She was so excited. Her friends from college were all coming to visit. Marty, Andy, Sam and she had been the misfits, not really fitting in anywhere. They’d shared an apartment off-campus, and were dubbed The Four Nerds, by the leading sorority sluts.

Now TFN would be reuniting. It had been crazy trying to get everyone together, Marty in LA, Andy in Houston, Sam in New York, and herself still in Boston. She loved ‘Beantown’. All of them had gone on to be successful, and over the last 8 years had met in pairs but never all at once, until now.

They were calling it the  TFN 30th. They were all turning 30 this year, and what better way to celebrate such a milestone year than to finally, finally be together? She’d seen Sam a few times over the years, being so close to New York, but Marty and Andy just the once each. She’d been to LA for a company event, and Marty had taken her out to lunch. Just a brief stopover in both of their hectic schedules. Andy and she had spent almost 3 days together, as they were both on vacation.

She was almost bouncing with anticipation, looking once more at the updated ticker at Logan. Plane on time!  The three had chosen to meet in New York, and all fly that last hour together, and she would meet them here, and take them to her home in the ‘burbs.  They would have a full week together, just like old times!


They were loud, happy, and definitely not nerds any longer, causing enough commotion in the receiving lounge to be cast a series of envious looks. The tall girl with the long flowing hair, hugging and kissing three beautiful men. All three loomed over her, all three very different in features. Tall and blonde, tall and brunette,  tall and bald.


When they arrived at Amelia’s home, she was beaming, happy to have her friends with her once more. The week stretched ahead, full of promise. She unlocked the door and let them in.

In the foyer, she was once again surrounded by her buds. Kissed by Sam, she was somewhat surprised to find his tongue in her mouth, but she accepted it. She could feel Marty and Andy behind her, arms around her. Then she felt hands exploring her tits. She tried to pull her mouth from Sam’s but his hand came to fist in her hair, holding her head, locking his mouth to hers. She felt her blouse being unbuttoned,and pulled from her slacks, then her bra unfastened, and a low happy chuckle from Marty.

“Oh man, I’ve wanted to grab these babies for fucking ever!” And he put word to deed, his large hand cupping her left tit, and mauling it. He pulled on it, squashed it flat, slapped at it,and pulled her nipple. She was moaning, twisting, trying to break away from the mouth on hers, the hands holding her. They were too big, too strong. She whimpered, she moaned, but she was unable to break away.

“Yeah, me too. She was always kinda stacked back in the day, but now?” He made a show of fanning his face, before grabbing her right tit, and pinching her puckering nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

“She’s fucking hot now, aren’t you, Amelia?” The only reply she could make was a mumbling moan as Sam continued to fuck into her mouth with his tongue. At long last he pulled away, though his hand remained fisted deeply into her hair. His light blue eyes blazed into her own soft hazel ones.

“This is how it goes this week, Amelia. You have just become our slut. We’ve talked about it for years. Years.” He paused to emphasise his point.

“Even back in college, when you’d come out of your room in those fucking babydolls, and we’d get flashed by your fucking tits, your sexy ass? All of us would have hard-ons, and we figured you for a fucking tease. Then we discovered you were fucking oblivious. Never had sex, never a boyfriend..while we know things have changed in that department for you, now you get to live the week out the way we always wanted it to be.”

She was openmouthed, then,  an upswelling of fear/lust/anger surged through her. She tried to swing at the smug face in front of her, but her  hand was caught.

“Look, bitch, we know you’ve thought about each of us this way, you’ve told us so. And you told Andy that you’d taken to surfing porn, daydreaming about being a “bond-age” girl, when he took you to see the new Bond film last year.”

She flushed.

“So, don’t go being all high mighty sorority gal on us after all this fucking time. You want this. You want this. Just to be clear, cunt, this isn’t a rape scenario.”

“You say no, and this ends right here, right now. We go off, and we’re done. For fucking ever.” He paused, looked at her. Her tits were still being mauled, and she was not fighting. The flush in her cheeks ran down to her tits, and it was not embarrassment. He pushed her further.

“Look at you, slut. I’ll bet if I slipped my hand inside those slacks, your cunt would drip onto it. I’m right, aren’t I, you little slut?”

She whimpered. He was right. She had thought of hitting on each of them, fucking them being used by them. All the times she had waltzed through the apartment, hoping one of them would jump her, fuck her. How she’d fantasized about being used by all of them, all of them simultaneously. Maybe them jerking off on her. Or filling her airtight. She was a fucking slut. She was wet. And she could not say no.


It was a faint whisper of sound, but they heard it. Feral smiles broke out, and she was pulled by her tits into her living room.

oh gawd.

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