My tits fill His hands as he pushes me against the wall. I can scarcely breathe, excitement and nerves commingling, conspiring to keep me gasping as his touch fills me.

So long, so long, so long.

The chant runs through my head as his hands fist on my tits.  How He molds me, changes me, consumes me. How long i’ve waited for this.

His mouth captures mine, stealing even the miniscule wisps of air i’ve been taking, our tongues dance in harmony, even as He begins to suck, to bite, to feed on me.

He consumes me.

A hand slips lower, probes between my legs. A finger scrubs and pokes, and a squeal flows from my mouth and into His. My clit rises to His touch. He fingers my slit, slides along the wet crease, and returns to rub at my sensitive bit again.

I am trapped. Held to the wall by His body, by His mouth, by His desire. Like a butterfly caught and captured, He pins me with His lust. I writhe, moan, cum, and scream.

He consumes me.

He says i’m His good little slut.

Good to the last drop.