Alone (pt4)

She lay in her bed, spread-eagled. Her legs were pulled open and secured by straps. Her left wrist was cuffed to the bolt in her wall, and the other, tied by a velcro strip to another eye-bolt. She was blindfolded.

She strained to hear anything in the darkness. Her neighbor, Joe, had left, and she couldn’t judge if it was 5 minutes or 5 hours that had passed. The only sound she faintly heard was the call of crickets through the open window of her bedroom.

She felt.

Every pore of her body was alert, throbbing, thrumming. She’d given herself a powerful orgasm, maybe an hour ago?  But being tied up by Joe had added a new layer to the erotic session. He had always seemed so proper. He was still proper but he ..wait. Faintly she heard the sound of a door shutting. Joe’s backdoor! Seconds later she heard her own kitchen door open and shut.

She heard his careful steps coming up to her room.

“What a good little slut. Right where I left you. You smell, you know. You smell of sex, of horny pussy. Do you have a horny pussy, little girl?”

She nodded. The wadded panties stifled some sound, but she didn’t think he wanted her to speak anyway.

“Had to go home and pick up a few things. I think you’re going to ….appreciate…the trip. ” He laughed. “Your toybox is a bit…lacking, slut.” She  heard a hum and then felt the tip of something cool against her pussy lips.

It barely touched her. She squirmed and it fell away.

“Now, if you go wiggling, slut, it’s going to fall off and i’m not going to keep putting it back. And since I want it there, if it comes off again, I will have to punish you.”   That pronouncement hung in the air a moment.

There was a sound she didn’t understand, until she felt the bite of pain on her nipple. Not his finger. She moaned around the panties in her mouth, back bowing up on the bed.  She repeated that when he tugged on the clamp, insuring its tight fit. She felt his fingers slip down her torso, felt the heat of them between her spread thighs.

His finger was poised a scant half-inch from her clit.

She could feel it, the heat of it. In her head she was chanting, “touch me  touch me touch me”. But all she felt was the heat from the finger, and the thrum of the vibe he’d propped at the entrance to her hole.

His voice, thicker, deeper now, came to her over the buzz in her ears. The buzz that was not the vibe, but need. A cloud of wanting covered her, made her want to writhe, buck and beg for Him to touch her, fuck her, take her.  But she daren’t move.

“You want me to slide my finger over this clit?”

She nodded.

“Say it, slut. I don’t give a fuck that your mouth is blocked, say the words. I want to hear them coming out of your mouth. Got it?”  His tone was harsher, harder, and it just added to the lust that was coursing through her.

Her voice was muffled, it was impossible to enunciate clearly.

“uch eee”

“What?” he asked.

“uch eeeee”. Her voice rose an octave, plaintive.

“You want me to touch you, slut?”


“Then you ask me properly, you little whore.”   He was stern now, and again it ratcheted up her need until she could feel the sex juice pouring from her throbbing hole.

“uch eeee pweeeeezzzee Thiiiirrrr”

“your diction sucks, little girl,” he said with a laugh, and slapped at her free tit. At her moan, he slapped it again.

“Liked that, did you, slut?”

At her nod, he continued to slap her tit, watching the fullness bounce and redden under his ministrations. His last strikes were hard, punishing blows, that made her whimper against the gag in her mouth. After the last slap, his finger mashed down on her clit.

She ground against the finger, despite the pain. She knew she would cum any moment.

“Don’t you fucking cum unless I say you can, slut.”

His voice was a dash of cold water on her. She was thrumming, needy, so fucking needy….’

“ERrrrrrrr? ay i ummmm?”

His finger left her clit, and he resumed slapping her tit. Pulling on the chain of the clamp on her other nipple made her whimper, such a lovely sound.

“No. Don’t you dare fucking cum yet, cunt.”

She moaned, loud, and long. She needed, she needed, so badly…