The Encounter

She woke suddenly from a deep sleep. The full moon streamed across her face, leaving the rest of her room in deep darkness.

What the hell had awoken her. She blinked, turned her head. Listening to the sounds of the night, the chirp of crickets in the deep stillness of a summer night, she concluded that she must have had a dream or something.

A slight movement at the end of her bed sent her adrenaline shooting sky-high. Before she could rise, as  she made the smallest of  sounds, something slapped across her open mouth.

It was warm, dank, almost sticky. A face hovered over her briefly. She caught a glimpse of over large eyes,  a long oval face, fleshy lips before it withdrew from her vision. She tried to struggle, but more slaps against  her flesh had her pinned.

She felt something flutter against her throat, the gentle almost-touch sending a welter of goosebumps to rise up as a shudder passed through her.

Not Human.

She wondered if perchance she was dreaming. That must be it. Never eat burritos’ for dinner after missing lunch, she said to herself. She jolted as the sheet was pulled away, and she felt a probing along her tits. She looked down, and saw …what looked like hands but surely could not be. Hands were holding her down, covering her mouth and now her tits? another probing between her thighs had her renewing her struggles.

She felt a sharp pinch and immediately she calmed. She felt floaty, almost removed. The ‘hand’ moved from her mouth, and joined the others exploring her body. Her tits were squeezed, and when her nipples erupted from the treatment, they were wrapped tightly in little coiling appendages. She felt like her nipples were tied in tight rubber bands. The one time her boyfriend had tried that with her, the end result had been so eruptive. She’d had a mega-orgasm as he removed them with his teeth.

The probing between her legs was becoming more frenzied. Her clit was pinched, and it was only a moment later that she felt the first thin appendage slide up inside of her cunt.

She moaned. She felt the writhing inside of her, then as it left. She watched as it raised up to the beings face, and a long thick tongue snaked out to lap at her juice.  It froze.

It looked her up and down, then bent to peer at the juncture of her legs. The ‘hands’ holding her began parting them, wider and wider until she feared she would be torn in two. The aliens head began scenting her, bobbing up and down along her slit.

Why that served to feed her excitement was beyond her…all she knew was that her pussy began to seethe and boil, and she felt the sudden release of her juice flowing from her hole. She nearly erupted when it’s tongue lapped along her now soaked slit. It was heavy and thick and slightly raspy. Not as rough as her cat’s, but neither as smooth as her boyfriends dog.

It lapped up and down her slit. The more it licked the more juice she spilled for it. It discovered her  sexhole. She felt its excitement when the alien located the source of her fluids. The tongue pushed inside of her. Deeper, deeper. It seemed to thicken, almost like a human cock. It twirled, and twisted inside of her, making her groan with a combination of pleasure and pain.  And still it pushed. It came to her cervix and pushed.

She yelped a short, hard scream. The alien looked up, startled, the tongue withdrawing and hanging a moment from its maw. It was very long now, and deeply blue. The end was not round as a cock was, but almost fingered. It reminded her of an elephant’s trunk.

She felt it return to her hole, and ram up into her. It was painful this time, and she cried out again. The hand returned to muzzle her. The probing tongue sank deeper and deeper inside of her, and she knew what was going to happen again. He was going to push past her cervix, try to enter her womb…She struggled, moaning loudly, trying to toss her head, shaking it no, no no…..and screamed as one of the fingers finally pressed through.

She felt the probing in her belly. The hot hard pain of it. And then the flowing of …something. She could almost taste it from inside out…sweet, almost sickly sweet. She became floaty again, and watched as her belly began to swell, and distend. It hurt, it hurt, but she was removed somehow from even that. She drifted away, watching the alien laying against her mons, feeling its impossibly long thick tongue absorbing her juices, while filling her innermost space with its own fluids.

Her body sang. It happened all at once, a riot of cellular explosions, her tits, her nipples her clit, her pussy her ass…her eyebrows and toenails…every fiber of her body jolted with a sudden flash of explosive pleasure. Her body arched, a frozen statue impaled, locked in a volatile  orgasm. For that moment, time stood still, her entire being focused inward.

Then it was over. The long blue tongue pulled from her body, the grasping hands removed.

She unclenched. As her muscles relaxed, her heart rate returned to normal, and she fell into a deep slumber. Her swollen belly continued to grow, even as the being across the room watched in pleased satisfaction.

A high-pitched click sounded, not audible to the sleeping creature. A ripple rolled across her belly. Another click, another ripple.

A long thin tentacle emerged from between her splayed legs. He moved back to the bed, clicked again. The ripples were steady now, playing across her belly like a player piano keyboard playing a Dixieland March. She sighed once as it slid fully from  her. The creature lifted its youngling up, speaking soundlessly to it, then turned it to look upon the still slumbering form of its mother. It was imprinting on her, learning her.

Later it would return.

The perfect hostess had been found.