A Day to Celebrate

Happy 4th of July all my fellow American Readers!

But that is not the cause of my celebration today…i though you should know, you pervy readers…. you’ve put me over a very substantial marker. . .

50,000 blog hits.  (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)




 i’ve not even celebrated my first year blogging…….it’s such a pleasure to write for you!!  

I know there are many lurkers, many who never say a peep…and that’s fine. I write because…well, don’tcha think i might just explode if i kept all this inside my head?   *laughs*

Yeah, well, blogging has kept my head decompressed, helped me find some very very special people, helped me take my first faltering footsteps on this journey into submission.

Thank you. i am deeply appreciative of each and every one of you.  On we go!


da nilla

PS oh…you wanted a story today? O. hrrmmm. Okay. I could do something lite, something sweet, but today? Today, today nilla is feeling some of that dark rich chocolate rising up…so for you, my pervy readers, a little walk into the dark corner of da nilla brain.

(this one is for sin…coz she likes the long ones….!)


He woke her early, kicking the door of her kennel. Her head rose, fractionally, her collar cuffing her neck to the floor only allowed for a few inches of movement until he chose to release her.

“Big day, slut. Wakey wakey.”  Whistling tunelessly to himself, he left her to wipe the sleep sand from her eyes, unfurl from her cramped position. She hated the kennel but she’d been a very bad puppy. She’d really pissed him off this time.

He had expressly forbidden her to use the toilet without turning the bathroom camcorder on. She hated that, hated that he would come home and rewind and watch her take a piss, or a dump. When she wiped, she had to show the used paper to the cam. It humiliated her, humbled her. Put her so deeply into her submission to Him.

But it was such a fucking invasion of privacy.  So she fought from time to time, trying to bend the rules. It never worked. Last night he’d used the vibe on her, bringing her to the brink of orgasm. Then stopped. He’d motioned her into the crate where he secured her, throbbing and so fucking needy, and went to bed.

He came out of  the bathroom, and left the bedroom. She heard his feet on the stairs, heading down. A moment passed, then she heard his return. She heard a clatter on top of her kennel but could not turn her head to see what it was.

 He unlocked her kennel door, unfastened the hook of her collar from the floor bolt, released her hands from the cuffs. He pulled her out by her hair. He reached for what he’d brought upstairs.

A new leash. She looked at it, a sinking feeling rising in her stomach. He crossed his arms across his chest, a sardonic expression on his face.

“Master?” she queried. He pointed to his feet, and she crawled to him. Sat back on her haunches like a good puppy.  He attached the leash to her collar, and with a sharp snap pulled  her to heel. He made her crawl to the top of the stairs, then brought her to her feet.  He led her downstairs, and out the back door. Once outside on the lawn, he pulled her collar down, wordlessly commanding her to crawl again. He led her to the bushes on the far side of the yard, and then sharply commanded her.

“Piss, puppy. Piss on the bushes for your Master.”   She was flushed, a deep ruddy blush that covered her face, her neck, the top of her tits.

She was outside, naked, and being made to pee on a bush. She was humbled, embarrassed, uncertain if  she could release a nights worth of urine while under these circumstances.  He stared down at her, and she squatted, staring into his face, lost in the deepness of her submission. She felt herself drift, but at the same time, held fast by just his gaze on her. The sudden flow of her hot pee in the cool morning air startled her a moment, but the release was blessed relief.

“Clean yourself.”  She looked at him. No toilet paper, no tissue….gawd no. He..didn’t mean?  His eyebrow quirked. Again.

Reluctantly, she swiped her hand across her wet crotch, then brought her hand to her mouth and gingerly licked her hand. Impatient, he twitched her collar.

“Faster, puppy, Master doesn’t have all day here, move it along”

She  wiped and licked, wiped and licked, and was humbled to realize that she was starting to wipe up her own sex juice. She could hardly believe that this was turning her on. But it was. Another blush swept over her as he tapped her ass, as he inspected her nether parts. She expected  him to discover that she was wet, and he did. His finger slid along her slit and she moaned. Just a little but he laughed.

“You are such a slut, my little puppy. Come on, let’s go in now, good girl.”

She preened, smiled. No matter what, hearing that ‘good girl’ made it all worthwhile. She was forgiven.


She was throbbing with need, her submission always made her so hot for him. He brought her back upstairs, then had her get her makeup on. He loved his little puppy to look like a slut. She coated her eyes with the dark shadow and thick mascara that turned him on. If she did well enough, perhaps she could entice him to fuck her. There was much to do to get ready for this afternoons barbeque, his friends were coming over, but there was still time for fucking! There was always time for fucking! She added her lipstick, dark and red and sinful. Enticing. She brushed her hair, then left the bathroom.

He was sitting naked from the waist down, in the overstuffed chair, coffee mug steaming on the table next to him. His big cock was half-erect, and aimed right at  her.  He pointed to a spot on the floor between his legs. she came and sat, paws up, and begging for his cock.  He smiled.  There was a curious look on his face, one she couldn’t quite read.

He inspected her face, ran his finger down her nose, across her ruby lips. He held up his finger, stained with her color, and, smiling, painted one nipple with the residue.

He reached for her head, sliding his fingers along her cheeks, and deep into her long hair. His hands pulled through her hair, pulling the long tresses through his fingers.   He pulled her face her down to his lap.  Eagerly her mouth opened, taking his cock, taking it, sliding down until her lips pulled around the full head of him, pushing her lips shut around it, and pushing down slowly, impaling her face on his shaft.

