Room with a View…

The sound of thunder rolled off in the distance as they stared at each other. Lightning flashed, illuminating her eyes, wide, dilated with her fear. His face was dark, there in the bedroom. She was panting hard from her run  upstairs, trying to avoid this, avoid him. She knew he’d herded her here. But she knew it a moment too late.

“Please,” she begged, her voice trembling, breathy. “Please. Not like this..not..”

Her words were cut off sharply as he crossed the last few steps between them and grabbed her by the throat.

“Shut the fuck up, whore.”

Her eyes grew even larger, her hands rising to grab at his forearm. She met flesh like steel, unyielding to her twisting and tugging to be free.

He pushed her backwards until the back of her knees met the edge of  the mattress. And still he pushed her, his hand squeezing just tightly enough to control her.

“You thought you could play your fucking online games with me, didn’t you, slut? You thought you could give me satisfaction as long as you were physically uninvolved? ”

Over his shoulder, she could just see their reflection in the mirror of her dresser. And the computer.  That fucking computer. Her eyes were wide and frightened. His hand was huge, like a vise around her throat. And despite the fear, the awful, heart pounding fear, her pussy was stirring to life. He had done what he had said. He would find her. That had been his promise. He would find her and punish her.

He pushed her onto her back, her legs dangling limply. It never occurred to her to kick him. He was right there, his man parts just so vulnerable. But she lay like a rag doll. He climbed up the bed, over her, then pulled her up, and up. He found the leather cinches she kept on the bed. Had she told him? Had her Dom? He made quick work of securing her arms. He slid from the bed.

She watched in horror as he went to the computer and turned on her cam. He sent a text and in seconds, her Dom was there. On the other side of the computer. Watching.

“I’m gonna fuck this slut. I’m gonna fuck the daylights outta her. I’m gonna use her fuck hole, and you can sit and watch. Fucking manipulative bastard.”

He made sure the cam was showing her on the bed, then  he undressed. Taking a large Bowie knife from his boot, then sliding them off, he stood between the bed and the computer. His heavy cock jutted outward, thick and throbbing. Her attention darted between the two weapons.

He mounted the bed and began slicing off her buttons, slowly one by one. As each one was cut free, he flicked it away with his finger. The soft ping of buttons sailing around the room was accompanied by her gasps. He drew apart her blouse, and slipped the edge of the blade down her exposed belly.  The tremors could not be hidden from him.

“Tell me slut. Tell me what you want me to do to you. Say it like you did on cam, little fuck.”

“please, please…”

He backhanded her almost casually across her mouth.

“Save your whimpering for HIM,” he growled at her. “I want to hear it. Just like you said it into the cam. DO IT!!”

She turned her head, trying to see her Master in the monitor. He grabbed her chin.   “TO ME, slut, not HIM.”  She stared at him, eyes welling with tears. Her lip throbbed where he’d struck her.  Haltingly she began to speak.

“i need…you….to……fuckme…with your..b-big hard cock, Sir.”

“There, that wasn’t so fucking hard now, was it slut?”  He laid the knife on her nightstand.  Turned back to her. “Toys. Where are they?”

From the computer came a deep southern drawl. “Top drawer, highboy to your right.”

Her heart was pounding so hard she thought it would come out of her chest. Why was Master helping this deranged animal? She could see him, his hand on his cock. No, no. He wouldn’t, he wouldn’t.

She snapped back to the room as he straddled her. He dumped several things onto her belly.

“He says you hate these. True?” He held up the clover clamps. Slowly she nodded, even as a tear pearled  in her eye and slid down the side of her face. 

“And these?” He held up a pair of clamps with a wide flat base, one that grabbed a lot of real estate. She moaned, nodding. He put a different clamp on each nipple, then the opposing end onto each earlobe.

“Pretty, Funky, Different.  Vogue will want to see this years new earrings..” Laughing he slapped her tit.

She was inhaling in slow short pants, trying to manage the pain. God oh god it so fucking hurt. She felt the black cloud of it swirling around her, even as a jagged bolt of lightning lit up the room. The computer sizzled once and  went out. The room was plunged into darkness.

She felt his hand on her leg. She started a bit, but then lay quiescent. Slowly that hand stroked her.

“In the dark,” he began, his voice soft, barely audible above the wild wind and rain hammering at the window, “it’s easier. Soft or hard, mean or sweet, in the dark it all mingles. His fingers caressed her slit, finding the steady wetness gathering there.

She felt him move up, cover her. His cock was poised at the entryway, his giant hands fisting around each tit.

There was a flash. She caught the gleam of his teeth, the darkness in his eyes. But it wasn’t lightning that illuminated them for a frozen moment.

“Got it,” a familiar voice drawled from the side of the room. “I do want to preserve the memories of this particular visit, my lil fuck toy.”

Her eyes widened, her heart pounded,  joy, fear, anger, joy all swam for dominance in her. Above all, through it all. Him.


Her Master.

He came to the side of the bed, softly stroking her face, gently kissing her swollen lips. He murmured soft words to her, then, looking at Sir Tony, he nodded.

“Do it. Just as we agreed. And you, my lil sweet fucktoy, you will be well used this night, well used.”

He always meant what he said.