i didn’t know

that the weight of your displeasure

would hurt so much.

You didn’t know

that the weight of your anger

would break me.

A long, jagged crack

across my heart.

i spent the night

holding it closed

scooping the soft parts up, and stuffing them back in

before they could all leak out

and leave me


7 thoughts on “broken

  1. Oh my, nilla. this is amazing – so brutal, so honest, so heartfelt. i can feel the anguish.

    i gotta ask – everything ok?

  2. WTF, Nilla….

    Is it bloody DOM is angry with me weekend??? i just can’t seem to please… and my punishment is Him ignoring me. How does one deal with that? Drives me insane.

  3. thanks all…i’m hanging in there, i guess. sometimes you run fast enough to get away from the bear…sometimes the bear wins.
    one bite at a time.

  4. First of all, that was amazing!!! You are GIFTED. Really you are.

    Second of all, what’s wrong???? I can feel the pain in your words. I don’t like you in pain. ((hugs)).

    1. thanks brooke. that was a lovely compliment.

      healing. gotta hate those first fights. and always over the little things too. thanks for caring.


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