Mountain Top pt 1.

“That’s good.”

His voice was thicker in person, was her first thought. During the many months they’d talked and texted, and shared fantasies, each dirtier, darker than the last, she’d grown to know that voice, the inflections of it. When he was ticked, when he was hard as stone, when he was amused, when he was cumming.

“Very nice slut, now the panties..”

She snapped back to the here, the now. She, now shirtless, braless, and pantless, soon to be nude, except for her track sneakers. Out in the middle of fuck knows where, Colorado. Deep in the mountains, at the end of a track of road that no human had traveled in years. Or the last time He came here, anyway.

Land that belonged to his grandpa, he had told her, then his dad, and now, He was its caretaker. Not that the wild mountains needed his hand. She looked up at the trail wending its way between tall pinion pines. The air was redolent with them. A light breeze brushed her skin, and her nipples puckered. Or was it the act of handing this man her panties?

“Now, you. Strip.”

He had turned to her companion. Her slave. Her husband. 

They were here for a week of sexual vacation and exploration, Master said. His words, His terms. They’d played at this game for many months now. She was eager for this. Well, eager and nervous. She felt that her slave felt the same. He’d wanted to see her in action as a submissive to a Dom, while he watched. His wish was about to come true.


They’d been hiking for 2 hours before the first rest stop. He turned to them, noting that although sheened with sweat, both were fit and handling the climb well. He reached out and stroked her tit, pulled her nipple.

“I could lead you up the trail this way. Nipples first.”

“You’d have to go the entire way backwards, Sir.” she parried. “You might fall on that Dom ass. That’d bruise more than your ego, Sir!”

He laughed.

“Feisty. Like that in a sub. Turn around and touch your toes, slut.”

She swallowed nervously. And complied. Something about that tone. It made her shiver deep inside. Inside her pussy. Inside her mind. Turning, she bent and touched the tips of her sneakers. She felt his hand slither across her ass, then slip down her crack and push at her anus. A small gasp escaped her.

“Get used to that slut. I own that ass this week.”

He continued his inspection, finding her slit wet and pink. He tapped her inner thighs, wordlessly signalling for her to spread her legs wider for him. She complied.

Her husband watched. He’d never see this intimate view of his wifes submission before. He’d heard her, of course, laying beside her at night as she talked to Master on her Iphone before they bedded down for the night. Often he acted as Masters minion, sucking her pussy, or biting her clit on Masters cue.  This brought everything to a whole new level. He felt his cock stir in its steel cage, the only other item of clothing he maintained, other than his sneakers. He watched as Master met his eyes, even as he saw three fingers slide wetly into his wifes cunt.

She jolted with the sudden fullness. His fingers were thick, and warm from the hike. He’d given her no warning, just thrust them inside of her. She heard the wet sploosh as he pulled them out and reinserted them.

“You’re wet, slut.” Matter-of-factly stated.

Yet she flushed. She tried to reassure herself that it was her upside down position, the heat of the day…and not the beginnings of a sexual frenzy.  Gawd. She needed…to be fucked. By Him.

He pulled his fingers out.

Coming around front, he pulled her upright by her hair.

“Open!” he barked at her, and when she did, he slid those same three fingers into her mouth. She knew what he wanted, and she began to suckle them, cleaning her sex juice from him.

“Good girl,” he complimented her when she was done. He cast a glance at her slaves crotch, smiling. She looked over and saw the burgeoning erection, the  tension on his face as he dealt with the pain of his caged penis. Turning to her master, she started to ask for release for him, but thought the better of it.

Turning away, he continued to lead them up to the mountain top.