He’s stripped me bare.

i am wearing nothing. Long hair pulled away from face, from tits, not letting me hide. Not hide my nakedness. Nor hide my need.

Not from Him.

He’s stripped me naked.

Opened me. A bit here, a bit there. Prying under one corner. Finding my inner beasts. Spreading them on the table like a fan of cards.

The deck of lust.

“Squeeze that left nipple hard, slut”.  i dont’ think, i just respond. My hand on my tit before i am even consciously moving. He’s wired me that way. Tying me up in knots of his knowledge, and my need.

i moan, low, and long.

“NOW!” He barks at me. “Twist that fucking nipple. HARD!”

He begs me to let Him hurt me. i plead, pretty for him. Voice an almost-whine, pleading. Begging. Please Sir, come and use me. i am here for You to twist, to squeeze, to fuck.

i am here for you Sir.