Work Release


tidbits have been pouring in! From comments to emails, i’ve gotten a great stack of bits and bobs. It’s great to have readers who respond! Thank you! Anytime you come across something, a stray thought, a funny idea, feel free to shoot me a line! This is a braided story from several ideas. Handling a loud wife/sub work fuck, girl on girl…well…read on!

Her phone chimed as she was crossing the street. Heels clicking on the concrete, she drew the eye of many a man as she tic-tocked in hurried fashion.

Once across, she pulled out her phone and looked. Yes. It was Master. Again.

“Don’t be late, slut.”

She muttered to herself, “i won’t be late if you don’t keep making me stop to read stoopid texts,” as she hiked her purse strap more securely over her shoulder, and strode down the block to his office.

She entered the foreboding building with some reluctance. It was a gorgeous day outside, but then again, He was waiting. She hated this building, each floor a carbon copy of the one above it. Row after row of offices, discreet carpeting, dark doors, boring mundanity.

Rising to the 9th floor, she exited the elevator and turned left. She passed through a second set of doors, and entered His work. Passing what felt like hundreds of doors, she felt a bit like she was living that nightmare people had, about walking down a corridor that never ended, faced with thousands upon thousands of doors.  She smiled to herself at her whimsical turn of thought.

She could hear ringing phones, hushed voices…it was not quiet. Occasionally she would pass an open door, collecting a smile or wave as she strode briskly past.

Finally she came to his office. Room 939. She knocked once as he had bidden her, and came to stand by his assistants desk as she had also been bidden. She pulled out her phone and sent him the required text.

“Here, Master”

She waited with anticipation. She was nervous about this! He’d not shared what he had planned, but anytime she received a text that said “No Panties” it was a pretty sure bet that there would be some of “Master’s Fun and Games”  included.  Pantiless, she was starting to feel her wetness slide from her pussy. She was turned on.

He’d had her on denial for the last week. She’d been pretty bratty, that was true, and she knew better than to take her mood out on Him. A week of no orgasms sure made her hyper sensitive, she mused.

The door to his office opened, and there He was. So handsome in his suit and tie. She smiled almost shyly.

“Hi Sir.”

He tipped his head, silently gesturing her into his inner office. She slipped by him, her body brushing his suggestively. She came up short when she saw  his assistant sitting in His chair.

“Claire!”   She said with surprise.

“Hi slut.”

She was shocked into speechlessness. Blinking,  she turned and stared at Master. He crossed to her, a wicked smile beaming across his face.

“I’ve decided to end your punishment with a bang. You are so loud when I fuck you. It’s time to teach you a bit of restraint, slut. Claire will be assisting me with this task.  Take off your jacket, then your shirt.” he looked at her, cocking an eyebrow when she remained frozen.

“Sir,” she hissed under her breath. “I’m not wearing a bra!”

He continued to look down at her, watching the panic wash across her face, then the blush as she came to understand that she would be topless, sharing the room with Him …and Claire.

“A-are you going to lock the door?” she asked,  pointedly looking at the unsecured door.  She watched as He and Claire exchanged a look. She got a sick feeling in her stomach when Claire replied.

“There is nothing in company policy about banging your own wife in your office, Sir. You can’t fuck me, nor i you, but her? She’s ….” Claire paused, grinned even wider   “fair game, Sir!”

“Good. Go stand in front of my assistant, slut.”

She shot him one quizzical, fearful look. He had always wanted to fuck her at work. But he was correct, she was so noisy when he fucked her. And now there was Claire.

She slipped across the room, moving to stand between the chair where Claire lounged, and His desk. She shrugged out of her jacket, then unbuttoned her blouse. He came to stand behind his assistant and two pairs of eyes took in the increasingly interesting view. She reached the last button, and as it came free, she paused a moment, holding each side of her blouse over her tits.

She looked at Claire, at the eagerness there. She looked at Master. He was amused, as if He had some secret she didn’t have a clue about. And, of course he did.The Bastard! Yet, despite not understanding His game, she was so fucking turned on.

She pulled apart her blouse, and let it slip off her shoulders, pooling at her wrists. She lay that on the desk beside her jacket, acting nonchalant. Still, her heart was racing. A dark mixture of lust, humiliation, and fear combined to bring her to a point of no return. She would do anything He asked, but today he’d ramped it to a whole new level.

“Sit back on the edge of my desk, slut.”

“Lean back on your elbows now.” Two pairs of hands reached for her bountiful tits. One set, small, fragile looking, but painfully strong, as they pinched and twisted her nipple, causing her to cry out.

“Hush now!” Claire admonished her.

His hand slipped from her tit to her throat, then pushed her relentlessly back.  He cupped the back of her neck and eased her to lay, head flopping off the other side of his desk.

“Get those feet up and lift your ass,” He commanded her. She felt her skirt being lifted, the rush of cool air against her hot, wet pussy. Hands spread her knees, exposing her and she gasped.

She felt…gawd!! She shivered. A tongue. He was standing at her head, unzipping his fly. It had to be ….

Claire was eating her pussy.

He had often wanted to watch this happen. She had steadfastly refused. She was NOT a lesbian. No no no!

OMG it felt so fucking good. Short little laps against her lower lips, then a full-on kiss against them. A sucking, French kiss, with a tongue probing her, exploring her…

Even as she opened her mouth to moan, Master’s rigid cock slipped between her upper lips, and her cry was instantly muffled as she began to suck on his offering.

She felt him gently pushing into her mouth, even as she felt her cunt being pierced with a hot wet tongue. Gawd this woman had the most talented tongue! It dove and twirled, fucked and lapped…

His fingers plucked her nipples firmly drawing her attention from her cunt. His cock was only half in her mouth, and she resumed blowing him the way she knew he liked. He moaned softly and she smiled around his cock.



His hands left her tits, grabbing her head as he began fucking her mouth. There must have been a signal between He and Claire, because the sucking on her cunt intensified, and without warning, her clit was clamped between teeth. She could imagine those teeth in her mind, Claire always had the most brilliant smile. She wasn’t smiling now, she was biting!

She writhed her hips to try to get away, but Master sunk deep then, driving his cock head into her throat, gagging all sound as Claire continued to bite, to bite to …aaaaaggghhh!

fingers were abruptly inserted into her cunt and she was roughly finger fucked, roughly throat fucked, while her clit was being bitten hard.

As He pulled back she begged for her release…

Mastermayicumpleasepleaseplea…His cock drove into her mouth, hard, deep, but she heard him say it,

“Cum you fucking whore!!”

Even as she began spurting, feeling the keening cry burst from her, his cock drove deep, silencing her, Claire’s teeth moving from her throbbing nub, and sucking around those still fucking fingers.


She must have fainted.

When she came back to herself, her pussy was throbbing, her throat was raw and hurting, and she had never felt better.

She turned her head, noting that she had been turned on the desk, and smiled at Claire.

A pinch on her nipple had her turning her head to see her Master smiling down at her.

“I’m so glad you ‘came’ to work to visit!”  He said.

Then threw back his head and laughed.

As if it hadn’t been His idea in the first place.

She smiled. Cheeky fucker.

10 thoughts on “Work Release

    1. there were many great idea, many more stories to come! I’m glad it’s not just the weather makin’ you hot, marci!


    1. Thanks tipacanoe…great compliment. I doubt i’d have the patience for a book…i’m more into the immediate gratification of popping out a story, and publishing it here, and getting instant feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed this one. You’ll (hopefully) like the weekends stories, outdoor themed….


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