Random Thoughts for Friday

Well, yesterday i wrote “gone camping” and today…still here. My wife finally decided to err on the side of caution. The place we camp at in Maine is right on the shore, surrounded by giant pines.  Any high winds put our family at risk, mostly from falling limbs. Phew. I was worried.

And we’ll keep watching the forecast. If the fucking hurricane shags off the coast, we could be good to go. If it slides up and over the Cape…hmmm, that could mean issues.

And really, i’d rather be home and safe. And i won’t tell you that during the last major northeast hurricane,  i was with a friend in the mountains of New Hampshire, and we never even heard there was a hurricane, and were playing in one of the many rocky rivers, enjoying the current, sliding down boulders…those were the days, my friends.

The whole point of this post was 10 random thoughts as they popped into my head one day last week. I was trying to work on  a few stories, and these thoughts kept intruding. Aha, sez da nill, must be time for another true life, but totally meaningless ramble from me. If you’re still reading this really smut free stuff…good on you! In due time more smut will arrive in you in box…i had a very creative and productive week writing this past week or so.

So on we go, 10 additional, random, and almost pointless thoughts.

1. is there any better scent in the world than that of your Dom’s crotch? That musky man scent as you swallow his cock…

2. trying to handle my amazement as i tease my wife about my pervyness. i brought her tea yesterday and said ‘for you Master” (hush, don’t be a purist…if i wanna call her Master, then so i shall!). She laughed and said she liked it! And today she threatened to beat me. Until she realized that it was a reward and not a punishment. More laughter. Hmmm, isn’t this an interesting turn of events?

3. Four rainy days in a row with temps in the low 70’s is so unfair on the last full week of August. I know i hate the heat, but this is crazy!! New addendum. I should have shut the fuck up. It’s been 90 for 5 days in a row. When will i ever learn?

4. tomato’s tomato’s…lots and lots of tomato’s!! Finally the garden is yielding its harvest, and i have 36 cups of spaghetti sauce cooked fresh from the garden, and frozen. Addendum. more tomatoes. MORE TOMATO”S. And still more fucking tomato’s. I will appreciate them in the winter. I will. Grown all from seeds by my hands, i love my tomatoes. but…having them all come ripe in the same 10 day period is fucking nuts. Maybe next year i shouldn’t plant 36 plants?

5. as you read this, family and i are camping…..beware the wilds of Maine…da nilla will be on the loose…okay, so the Beach isn’t exactly wild. Well…kinda. Different kind of wild. (see what i do for you, my loyal readers? Been scrambling most of last week to ensure YOU all have reading material for the next week, despite my absence! ) Addendum. You know how this turned out.

6.  i’m getting a haircut! !

oh! i heard that gasp!   Okay, don’t worry, it’s not like it’s a cut….a trim. And i got permission to get some layers around my face.

Rereading that, it just sounds off-putting, doesn’t it? Layers around my face. Hmmm.

Addendum. Hee that was funny. But hair has been trimmed and both the D’s like it. Phew.

7. i’ll be behind on responding to comments this coming week because i’m trying to do a ton of writing before we are gone for 5 days.  just know i read every single comment, and will respond when i have time. it’s about the only thing i can’t do on my cheap-o $10 phone… I can read your comments, but can’t  reply to them.  Addendum. Blah blah blah. I’ll be more caught up than i thought. You all know i will eventually respond. Sometimes faster than others, but your comments are appreciated. So i will respond.

8. and on a related note, i now have a small laptop! My wife bought it for me for an early Yule gift, so my pervy stuff doesnt’ go on the family computer.  Wasn’t that nice? I got it, and am waiting for the power cord to arrive. Yes, it came without one.  Can you say…frustration?  So once i’m all hooked up, i’ll have an easier time responding to comments when away from my house puter. Addendum. Chords, chords…oh. wait, not THAT kind of chord. Cord. Cord, my kingdom for a cord. Company sent email. Cord not mfg. any more. So sorry. Will hunt locally when i get time.  Sigh. (i don’t have a kingdom, so don’t send me a cord. I have a broken vibe i could trade ya…)

9.  Thinking Caps….ON!

putting another feeler out there for more reader  inspirations.. i have several that i’m working on (no, i didn’t forget YOU, sfp, nor marci…) but i’m throwing my hook out there early… oh, Goddess! i almost forgot one for my subsister, the one with the guy named Willie….

10. confession….

 i’ve become addicted to cooking shows. It’s ridiculous really. I don’t love to cook. It started when kaya mentioned Cake Boss. I LOVE that show. Then i discovered Ultimate Cake Challenge, and Cupcake Wars…and Chocolate Wars…is there a support group for this?

I have very eclectic tastes in things…i watch these cooking shows, and NCIS and the fashion sewing show with Heidi and Tim whose name escapes me as i type this…, and if Dirty Dancing is on i’ll stop everything to watch it, even tho i own the DVD. And let us not forget to mention So You Think You Can Dance? And Rissoli and Isles (how can i miss a cop show about Boston, i ask you??!)

am i weird?

Okay. good. I thought i wasn’t for a moment. (laughing)

Happy Friday Pervy Friends!

P.S.   well fuck!!!   fuck, fuck, fuck and double fuck.

You see, i was on a streak. My goal was 365 consecutive posts. A full year of nilla.

i was just looking back through my archives for something. And found May 23, 2010. Go, look, i’ll wait.

*crickets chirping*

There’s nothing there.

It was the day after D2 and i had an…. issue. I went “turtle” as He calls it, and  hid from all media.

Ergo…..No post.

No 365 consecutive days. Not an  unbroken streak of creativity.  No solid year of perfection.

Fuck.  And i was doing so very well.  Thought i’d posted very day since October 19, 2009. I’m all deflated now.


Ah, well…nothing to do now…but suck it up, move on, and …


(i see you smiling in the back row there…knowing that nilla won’t miss another day intentionally until next May.  Stop laughing.  Geeze. You pervs.)

Addendum…after blogging for a year…what’s another 365 days of posting but more fun for you…and me too!