Lubed, and Used, :)


His finger was working in my tight lil asshole. He’s been working his way up to a good hard anal fucking. Broke my ass-cherry in January. Gave me a tiny bit of DP experience with a slender ass plug in May, as he plowed my pussy. This, this felt …different.

He was a Dom on a mission.

That mission was my little asshole. He fucked in and out with his finger. Pulling and stretching. Then he left me, left me pressed against the wall wondering what the fuck i’d gotten myself into. And did i really care at that point?

Fuck no!

I wanted it. I was so fucking hot. I was on fire, just a 5 foot column of lust. My ass was glowing from the beating he’d gifted to me, my pussy was runny with all the honey leaking from the multiple orgasms he had already given me…and now my asshole.

He stepped back to me. I felt the brush of his leg against my ass, and then pressure. It was bigger. Whatever it was, it was not a finger. It was a baseball bat dildo.  Or ass plug. Ass dildo? i dunno. i didn’t ask.

In my butt.

Out my butt.

IN my butt. oooh!!!

 out my butt.

My pussy pulled away from the wall.

“What’s this? What’s this?” His voice, terribly amused, rang out into the room.

I’m slurry voiced, drunk on lust.  “Ish my asss, Sir.”

“I knowww…” he chuckles. “nilla wants her ass fucked?”


In my butt.

not the dildo. not the plug.

His cock.

He thrusts up, into my ass, pushing my pussy against the Wall. I thrust back, pushing Him deeper. And i cum. I cum HARD. I squirt all over my legs, and apparently, onto his sock covered feet.

He fucks me, fucks me, and i cum again.

He fucks and fucks and fucks and i cum again, see a pattern here?

He starts chanting.

It’s soft. I’m sooo fucking out of it now that i can barely breathe, let alone listen hear Him.

Then it breaks into my subspace, His voice, pulling me back, back.

He has a real knack for that. Putting me in subspace, and pulling me back to Him.

“nilla is an ass-fuck slut.”

“nilla is an ass-fuck slut.”

“nilla is an ass-fuck slut.”

“nilla is an ass-fuck slut!!!!!”

um. yes. Yes Sir.

that’s me.


Later, much much later, he texts me about this.

“The hotel called me. They had to cordon off the room. They wanted to know if  I’d seen any signs of it.”

“Signs of …what? Sir.”

“The giant slug that left the slime trail all down the Wall…….”


OMG. That Man.