“Take out those ladies,”   he ordered her.

Lifting her hand, hesitant, she  pulls out her left breast, then the right. They lay, hanging over her bra. It’s always more embarrassing when he does this. Does this in lieu of stripping bare. Does this to humiliate.

You are my slut and I will play with the ladies when and how I choose.

He plays with them, lifting them by the nipple, letting those big tits fall and bounce. She winces, moans a little. He loves hearing when she tries  to swallow her cries, the gulps and breathing that shows she is attempting to  hang onto her control, a control He works resolutely to break down.

You are my whore and I don’t care if you cry. Go ahead. It won’t bother me a bit.

He  tugs on her skirt, pulling it down over her hips until it drops it to the floor. Then steps away and stares. Stares at her naked cunt.  She wants  to fidget.  He sees it in her eyes.  She wants to squirm. But she  remains motionless. She knows she cannot move without His direct approval.

You will stand just there, cunt, and let me look at you. Let me watch that hole of yours leaking. My hole. Mine.

His eyes shift back to the girls. His hands lift to cup and fondle, strong and squeezing, a massage that leaves her moaning, breathless with the unexpected pleasure. Her eyes close, moved by the force of His hands on the ladies, as He pulls small grunts from her throat.

Mine, fucktoy. My ladies.

She feels the pinch a half second before  hearing the rattle of the chain and she cries out. She  didn’t expect the clamps. Not so soon. Usually He worked up to them. God, such a hurting, and yet and yet and yet….

Look at that cunt leak. You are such a dirty little slut. Such a painslut. Such a whore. Look at you, whoring  yourself for my cock. You want my cock, don’t you? Don’t speak. Don’t say a word.  Show me, slut. Show me how much you want my nice, hard cock to slam up your fuckhole.

She takes the pain of her nipples, bears it with eyes wide open. In them He sees a flashing need. He watches her lick her lips, then slowly drop her eyes to his cock. It’s  hard. He knows she wants it …wants it so badly. Slowly, enticing him, she begin turning her hips in a figure-8, making the chain joining her nipples sway, her  tits bobble. It fucking hurts. He sees it in her eyes.

That’s right slut, show me, give it to me. It’s even better when you give it to me like this. That’s right, my whore, give me every fucking bit.

She  shimmies her  shoulders, and the ladies begin to sway, the chain clacking to the rhythm of her  body,  now writhing in a dance of lust and need. Tears gather in her eyes, a slow trickle silvering down her cheek as one breaks away, and falls onto her  breast.  He leans forward and laps it. Laps at her pain.

I love that. I llooooovvvee that. I fucking LOVVEEE your pain, lil slut.

His hips thrust forward, his cock slips against her lower lips, slick with lust juice. He takes her hips in His hands,  and slides deeper into that wet, hot  cleft; then deeper still, seeking, stabbing, searching for the source of her need.


He moans as his cockhead finds her hot liquid cunt hole. The  ladies chime with their conjoined rhythm, as pussy sucks him deep, deep, deep inside.

4 thoughts on “Ladies

  1. Not only could I hear the chains moving, I could feel her pain, her need… Almost made me forget this nasty sore throat I’m dealing with.

    1. gawd…you too? i’m on day two, tho i feel much better today than yesterday. Except i sound like a 900-number gal…either that or a 3-pack a day chainsmoker! Instead of what sin calls my “little girl voice”…i’m pitched super deep today. Super. Deep. My one-day career of being a phone sex goddess? laughs…get well soon.

      oh, and am sooo glad you liked this!!


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