When the Storm Breaks

The dense smell of the pines in the early morning.
The weight and clamminess of the humidity.
Increasing heat and humidity throughout the day.
Waiting for the expected cool front …then the moment it hits…..

this is the tickler that Lizzie sent me…Thank you!


She wasn’t sure what inspired her to pack her kit and head out into the dank and humid forest. Perhaps she was seeking relief under the towering pines. There was no break from the heat, although it felt good to be out of the direct line of the sun. The heat shimmered over the rocks that broke up the forest, spearing through the earth like giant toys left to molder under the lanky pines. Shafts of light illuminated flat disks of mica, gleams of quartz, the occasional garnet.

She loved the forest. Here she could let go, be fully present, be aware of her body, her spirit, her mind. She shifted the pack on her back, trying to ease the cotton that was stuck to her flesh with sweat.  If possible, it was feeling even hotter. She climbed the rise ahead of her, the heat coming off the rock faces in waves now, making her regret coming out of tree line, if only for this moment before heading down into the next col.

She paused just below the rise, before her final upwards push. The sun was relentless up here, though a vagrant breeze tousled her sweat darkened hair. She drank from her canteen, letting some drizzle from the corner of her mouth, splashing down to her tee-shirt, dampening the fabric over her breasts. The sudden coolness caused her nipples to rise. The cotton was rough against them and she rubbed idly at her chest.

She needed  a good fuck. It had been awhile, since her Sir had left. Bastard. Hastily she pushed thoughts of him away, determined not to let him fuck up a beautiful hike. She gazed at the small peak ahead, knowing she’d lose some ground after, but longing for the shelter under the trees.

She crested the hilly top soon thereafter, and was shocked to see the wall of clouds amassed before her.


Even from here she could see lighting dazzling from within the roiling stew that had been a hazy blue sky a few hours before. She turned, looking over her shoulder.

She was more than halfway gone from her homestead. No fucking way she’d make it back in time. She remembered the real estate agent saying something about caves somewhere off Plato’s Peak. She had yet to explore the wilderness that was state reservation property, but now was as good a time as any. The rumble of thunder even from so far away spurred her footsteps, as she made her way off the vulnerable peak and into the trees once more.

She played through her memory of the trails, and just as she recalled, the path forked. An old sign, sagging at one corner pointed left to Founders Hill or right to Tumbledown Hollow. Bearing right, she picked up her pace as the wind began tossing the treetops into swirling windmills of green. A few errant drops of early rain sploshed through the canopy, fat, vagrant things, splatting on her shoulder, her head. The rumble of thunder crowded closer now, but ahead she saw the jumble of rocks that was where the caves should be.


She started out of her reverie, surprised to see a man pop out of the rocks to her left. He was about half=way up a jumbled fall of car sized boulders. He waved his arm at her.


Seconds after his warning, came the first thud. Hail.


The first chunk hit her forearm as she pulled herself up the rocks.

“OW!” she bit out a cry, putting her energy into climbing. Ice was smashing against the rocks mixing with rain, wind was lashing at her, tangling her hair, trying to pull her off the rockface.

The sky was black with the storm, and the sudden change from intense heat to chill from downdrafts made her shiver. A last rush of hail slammed around her, one piece catching her forehead and slashing on its journey to the earth.

“FUCK!” Rain and blood drained into her eye, and though she valiantly knuckled it away, the stream continued to blind her.

“Here, come here, c’mon, c’mon……” Suddenly He was there, looming out of the windswept darkness. He grabbed her arm, her poor bruised and aching forearm, and hefted her up the last of the face.

Scooping his arm up and under her pack, he half-carried, half-led her to the shelter of the caves.


part 2 coming soon…