Oops pt 2

He really enjoyed her sexy whimpers. The moans, the head tossing…all were outward signs of her submission.

He craved her like this. If he hadn’t been upset with her for masturbating against his express wishes, this could have been fully enjoyable for them both. But a bit of breast punishment always did the trick with this little slut, so he pulled away from her, and retrieved his short black leather crop.

“You know I don’t really enjoy punishing you, slut. But you did, in fact, earn this. I think…10 lashes for each tit?”

 His voice was calm, conversational. He watched her eyes open wide, the whites the only real visible part against the darkness of their bedroom. Her head thrashed side to side.

“No? MORE you think? ” He paused a moment, taking in her frozen form. She had been yelling behind the ball gag shoved deeply into her mouth, but even that silenced at his question.

“Okay, 12 then.”

He took the crop, swished it in the air a few times, before landing the first of her punishment stripes across her tits, pulling  the chain holding her nipples, lifting her tits, and allowing him access to the sensitive undersides of her breasts.

She was crying when he was done, audible behind the gag, as his hands soothed her aching tits.

“Bad slut. Poor bad slut. Now, remember this  in the  future, little fucktoy. You must obey me. You must obey me. If I say no masturbation, that is exactly what I mean.”

He reached down between her legs, fishing in the toy box for a minute. He found her favorite vibe, and turning it on, he began running it up and down her slit.

“See, slut, when I say a punishment is done it’s done. Now, time to welcome Me home, properly.”

He played with her, rubbing the vibe all around her cunt, feeling when she began to ooze her slut juice for him. He felt her hips bucking up, pressing against his hand as he toyed with her.

Leaning up and across her, he began sucking and biting her left tit, laving his tongue around her clamped nipple, then biting around the clamp, pressing it harder, tighter into her flesh. She screeched around the gag, then subsided to a whimper as he released her. He sucked bruises around her nipples, hard sucking tempered  with tiny, hard bites. She would be lovely by morning, marked by his ravaging mouth and the stripes from the crop.

Her whimpers turned to moans as he pressed the vibe into her clit then away so it was barely touching her turgid flesh. He pulled it away with a soft,

“no, no, no, you anxious slut..” as she tried to buck against it.

She was straining for an orgasm, but he held her off, cooled her down.

Once subsided, he built her up and up again. Three times he tormented her with the rise to the brink, teetering on the edge, before pulling away.

His own body was beginning to feel the toll. His cock was hard and pulsing,  after more than three weeks apart.  He felt the sluice of liquid streaming from her hole, and finally could hold back no more. He shut off the vibe, tossing into the toy box, then tossed the entire box onto the floor with a clatter.

He moved up between her thighs, positioning himself. His cockhead swelled towards the hole he sought, a heat-seeking missile about to explode. He drew a short, sharp breath, controlling himself. The tip of his cock touched her wetness.

They moaned together.

He slowly, ever so slowly pushed into her. Home had never felt so good, so fucking good,  so warm. He felt the ripples along her channel, welcoming him. The pull and tug of her flesh against his hard thrusting penis nearly overwhelmed him.

Fully engulfed in her, he paused. Body pressed to body, his face burrowed between her shoulder and neck, his hands fisted around her ass cheeks, he waited, breathed a slow breath in, a slow breath out. He felt their pulses where they joined, his cock, her cunt.  With a last deep breath, he pulled out, slowly. Slowly. Feeling every inch of her heat. Coating every inch of himself with her slut juice.

Then, he fucked.

He sank into her, withdrew, only to sink again. He fucked her with all the pent-up need he’d stored for her in his balls. Hard thrusts, deep thrusts, short pulses, pauses.

He knew he wouldn’t last when she orgasmed. He felt the ripples beginning, felt her head thrashing…and when she clamped down on him, screaming, he was lost. His balls churned, then erupted, sending jet after jet deep of his  hot, rich semen  inside of her.

Spent, he collapsed onto her. She was flaccid beneath him, but for her pounding heartbeat below his.

Neither heard the door open.

“Are you okay, Desiree? I heard a crash…”

Both heads popped up when the light clicked on.

Standing in the doorway, naked, was his slut.  

While he lay upon the well fucked body of her sister.