…..to 5 (Working, part 2)

She wished she had thought to stuff her toys into her laptop case. The dildos pushed uncomfortably under her tits, and when her best friend  Amelia came to the house to give her a lift to work, she was on the receiving end of a very hard hug.

Fuck! She was going to have dildo shaped bruises under each of her tits. Plus, she knew He would make her blog about the incident, AND He was going to want to see pics of it, as well as personally inspecting them over the cam.

She hoped she’d left her bag at work. NO way she was bringing home all this gear in her bra and pockets.


Working at the local mall was a really interesting job. She loved the variety of people in the world, and got to see them in all their humanness. The little kid who only stepped on the brown tiles, who almost bowled over the teens who were liplocked on the only brown tile that conjoined the three “arms” of the mall. The elderly couple, still holding hands as they slowly made their way to their Friday lunch date at the tiny restaurant. The geeks walking with lowered gazes, the punks with their spiky hair do’s all trying to outdo one another for ‘coolness’. The dikes who, despite the ruralness of the area, said fuck you conservatives, and held hands as they walked down the concourse.

She stood, lost in thought. It was midafternoon, and her shift was heading for the final lap. She thought about Master, so very far away. Wondered how his day was winding down, as it was nearly 8 p.m. there.  She wondered if he would take up his friends idea to head for a late movie. It was Friday night, and she was so lonely that the lump that lived in her throat constantly became a boulder she tried to swallow around.

Her cell chimed. It was HIM. How the fuck did he know? She marveled again about his ability to read her mind, even from 5000 miles away.

dildo time, slut. one up the olde poop shoot, the other nice and snuggy in your cunt.

She shivered, gave a little whimper. Just getting a text like that made her begin to seep. No one was around the kiosk. She locked up quickly, hanging the ‘BRB” sign out front, and dashed off for the ladies room. Inside the stall she was panting, and it wasn’t from the quick walk. She closed her eyes, imagined HIM pushing the first dildo into her ass. It was uncomfortable, but not unduly so. The second, larger one, went into her pussy. God she was drenched already. The panel on her panties was very wet from her arousal. Pulling the panties up to help hold the dildo in her pussy, she was just pulling up her jeans when the friggin phone chimed Him again.

put those elastics on your pouty nipples, slut. make them good and hard first, then put a blue elastic on Bert, and a pink one on Ernie.

He had named her tits long ago, because he loved to play with them. He always laughed as he bit her nipples, coming up with erotically nasty stories of what he wanted to do to her two ‘muppets’… but putting elastics on her nipples would make them very, very visible through her work shirt.  A fresh flood of juices from her cunt had her squirming a bit, but again, she complied.

With less than an hour left to  her shift, she tried to make busy work to help pass the time. Shifting around to ease the throbbing ache in her ass and pussy, made her tits shift around, and the extremely sensitive nubbins thrust even further outward.  She could smell herself now, smell the scent of heated pussy all around her. She tried to take deep breaths, but it wasn’t helping. When her relief man came on duty, she scooted out as fast as she could. She needed to get to the bank and drop off the day’s receipts, and to do that she needed to walk across the giant parking lot, up past the used car lot, to the bank. Usually she didn’t mind the walk, but with her pussy and ass filled, her nipples beginning to throb with a mix of pain and needy lust, this would be torture.

Her cell buzzed again just before she left the kiosk.


She shuddered. How the fucking hell was she going to walk a half mile with a butterfly on her clit, and the two dildo’s swishing and rubbing each other inside of her. She groaned audibly.

“everything okay, Susan?” her relief man looked at her curiously.

“fucky ducky” she replied tartly. “i’m heading to the ladies room for a minute.” she passed him the receipts bag, and darted off to the loo.  She managed to get the vibe on without getting undressed again, sliding her arm into her pants and placing it over her clit. A flick of her fingernail set it to humming softly.

The seam of her jeans pushed the thing shockingly hard against her. Walking back to the kiosk she thought she might have an orgasm. The movement of the dildo’s and the vibe had set her on ‘overdrive’ and she was close, so close already.

She had not had her one orgasm allowed her for the week, but she’d been saving it for their video chat tomorrow night, the one night that they meshed and had long hours to spend together with neither needing to be at work the next day.

She was halfway across the parking lot, her body thrumming when the fucking phone chimed again.

“Jayzuz fawking hell now what the fuck will that Man do to me next” she exclaimed, nearly dropping the cash bag.

CUM! Hard, and now…i know you’re walking to the bank with the deposit. CUM, my little fucking slut…cum all over those mini-cocks, cum inside those fucking panties, CUM and wet those tight frikkin jeans of yours…

She was, as always,  an obedient slut. Standing in the parking lot, between a Buick and a Jeep, she came. Legs clenched tight, head bowed, a hand on each car, she shook, she shuddered, she wet her pants with his gift.