The Test

She paced the room, nervous. She was glad to be here, finally. Really glad. It didn’t stop the butterflies that were hatching apace in her belly.

Today she would meet Him!

They’d talked so long through emails, then chats, then phone calls. She knew every resonant tone of his voice, from amusement, to annoyance. Flighty as she was, she’d pissed him off a few times. Always, always unintentional, but she knew it, and was corrected for it. He was strict, but he was fun.

She crossed to the desk, looked at her watch. She was naked as He had required.  Her hair was loose, her make up light. Gods! It was hard enough to meet someone for the first time, let alone in your birthday suit!  A knock on the door had her head rising, her heart rate soaring.

Quickly she went to the bed, climbing up so she was positioned kitty-corner on the mattress. She knew she had 90 seconds to get her position correct before he would enter and begin his inspection. This was a test of her understanding, as well as her ability to  follow His commands.

She knelt in the bed, then dropped to all fours. Her head lowered, and her hair screened her face. Her ass was pointed to the door. . She trembled. Parted her legs just a bit more…and heard the click of the lock yielding to His keycard.

He said nothing when He entered the room.  He had told her that she would be inspected first, that she would be thoroughly examined.  Still, the inspection was …unnerving.  She could not see his reactions. She wanted to squirm when she heard him squat to peer up at her pussy.  She began to flush with embarrassment when his  hands parted her ass, poked at her rectum. He pinched her pussy lips, pulling them away, patting them, pinched her clit.

His finger slid into her fuckhole, then a second and after a moment, a third.  She wanted to die of the humiliation, and push back onto his hand, fucking herself on him. But she had been forbidden to speak, to move. Just kneel here and accept.

His hand smoothed up her back, a finger trailing up her spine, drawing a faint shiver from her. A hand reached under her, pulling and tugging at her tit like a calf suckling at its mothers teat. A small sound escaped her lips when He pinched her nipple and pulled it hard downward, almost causing her to break posture. He held it there a moment longer, until finally releasing it. He came around to her head, stroking at her hair, her lips as she remained with her head down, looking at the mattress between her hands. He slipped his fingers down her eyes, bidding her silently to close them.

Grabbing a rough handful of hair, he pulled her upright, then latched his mouth onto hers, eating her gasp. His mouth sucked at hers hard, then bit her lips. She moaned, and he consumed that as well.

He kept her up on her knees, eyes closed, while he lifted each tit by the nipple. She felt the stretch, the burn as they were pulled so high so hard. His fingers were hard on her nipples, pincering the nubbins of her breasts as he wiggled them a bit.

Her breath shortened, hitched as she dealt with the pain, tiny stars dancing behind her closed lids as she absorbed His need.  She did gasp as he dropped her left tit, poking her nipple inward with his finger. She was no more prepared when he did the same to her right breast. Gawd it hurt! And yet, she swore she could feel her pussy leaking.

She heard him walk behind her, but kept her eyes closed. The only sound in the room was that of her breathing. She heard a noise , from the direction of the door. Oh gawd! It was  the distinctive click of the door latch releasing.

She quivered. She knew she was blushing but this had to be another test.  The door opened and shut. She heard new footsteps advancing into the room, approaching her where she knelt still as a statue on the bed, eyes shut  tight, as much  from embarrassment as from His order.

A hand reached out and caressed her tit.

“Hello, slut.”   It was His familiar voice.