Friends~Andy~ (pt 2)

You can find part 1 here.

He could hardly believe it. They were going to fuck Amelia, and he had pegged her perfectly.

In their little band of misfits, he’d always been their leader. Tall, blonde, blue-eyed, he’d been the geekiest of geeks. He was always hooked up to some form of tech.

Stepping away from the huddle of flesh on the couch that was Amelia, Marty and Sam, he got their attention.

“Wait WAIT a fucking minute. No. You…STAY DOWN, CUNT!” This last directed at Amelia as she struggled to rise. Whether she was still fighting the last of her own resistance or trying to throw the men off of her was hard to determine, but she responded well to his voice, his implacable orders. He looked at her, steely eyed until she subsided, and flopped back down onto the couch.

“I’m going to get some stuff. The bags are in the car still. DON”T FUCKING START! Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait.”

Making eye contact with his two buds, he turned on his heel and strode from the room. They heard the front door open, then the sound of the car trunk being released. A series of thunks, and the sound of the trunk closing, then the shuffle of baggage.

Andy came back into the foyer, juggling all 3 bags. He deposited the others by the stairway, but brought his into the living room. The sides bulged.

“What the fuck-all do you have in that bag?” asked Sam, amazed.

“Watch and learn, grasshopper” He replied, grinning at Sam. A few zips and he pulled out a portable cam, a tripod, a zoom lens, and what looked like a mile of cable.

“Sweet lil slut,” he drawled in his So.Cal voice, “we’re going to make our own special “home movie”! We’ll all get copies…even you, cunt.”

They stared at him, openmouthed, as he waggled the camera. Then whoops of glee filled the small living room.

“The issue now is where to set up our first scene. I’m thinking…the kitchen. Don’t you usually feed friends who’ve just come in from a long trip?” He looked at Amelia, who nodded slowly. Her eyes were wide with surprise, and a tinge of horror.

“Okay, I’ll go get set up in the kitchen, and you boys…get our sweet Amelia ready to Par-tay! Once you’re ready, bring her in and we’ll get to snacking!”

Hi fives between Sam and Marty, then they turned and began stripping the clothing from Amelia. She struggled a bit then, whimpering as Sam grabbed her left nipple and twisted it firmly.

“Shut up and put out, slut,” Andy heard him say to her as he went down the brief hallway and into the spacious Colonial kitchen. A sturdy oaken table filled the center of the room, and a bank of windows on the southern wall let in tons of late afternoon light. The room glowed.

“Perrrrrrfect…” he murmured, and began setting up his equipment.


They staked her out to the tabletop. It was a beautiful contrast, her pale skin against  the deep honey tone of the slabtop table. That shade was in her hair as well, visible as it cascaded off the side edge of the table and gleamed in the light beaming into the oversized room.

Her ass was hanging at the edge of the table,  making either hole accessible, and, canted as she was across the table, her mouth would be reachable as well.

Andy was poking through her refrigerator, Sam through her drawers, and Marty was rubbing his fingers up and down her wet slit.

They gathered round the table to look at her. With a click of the remote on the counter, Andy set about recording their ‘Welcome Home Feast’.  Marty, their resident artist,  had even made a little sign saying just that, and placed it near Amelia’s head.

“Now, I know we’re all eager to taste our feast, but how about we food her up a bit first?”

“Food her up? What the fuck? You’ve been watching too much of that Crazy Chef show again, haven’t you Andy?” Sam snorted at his own joke.


Andy held up a cuke and a pale purple eggplant. The eggplant was long and sinuous.
“This,” he said, holding up the cuke, “looks like a nice way to chill off an overheated cunt. ”

This,” he repeated, holding up the long eggplant, “looks like a great anal probe, don’t you think?”

She started tossing her head no no-no…but a hard slap on her inner thigh stopped her.

“You agreed. Now calm the fuck down slut. We’re gonna use you as often as we please, as hard as we please, for as long as we please.  You agreed, remember?” Marty’s finger went from stroking her sopping slit, to pinching her clit, out of view of the camera.  She began nodding vigorously.

