Bosses Orders

I talked with my Sir last night.

He asked if i’d told my blogfriends that i’ve been sick. I said “nope”. He said i had to.


sigh. nilla has some awful crud. i’ve got an infection..ears sinus chest…yanno…the crud. BUT. i’m on antibiotics.

And getting better.

When we talked last night he told me i had to rest.

I couldn’t write any more stories until i was feeling better.

but…hee……i’ve written a bunch  already this week, and YOU won’t see any interruption in your daily read. I’ve got stories through Monday, and i’ll be well back on my feet by then.

Healing whammies and spankings will be accepted, however!


12 thoughts on “Bosses Orders

    1. i do a ton of writing about 2-3 days a week…they often pour out one after the other…thank goodness or you’d be staring at the wallpaper going…wtf? where’s nilla???!!


    1. thanks Mick…your next installment comes out Monday…

      (rubbing hands together)…i can’t wait for you/WC/Mistress to read it….and i have the next part in my h ead already…


  1. Feel better! I think you got hit a lot harder than I did. I’m on the mend, I think. But still gonna take it easy this weekend so I’m all refreshed for the trip to LI next weekend.

    Sending healing vibes up north… 🙂

    1. i’m so glad you’re feeling better too. That sore throat was a huge bee-atch….and now i have almost zero voice. Think my kids are lovin’ that? Yup!!


    1. Thanks Miss Ptunia…i hope you’re feeling better too. I love antibiotics…..

      still breathing…

  2. Hey dear!

    Get feeling better quickly! It isn’t any fun trying to be sexy and sick!!!!

    Lots of love, hugs and get better fast zaps!

    1. Thanks Roze.. unfortunately, we had to postpone, as nilla was just waaaaay to sick to even think about being a sex goddess. two more weeks. sigh.


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