up over my head until you release them for something else.
i am watching your cock move as you move around the bed, looking at me from various angles. I want it in my mouth. You catch my eyes watching Your rod, but you slap my inner thigh, hard. I see your cock twitch. Is it knowing that i’m oogling your manhood or the slap on my tender inner flesh that has begun to arouse your Beast?
“Slut!” you say, but there is amusement in the tone, a  hint of tolerance for now.
my eyes shift to yours.
yes, Sir?
“You will not be having any cock in that slut mouth tonight. I have told you that twice already. I will not repeat myself  again.   Understood, Slut?”
yes, Sir.
my tone is just this side of petulant, earning me another thigh slap. You shake your head at me, and i see You smile. You are glad, i think,  that i lust for that cock you dangle just out of reach of my face. You slide your hands up my sides, then, straddle me, sitting on my belly. It’s right fucking there. i feel my eyes glazing with the want of it.
Your low chuckle makes me look at you, not quite daring to glare a blue blaze at You, but nearly. You cup and fondle my tits, shaping and kneading them. I feel your cock growing against my belly, but don’t dare to break eye contact with You now. i feel you grab my tits, pulling up on the nipples. Your gaze intensifies, digging deeply into my head, gauging my reaction as you move from pleasure to pain. Your hands are so warm, so strong.

i feel the bite of  your fingers grasping each tit, squeezing, and pulling a moan from my mouth. You wear the clamps and chain on your tee-shirt, and they dangle there, mocking me. The chain is heavy. It’s pulling on your shirt. I hear it clink as you move, massaging my chest, pulling and squishing my tits until they are reddened by your attention. My nipples are hard, standing at attention, puckered so tightly that the areola are nearly gone, drawn up into the clenching nipples.
“Now,” you say, and i know what is coming. I try to prepare but how can i? They are swollen and turgid with my lust, and you clamp them unmercifully tight, catching as much flesh as you can under the tight clamp heads. You see my pain, feed off of it. As i adjust to the throbbing, you cant your head a bit, seeing my acceptance, and lift the chain high and tight.

oh FUCK!

it hurts, hurts, and you absorb this too. Pleased to see the complaisance leave my face, and pain wash through me again. I can’t speak, but i mouth at you,

Fucker, Sir. You are a mean fucker, SIR” .
You laugh. Truly you have a macabre sense of humor, Sir.
You slide off of me, slowly backwards, your cock dragging across my mons, down through my slit.
“Your fucking soaked, slut” you say, amazed and amused that You’ve ratcheted up my need so quickly.
Its true. I feel my cunt drooling for you.
“I want a closer look at that cunt, slut. Raise those legs up and open wide for me.”
I flush, embarrassed at being so open, so fucking exposed to you. But i raise my legs, obedient.
“More, slut, grab those ankles and keep those legs up and open for me.”
You peer at me, not touching, but making  a show of inspecting my pink exposed flesh. You sniff the air indelicately.
“Smells like a cunt needing something,” You drawl. I’m so embarrassed now i can barely stand it. The urge to drop my ankles and hide away my private bits is overwhelming. My legs shake at the combination of exposure and being held open for so long. I feel your fingers pulling apart my lips, dipping ever so lightly over the top of my channel. You feel how wet, see how wet you have made me already. I am amazed you can’t hear the pulse beating down there. The throbbing ache intensifies.

You call out to me, forcing my attention on your eyes, again. I’m drowning in You, lost…but You are also a beacon drawing me to explore my own innermost secrets. i feel the anchor of You, breathe deeply. As You hold my gaze, your thumb squashes down on my clit.
Sirrrrr” i moan, eyes thinning to slits, throbbing fiercely in my needy cunt.
“Drop your legs. You know what I want, don’t you Slut. Moreover, I know what you want, little fucktoy. Tell me, slut, tell ME what you want now.”
i press my feet into the mattress, knees up and bent, then drop them open. Your thumb still presses my clit hard, then rubs in small small circles. My hips undulate to your rhythm.
my voice is as clenched as my pussy, but i squeak out

…fuck me Sir. fuck me Sir, i need your hard cock inside of me, pleasse Sir, please Sir…
You are going to fuck me, that’s a given. But giving me permission to ask is Your gift to me tonight. Yes, you have denied me your cock in my mouth, but to have it slamming inside of my needy cunt is a wanton slut-dream, and this night my dream will come true.
You slide up the bed, until You are poised over me. You slide your chin up my belly up between my tits, and i feel your jutting cock tapping at the entry to my seeping fuckhole. As you bite and lick across my tits, you slip the head of your cock in and out of my cunt. Just in, just out. I know better  than to arch to try to get you deeper, but dear goddess You are driving me wild. You see that wildness in my eyes, hear my whispery

 “please, please, please, please, Sirrrrr, please..”

as a low descant to the slurpy sound of your cock popping in and out of me,  in your ears.
“Want more, slut?” you tease.
i am incapable of speech, but nod furiously, my lips forming the words

“Yes Sir”.
You bite my tit, hard, over the clamp, then suck on it,  equally hard. A scream leaks from me;  you are pleased to make me react this way. I am usually quiet in bed, years of silent practice. Usually you can only make me cry out during orgasm, but now you have pricked through that silence and brought another part of me out and into Your arena.
And as i scream, you glide your cock slowly into me. A reward, and i understand that. Tears form and fall from my eyes, streaking the sides of my face with my melting mascara. Used whore. Fucked whore. You drink it in, the tears, the red marks on my tit where your mouth has been.
I feel your cock pulsing, just sitting inside of me, as you did before with my mouth.
“Say it slut.” Your cock, buried in my hot, wet, swollen pussy. i need You, i need You…
“Sir, please fuck your slut. your cunt is dripping for You, ready for you to use as you will…”
You fuck me hard, triumphant. You have made me beg, made me cry. You pound that hard cock deep into my belly, and i rise to each thrust. You take my tit chain  and force it between my lips, then pull my hair until my head pulls back, and back and i’m crying out for the pain in my nipples, the intense pleasure between my swollen cunt lips, the pleasure i know You are getting from your slut…
from between clenched teeth, i beg for, and am allowed, my release.
You push my tits together hard, bury your face in the deep valley there, using your grasp on them to propel you deeper into my fuckhole, and i feel myself spurting around you, through you, it seems. My pussy clamps down hard on you, but you only push harder into me, dragging my flesh along, the friction creating a second ripple that starts before the first is ended.
Arching into the bed, tits, and cunt on fire, i am keening, a loud, high-pitched release of my cumming. And a third ripple takes me from my toes, curled tightly, through my cunt, clenching intensely on you, as you, still buried inside me to the hilt, begin your release deep, so deep inside of me.
Sweat glistens, as we melt together, spent, exhausted, panting. Slowly you take off one clamp, laving my nipple and gently nipping it. You slide up and take my mouth, fucking it with your tongue as your cock has just taken my pussy. I moan, and hide my tongue from you, but this you will not allow. I feel your lips whisper against mine.

 “slut,” you admonish me, and although i want to keep hiding, i give you my tongue. You suck it into your mouth, biting and sucking so hard i think it will be torn  from my mouth. I moan, try to toss my head trying to get away…and you release me. You pull the chain still holding one tit in bondage, and fuck my mouth again, and i know you feel the ripple as yet another small orgasm is pulled from my pussy.
Finally, you release my nipple, and kiss and love it gently. I know what i must do now, and i reach down between my legs to my cunt, earning at last the privilege of your juices.