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Good Morning pervie friends!,

Wait! Before you even read here…you have to read this post by Mike (and Cara)…Wait! Before you go read it, put down your coffee and swallow. Do not drink or eat while reading this blogpost unless you need to clean your monitor. Trust me. Then c’mon back and read my this n that and take my little poll.

Seriously…was that a freaking riot? I know i have a goofy sense of humor but that just made me fucking hysterical. Then again…yanno…it’s nilla so…take it for what it’s worth.

 i had a great weekend last week, camping on the beautiful Maine seacoast, with great weather, abundant sunshine, and a nice little break in routine.  I crave those little changes once in awhile.

And i am in the mood for a change.  i’ve been playing  “blogmistress”. Kinda like playing “store” or better yet…”Doctor” when you’re a kid…this is the grownup version, i guess!   You know, playing with themes, and widgets, colors and fonts.  I still can’t figure out how to change/add the fucking fonts.   i spent 3 hours working on format, playing and rearranging… if i can’t move my furniture, at least i can play with my blog settings, right?!

 i remembered how to do “polling” so….i’m giving a short poll. And this time it’s set up for “repeat polling”…so if you have a really strong preference, or you are having a boring day..come and vote again and again. The poll is at the end of this post, and will stay open for a week.

So…about said  poll…

You may have noted the change on the blog.   i’m trying to decide if i like it or not. i really really liked the  blue theme. But am in the mood for a change and i loved the art at the top. It doesn’t change the format too much, but i think it’s easy to read, easy to see all the widgets…and yes, i know it’s kinda girly. Coz…yanno…i   iz   a girl!!! And sometimes i like girly stuff.

So, do take a moment and vote. Thank you.

***                   ***                  ***

No one, no one, no one.

That’s who responded to my asking for story tidbits. Sheesh people!!! *nilla shakes her head sadly*   I ‘m not asking y’all to find the answer for world harmony or the best way to get lipstick out of your shirt collar or cum off a silk dress here!!

Tidbits ..that’s all i’m looking for. So, how about this idea. Write me an email

and that way you wont’ have to go through all that signing in crap that the blog insists i need.  Easy, peasy. Remember…i’m thinking about a situation that you may think of or see and go…hmmm that could be a scene in sexy story. Or a name. Nathan. Hedebah. Willy. A piece of clothing…red bra, torn jockey’s…just a tidbit. Okay, i’m prying into YOUR head a little. Won’t you let me in? Just a weeeeee tiny peek? Please?

***    ***   ***

and on that note, the writing note, i just want to add one more thought….although my stories may be written often in  “first person”…99% of what i am writing *is* fiction!

 For the most part, I’m not writing  about any specific person or event(s). I take snippets from so many places, and so many people … and they really are “braided” into these stories, born from the fecundity of my slutty mind!!  So no, it’s not really “nilla” when you read     “i”     in a story….unless otherwise indicated that it is a true-nilla story. Gods people…i’d never be off my back if all these stories were true life nilla! *insert ribald laugh here* Some, admittedly, are fantasies that i may have um….field tested. Many of those are just too good to keep to myself, right? I’m a sharing kind of gal!!

That’s why YOUR snippets…names, kinky thoughts, weird places to have sex…whatever ….are important to me! Data collection, really! So c’mon, help a slut out, willya?

*****   ****

Here’s a kewl thing……Look down on the sidebar…down…down…keep going almost to the end ….Yes, THERE!  i got an award.  an AWARD!!  It’s my second award but i never figured out how to put up the first one.( sorry Sephi…maybe  you can help nilla with that sometime?)   Coz, well, lets face it, i’m not writing war and peace here,  yanno? So thank you, THANK YOU!!  to bumtickler (click on the “award” to go visit that site….)  it’s always great to know i’m “lifting” someones….day!!

***   ***   ***

One last thing before i’m off…i know there are several “serial” pieces that i’ve started, and have apparently dropped. I’ve not. I am working on “The Farm” and Monday will see the 2nd part of “Friends” which so many people *demanded* more of. I’m also pondering the fate of our Hardware Heroine. Okay she’s a slut but for the sake of alliteration…!  Just know they are not forgotten…just on …a time delay!

Happy weekend!


next week nilla see’s Sir next week nilla sees sir next week nilla sees sir


13 thoughts on “This and That

  1. I HATE when I pour my heart out and nobody replies. It makes me crazy. It makes me want to post on my blog “I’m gone away sulking til enough people comment”.

    So let’s see. Story ideas. Ummm… if I could write stories then I would… but you asked for tidbits and surely I can manage that. These tidbits not to be combined, or that wasn’t my intent. In other words, don’t spend them all in one place, okay? 1. A fairy tale. I loved, loved, loved fairy tales as a little girl. 2. the photographer and the fetish 3. two subs attached by nipple clamps (why yes, nipple clamps do seem to be my fetish, why do you ask?) 4. Willy – that made me smile when you suggested it – so yeah, Willy. 5. a girl with pink hair and maybe some piercings 6. Working in a sex store 7. a blackmail story 8. something really filthy with a barnyard animal, 9. I’m running out of ideas – babydoll nightie. 10. bondage, bondage, bondage.

    Any of that help?

    1. i don’t mind if there is a post that doesn’t have a comment, it happens from time to time. But when ya ask and there’s nothing? Yeah. Hair pulling !!!!

      YOU have some GREAT ideas. GREAT. My head has been spinning like crazy since i read this on my phone at work Friday evening. OMG for a laptop!! And i about broke something laughing at #8….the kids at work are saying, what, what? and i have tears coming down my face i’m laughing so fucking hard!! Gawd sin! You’re the best!


  2. Hey – I gave you an idea! the one about the camping trip. Two vanilla types go camping , meet two kinky types. kinkiness ensues.

    1. You did you did …I’m so sorry…nilla did drop the ball on that one. I’m ever so sorry. Forgive me?

      I love that idea btw. That might turn into another serial piece.


  3. Ok, (rolls up sleeves, knuckles nose), you asked for it…… ;-D

    The dense smell of the pines in the early morning.
    The weight and clamminess of the humidity.
    Increasing heat and humidity throughout the day.
    Waiting for the expected cool front …then the moment it hits.

    1. lizzie! Thanks for delurking and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your visual opening. WHY AREN”T YOU WRITING??!!! Dear goddess you have such a way of setting a picture.

      For certain i’m runnign with your idea tho…..


    2. This spoke to me soooo much. I’m a huge outdoorsy fan, so i actually wrote a two parter. Watch for it sat/sun and i hope it leaves you satisfied! or at the very least…horny as hell!


    1. We’ll have to hook up sometime, i’m in Maine quite a bit. I LUFFFFFFFS Maine. There’s no place quite like Old Orchard Beach for a summer vacation, is there?


  4. Ideas are difficult to dream up. Even worse when there is no feedback. Especially if it was a post that you thought was just hotter than um…. (fill in the blank). However, I do have an idea for you….

    “She couldn’t believe he’d tied her up and walked away. Walked away after smearing peanut butter across her crotch. Worse yet, she could hear his dog,… the big slobbering sweet German Shepard coming up the stairs…”

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