Flash Fiction Friday 7/9/10 ~ 145 words

They had hiked for hours. Under a sweltering blue sky, heat shimmered from the rocks as they toiled towards their goal. Deep in the backcountry, they were alone but for the rushing sound of the wind.

But it wasn’t the wind at all.

He whooped!

“We found it! Crist, we fucking found it! Look at it, look Mari!!”

She smiled fondly, watching him scurry to the rocks at the base of the waterfall. The water poured from the ledge high above their heads, down to the rocks below“…driven, beaten, hammered…”  by the force of the flow.

She made her way down to where he sprawled, then straddled him, seeking the cool spray on her heated face.

She felt the hard heat beneath his wet denim, knew her wetness was not just from the falls spraying over them.

Soon she too would be driven, beaten, and hammered.

FFF has been going on for quite awhile…i got into it thanks to Sephi, and have inspired another to take the plunge. Want to try YOUR hand at flash fiction? Go visit Panser (link in the linkbar over >>>> there), find the pic of the week, copy and paste it into your story….Mind the Man’s requirements tho…he’s tricky on word counts and word inclusions! C’mon. I double-dog dare ya!