HNT Top 7 Search Engine Funnahs 7/22/10

Many of us do this from time to time, tell you of the funny searches people use that land them here on our blogs.  I’d like to think people are doing better remembering me/my blog, as i’ve had 30 or so searches on variations of nilla/vanilla mom…making that my top search this month! Yay!

Tho that one person keeps searching for “butt plug blog” and winding up here.  Keep searching, friend. I’m sure you won’t wind up here. Again.

28 various terms for tit slapping, yes, this is a good term. I use that in many of my stories, in part because i am a big fan of tit slapping, thus far being the recipient, not the giver. hmmm.

This one opened my eyes…and i’m certain PETA will want to find this searcher as well….butt plug date, none of nilla’s stories have contained any references to plugging the ass of my pets…or yours…

you wanna do *what* ?

Moving right along, these two could be companions in an interesting story, dontcha think?  slut in the sun,  and  desperate intense throbbing interrupted. Really, i want to know more about that second one. Or maybe even write something around that idea.

Okay, this is the last one. And really. i mean…geeze…y’all have to admit that the search engine who sent this searcher here did this person a complete injustice….tiny tits wordpress… um. No. . . and i offer empirical proof:


no tiny tits here in nilla-ville!

Happy HNT! And keep those searches coming! i’m always up for a good laugh!