“Say it aloud for posterity, slut.”

“i…i….agreed to fuck you. All of you. W-whatever way  you want to do mmmmee.”

“Tell us how much you want this you fuckin’ whore.”

“i.” she paused, looked at each of them, then down at her already bruised tits. Her nipples were hard as stones, her cunt seeping. She didn’t need the hard pinch on her clit to inspire her answer. She was so fucking turned on, even through her fear. Her most wicked fantasies about these three men were coming to life around her.

“Yes.”   her voice was stronger now, throaty with lust.

“I want you to fuck me. Use me. Make me your fucking whore. Hurt me, use me any way you choose. Just please, please don’t leave me. Please? Please fuck me. I have wanted this, wanted you…and you…and you…” she met their eyes again, “for so long.”  Her voice dropped to a whisper. “for so long.”

She only moaned when Andy began fucking her pussy with the cold, fat cucumber. When he pulled it from her sopping pussy, and wiped it across her lips, ordered her to lick it clean of her slut juice, she almost came again from the forbidden excitement.

His cock throbbing in reaction to the scene playing out before him, Sam released his zipper, unbuckled his belt, and dropped his jeans to the floor. Stepping free, he lined up with Amelia’s head, and tapping her cheek for her to open wide, began fucking her mouth. She tasted the remnants of her own juice from the cuke, and now the curiously musky taste of  Sam’s cock.

She was awash in sensations.  She felt Marty pluck at her nipples, but  did not let it  divert  her from sucking on Sam’s big hard cock, She  lashed at his cock head with her tongue, sucked him hard, rolled him in her hot saliva, giving him the blowjob she’d always imagined.

Her mouth opened wider and a scream tried to find a way out, when she felt the sharp, painful pinch on her right nipple. She canted her head to try to see what Marty was doing to her tit. It surprised her to see the clothes pin sticking straight up from her nipple. She watched as he  fastened a bread twisty around the pinching tip of the pin, tightening the grab on her swollen nub.  She  couldn’t look, could only feel the intense hurt on her tit,  as Sam began thrusting deeply into her mouth, gagging her as he tried to force his cock past her resisting throat. He wanted in. All the fucking way in. His hands grabbed her cheeks as he began rocking into her, fucking her face.

Where was Andy?  That thought beat obscurely in the back of her brain.

Where the fuck was Andy?

She screamed as she felt something jab hard into her anus. NO NO! NO!  Her mouth opened wide around Sam’s cock as she tried to give protest against this terrible, awful invasion of her nastiest  hole. Nevermind that it had been the focus of many masturbation fantasies. Fantasies should not always become reality, she thought, panicked.

Sam’s cock slipped down her now open throat. Gagging, breathless, she fought against going under, going down. Fucked deeply at both ends, she felt the eggplant sliding it’s twisted length deeply inside her bowels, filling her, filling her.

Surely the cock and the vegetable would meet in her middle.

She thought they were nearly done with her, with this scene, but Andy, dear, strong, steadfast Andy, began fucking her ass with the veggie, and she heard him murmur to Sam,

“go ahead, bro.”

She felt the head of Sam’s cock against her cunt. She wanted to protest. She wanted to beg. She wanted to …


She was well and truly fucked.

10 thoughts on “Friends~Andy~ (pt 2)

    1. nope this had to be about consensual sex. She’s wanted it for so long but couldn’t put a name on it.

      Guess they’ll name it for her. Ownership.


    1. no, Roze, i’m not a user of safewords…i have implicit trust in my D-types…maybe if i was younger? dunno…it’s part ofthe thrill, i think.

      so, she doesn’t even think of it. coz she is just *there*…in the here and now….


  1. I do think you have a mind much like my own, and you have done a wonderful job or reading my mind. Great post and very much worth the wait.

    1. *smiles* well, glad i’m doing such a good job pickin’ your (our?) brain!! Glad you enjoyed it and part 3…won’t be as long of a wait as part 2!


  2. You know this is good stuff, right? I love it. and it made me think of a few (male) friends from my past I wouldn’t mind re-enacting this scene with.

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