The Break-in (pt 2)

part one here

She lay sprawled, open on her bed. Occasionally she heard noises from downstairs, as the burglar rummaged through her hardware store. Hooded,  tied, helpless, she waited.

Her pussy thrummed.

She was so pissed about that. Here she was, being robbed, and her pussy decides to wake up and sniff now?  Admittedly it had been a long stretch without more than a dildo or vibe, but fercrissakes…the timing here was just soooo bad.

She heard the clatter of footsteps on her narrow stairs, and tensed. He came through her kitchen, her living room, and suddenly she could feel him standing in her bedroom doorway.

“Got us some fun things, slut,”  she heard his voice, muffled by the pillowcase hooding her. She shivered.

“First things first, for my lil whore. That’s what you are, you know? A whore. And Daddy is going to take good care of you, and your wet and needy cunt. But…you’re a bit overdressed, slut. ”

He dropped things onto the bed between her legs. She heard a silvery snicking sound, then felt cold metal against her ankle.

Snip.   Snip. Snip.   Snip. Snip.   Snip. Snip.   Snip. Snip.

The press of the blade as it slid slowly up, ankle to knee, knee to thigh, until it stopped, tip pressed into the hollow where thigh met groin. She was tossing her head and moaning. She heard his chuckle, knew she was playing into his sicko game.  The scissors pulled away. She felt the press against her other leg, and again the series of snicks as he cut his way up her pant leg. He slipped the scissors up and across her belly, snicking meticulously up, then through her waistband. 

His finger crooked and slid up into the crotch of her destroyed pants.  A few sharp tugs lowered the fabric slightly, and she felt the press of the blade across the top of her mons. Two hard snicks, then the feeling of cool air as the crotch let go. He’d severed through her underwear simultaneously, and with one hand under her ass, she felt him lift and pull.

She was naked from her waist, down, but for her socks and sneakers. A finger slid across her belly.  She felt hot breath, hands grasping her hips, and a tongue, as it dove into her belly button. It was hot, and unexpected and it tickled, dammit! She was about to be raped, but here she was, giggling through the gag, writhing to get away from the assaulting tongue.

She couldn’t get away.

So involved with the sensations of the tongue tormenting her little belly hole, she didn’t feel the hand leaving her hip, not until a finger slid up inside her. She gasped, moaned, taken unaware. The tongue still tortured her. The finger inside her curled, making a ‘come here’ gesture, and hitting her g-spot. She arched, shuddered, screamed behind the gag.

She came, and came hard.

“That was your freebie, slut. Daddy is going to make you work very hard for the next ones.”

She trembled in the aftermath of the powerful orgasm. Air swirled over her wet belly, her clit was screamingly sensitive, her nipples, under the cotton bra and shirt, were hard and erect pebbles.

“I want to watch your cunt leak for me.”

She heard a sound, then felt something wrap around her thigh. Velcro tape. He repeated it on her other thigh, tightly binding it round and round several times. There was  a sound of plastic, a bag opening. Something slid under the strapping on her thigh. His fingers pulled  her swollen cunt lip, pulling it up and away from her seeping hole, opening her. She felt a sharp pinch. Then another. She yelped behind the gag.

“Nothing beats a good set of wooden clothes pins,”  he said, his tone conversational.

When he was done, her throbbing lips captured in four pins, she was open and wide for him. His fingers danced along her open slit, spreading her cum along her clit.

“You have the biggest clit I’ve seen, slut. And I’ve seen my share. Hmmmm.”

She moaned, shaking her head. She knew what  he was thinking, she knew. When the peg closed over her aching button, she arched up, crying out, moaning. Jeezuz…jeeezuz…it hurt so fucking much!

“I wonder if you carry any of those A-frame signs? The ones that say ‘caution: wet floor”? Coz whore, your cunt is leaking again. I guess I’ll have to mop that up a bit before I get to work on those tits of yours.”

She felt him move then that wicked tongue twirled around her throbbing, aching clit, wiggling the peg, making her whimper. He lipped his way down the pink flesh exposed, sucking on her inner lips, his upper lip grazing the edge of her hole. Her hips were thrusting upward, despite him laying across her lower torso. His hands rested on her legs, thumbs digging into the ticklish flesh behind her knees. He was almost in the classic 69 pose, and she caught herself thinking of eating his cock as he was so skillfully eating her pussy.  She hungered for it.

Then all thoughts were gone as his mouth settled fully across her cunt, like a man giving breath to a drown victim. He sucked. She bucked. He bit, and she rose up and into his mouth, yearning, craving, needing.

His tongue danced across her hole, teasing. Teasing but not entering. Lapping, tasting, licking, teasing.

He rose from her of a sudden, when she was quivering on the verge of release. His hand slapped hard on her open exposed cunt.

“Not yet, whore. Remember? You have to earn the next one, and I’m just getting started here.  His hands brushed up her torso, and she felt his fingers begin to work on the buttons of her blouse.