My eX is a Bitch pt2

part 1 here

She didn’t know how much more she could take. Already her tummy swirled with an unknown amount of cum. She felt sick. Her cunt was pulsing, and the fuckers who were using her kept stopping just short of letting her cum.

She heard Fucking Roger’s hated voice in her ear.

“Time to roll-over, slut.”

She felt herself being lifted, pulled around the bed. When they were done, her bruised and swollen nipples were mashed onto the rough covers on the bed, her arms still spread wide with the fucking spreader bar, legs on the floor, also spread wide, and her ass….her ass was suddenly, frighteningly, available.

She heard the slap of hands. Fuckers! High-fiving. Her clit throbbed. Maybe if she wiggled a bit she could…

Hands grabbed her hips.  Another voice, breath tainted with the scent of whiskey, blew across her ear.

“I’m not a big fan of  lube, bitch.”

That was all the warning she got before she felt him pressing into her. His hands were pulling apart the round moons of her ass, and his cock was thrusting hard against her tightly clenched anus.

“I luvvvv when they fight…” her assailant commented to the room at large.

“I love when I can watch a little asshole like that swallow a rod like that!”

“I love the noises they make when all that shit goes down!”

She tried to arch back from the bed, trying to use the metal bar between her wrists as a club.

“Now, now, now, little bitch, settle down…” Rogers voice came from in front of her, the other side of the bed, and she felt him grab the bar, and pull it down to the bed. She tossed her head, making grunting noises. She felt his hands in her hair, releasing the O gag.

“He likes it when you scream.” he whispered.

The cock at her back door was pressing, pressing. Other hands had come to help pull her ass apart. A group effort. She was keening, crying,


and her voice rose several octaves when the head of his large cock popped into her ass, ending as a scream as he pushed deeper, relentless in his quest to break her cherry.

The pain was, quite simply, unbelievable. The burning, tearing feeling frightened her. She might never be normal again. He must be ripping through her intestines. He must be killing her.

Rogers hand on the back of her head, pushed her face into the mattress, muffling her screams.

The giant pole spearing her rectum pulled out, and she felt a moment, a second, of relief, and nearly pleasure…just as if she were taking a mega-crap.

It was short-lived.

The massive cock slammed back up into her belly from behind. Her ass screamed at the hard shock of his groin meeting her asscheeks, his cock seated firmly, deeply inside of her. She felt every fucking hair on his crotch on her butt, his heavy balls slapping the entrance to her pussy. Her wet sloshy pussy, filled with two full loads of cum. 

That part was strangely pleasurable. She tried to move, just a bit, to try to get some attention on her clit, desperate for relief.

“Slut likes that, eh?”

She shook her head, trying to prevent any misconception.

“You’re pussy is leaking like a sieve, bitch. Don’t lie to me. You’re loving a nice, thick man buried in your poop pipe!”


He began thrusting then, long hard strokes. Pulling out nearly all the way, then slamming in fully. His balls made an audible sound now as they slapped her pussy, and the ribald comments made it all seem surreal.

She was dreaming. This wasn’t happening.

She believed it. She wanted to believe it. She screamed when he pulled all the way out, and punctuated his next entry into her asshole with a hard slap across her left asscheek. The sound reverberated in the room, in her body. He pulled out, then harder, deeper than before. Her guts were churning, boiling with heat and pain. She thought she might vomit, when his cry startled her. She couldn’t feel it, could feel nothing beyond the deep upwelling of pain in her bottom.

But she did feel the drooling ooze of his cum trickling across her cuntlips when he pulled out.

And the next cock sliding up inside her distended, wounded ass.