His cock became thicker, stiffer. She felt the jolt as it continued to grow hard for her, because of her. She gathered spit in her mouth, then slid further down the shaft. When he was fully erect, it was nearly impossible for  her to take him all the way down, although he was pushing that daily.  But now, still only semi erect, she gobbled him.

She pulled back, letting the head pop from her mouth,  pulled a groan from him. She smiled, then let her teeth graze ever so lightly against the underside of his shaft, down to his balls. Lapping tenderly, she worked her way slowly back up.  Her tongue twirled around the head, dancing lightly into and around the hole, then panted a series of short, warm puffs of air across it.

His hands fisted in her hair at her teasing, and he put a stop to it,  pulling her all the way down his long thick cock, choking her. He held her in place, listening to her gag, feeling the paroxysms of  her throat, enjoying both.  Finally, he released her, lifting her head up to look at her face. Eyes bleeding mascara, nose leaking, spit drooling from the corner of her mouth, she was the very picture of used slut.  He shoved her face back on his cock, controlling the blowjob, raising and lowering her head.

He was near to cumming.  He pulled her firmly down, down, all the way down his shaft. He felt the head of his cock push past  her resistant throat, felt the pop, the gurgle of her choking, the incredible heat of her mouth, her fluttering attempts to free herself as she began to beg for breath.  Finally he released her mouth, allowing  a few precious gulps of air.

She sucked in air, panting. Was it the deep human need for oxygen or the burning emptyness of her cunt that was making her so short of breath?  She didn’t know, didn’t care. She wanted his cock back in her mouth.  She wanted his cock in her throbbing pussy. She wanted.

He refused to cum in her mouth, pulling the head away from her swollen lips, despite her attempt to capture him back, her tongue reaching for some taste of Him. Instead, he began spurting his seed on her face, in her hair, on  her tits. He rubbed it across her nipples with his cockhead,  then blew lightly across them making her peaks rise and tighten. As his cock softened, and relaxed, he reached for  the hated clover clamps from the  drawer in the table next to him.  Each tit was secured, then a tweezer clamp on her clit. She was so fucking aroused when he clamped her clit, it hurt so fucking good.

He grabbed a fistful of hair, and rising with her, he turned her about, pushing her across the room. The bed hit her shins, her thighs, but he continued to push her forward, until she fell across it, legs hanging down.  Her clamped tits pressed painfully between her body and the chenille bedspread.

She felt him move away from her, open the closet door.  She didn’t dare to look.  It was a shock, the first blow across her full-cheeked ass. Half rising in protest, in pain, she cried out at the sharp sting.

A single word had her falling back, back to receive his punishment.


He caned her bottom, sharp stingy blows that raised welts as big as her baby finger.

“Such a bad girl. Such a bad puppy. Thinks her poo should be private. What puppy hides her poo? ”

She cringed at the sarcastic tone; seriously, he was still  pissed?  She breathed through her open mouth as the blows ceased. Soft, short pants, trying to ride through the rising wave of pain that bloomed across her butt. She heard his dresser drawer open, that funny squeak as he pressed it back and it caught on the runner. What the fuck was he doing now?

  The first blow of his new leather belt was incredibly painful across her already welted cheeks. She moaned, cried. His fist gathered her hair, lifting her head.

“Something to say, pooch?” 

She looked at him, imploring with her smudged eyes, her cheeks and the spread smeared with her mascara, tears, snot and drying semen.

Her voice was barely above a whisper, her ass throbbing so much it robbed her of volume.

“puppy is so sorry, Master. puppy won’t do it again, puppy promises you, Master.”

He stared deeply into her green eyes, as if looking for value there. Satisfied, he dropped her head, and bid her to rise. Shaking with effort, she came up off the bed. Her ass burned, and throbbed hard, as if her heart had lodged there.  She turned to face him.

He pushed her backwards on the bed, standing between her sprawled legs, tugging on her chains, pulling another moan from her. Almost casually, he put the vibe against  her pinched clit.


She nearly leapt from the bed…the vibe on her painful clit was too much, too much!  He watched her face carefully, choosing to not damage her, but teach her a pain-filled lesson.  He watched as pain became need, as her eyes darkened and deepened. He watched as her nipples rose even tighter, felt the quiver of the thighs hugging his legs.

Her read her perfectly. As she neared her climax, he took the vibe away, and removed the clamps.  The sudden release of pinched flesh pulled her back, back to her throbbing body. He had stopped the vibe just short of the edge this time and her pain, rather than cresting her over it, was just pain.

He rubbed her nipples, twisting and turning them, returning the blood flow to them, and absorbed her moans, her pain.  He slipped down between her lax legs, and lapped at her distended clit. His tongue danced around and around her little bud, but still, he  would not give her enough touch to release her.

“Horny yet slut?”

“yes Master!” she gasped, hoping that this time He would release her to orgasm.

“Good, good puppy. Now, head on outside and mow the lawn. The boys are coming over later to celebrate the fourth of July. We’re having fireworks in the backyard.”


The boys were gathered in the backyard, night falling softly around them. The bbq was only embers now, and a few eager hands held grill sticks with marshmallows on them.

She was shackled to the table, pussy and ass just hanging on the edge, perfectly aligned with any cock that happened to need release.  She had been off-limits until now, laid out with care by her Master after the last burger was consumed.  Now, with crickets chirping in the background, he took  a warm marshmallow, a slab of chocolate, and slowly pushed it into her open and exposed cunt.

“Smore’s anyone?” 

There were snickers, elbows knocking ribs, ribald comments, and the sound of zippers being released.  Master and the 12 members of his “Fuck Club” were ready for fireworks.

She was primed to explode.