she keened a high thin sound, her teeth gritted.

her body was arched, tight.


teeth clenched, she looked like she was in agony.     an agony of ecstasy.

He took her there. slipping in and out of her body, her liquid  heat wrapping around him like tendrils of steam from a hot cup of coffee.

she was more stimulating.

He drove her up, fingers dancing over flesh.    first pinching, now smoothing. skin bubbled with gooseflesh, welted with passions fire.

He absorbed her.

her panting cries, her groaning to stop…not stop…stop…

her  hitching breath.

He relished that pulse beating rapidly in the hollow of her throat. He pushed her, pushed her.

pushed into her,  pulled away.

a slap, a sigh.

a pinch, a moan.

every action balanced

on the lust scale.

He would weight that scale again, just to watch her tip over.





4 thoughts on “again

  1. Very sweet. Oh so sweet. Plus, are you sure you didn’t have a camera or at least a microphone in my room last night? teehee…..

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