You’ve pushed me back against the wall..Your honey eyes bore into mine before mine fall. As i would fall,  to my knees, if you released me just now.

“had enough, slut?” You ask. It’s been hard, hard to take this pain you give so freely. It’s also hard, so hard, not to take it.

my eyes are locked on the floor between your feet;  i know you feel the flutter of my pulse, there in my throat, trapped under your hand.

i work at being obedient, work at being the slut you need. The slut you want.

The slut you demand me to be.

It feeds me.  i hate craving it, hate knowing that giving you every bit means that it’s going to hurt more, that i’m letting myself fall down into this dark hole again.

Yet …it feeds me. This dark dreaming desire, this pain pursuing slut…she who lives inside of me, kneeling in spirit, begging for more. More of your attention, because it’s never enough, never enough. Begging for more of your pain. She is calling to Your beast, Master, and He hears.

“no Master,” my voice shivers out, soft, yet firm.

i know that, at the end, Your hand will be there, to lift me from the well  i’ve willingly fallen into,.

Your hand that will soothe  the sore, throbbing bits of me. 

And, it will be Your hand that i will place mine into, Your hand that will lead me back to that hole, when i say again,

“more, please, Master.”