The Secret Lives of Ordinary People


     She sat with her clients at the prestigious restaurant. She was nicely outfitted, her black halter dress covered by a discrete, tailored linen blazer. She was the poster child for successful 30-something Woman.  Smart, sassy, independent, she was climbing steadily up the corporate ladder.

….under the dress, she had no panties,and her pussy was wet from a text  she had read in the taxi as they pulled up to the restaurant. A text from her Dom, filled with all the nasty, dirty things He had planned for later tonight, including an enema…

Her clients, two older gents, sat across the table from her, munching on an appetizer as they awaited their steaks. Mr. M was natty  in black, though he dressed a bit more for comfort. His Izod shirt lay open at the neck, revealing a gold necklace at  his throat. As owner of  Big Money Corp. he was entitled to his comforts.

….though,  under his neatly pleated trousers, a shiny steel cage held his cock. He shifted, feeling the steel teeth take another nibble as he looked at the nicely shaped tits of the young executive seated across from him. Tits were his weakness.  His Mistress’s tits were his favorite, but he just couldn’t stop from looking, despite the cage taming his cock. His Mistress held the key, and it would be hours yet before she would allow him release, and the pleasure of worshipping her body….

Mr. W, an upper-level manager for Mr. M, wore a full suit and tie, crisply knotted. He looked the role, a rising executive, with no plans to slow down on his rise to the top. He spoke crisply, decisively. Always making eye contact, when he gave his attention to someone, he made them feel valued, necessary, validated. Even his censure was pleasurable. Very few of the men and women who served under him made mistakes. He was just that sort of guy.

…he clicked the vibe remote in his left pants pocket as  s, the waitress serving drinks at the table behind them, passed by. He heard her quick, indrawn breath. He held his smile inside, but later, when they were alone, when she lay tied spread eagled and exposed upon His 4-poster bed, then he would smile. As he played his crop along her open cunt, then he would smile fully, reveling in his control over the sweet, wild slut beneath him.

she managed to serve the drinks without bobbling them. The vibe in her pussy slid up another notch and she clenched her inner muscles around it. She had seen him there, sitting with his Boss, and another executive, a woman. A moment of jealousy stabbed into her as she admired the womans ensemble.  But He was paying her the same attention He gave to everyone. It was only her  that was getting a totally different sort of attention from Him.  She felt embarrassed. She wondered if she reeked of cunt-juice. She fervently hoped that the delightful scents of sirloin and salsa masked her own musky perfume. Hungry, her mouth watered at the aroma’s swirling around her. As she passed behind Him, the vibe clicked up again, and she breathed deeply of His scent.

…it was the scent she loved most of all.  Though she had finally become very fond of the smell of her Master’s cock, as he presented to her mouth the full, hard length. Often He would bring her to tears, as He violently fucked her face, using her mouth as a second cunt. There for His use. To fill, or deny, it mattered not. Only that she be allowed to continue serving as His whore…

The young woman, B,  pushed away from the table, filled with good food, and giddy with her first success in the Big City. She was a small town girl, trying to stretch her wings a bit. She’d landed the job at the Big Corporation 10 months ago, and now had received her first promotion. She spotted the bigwigs across the room having lunch with some babe.  Whatever. Someday she’d be sitting where they were, she dreamed of it. She was so happy here!  She’d seen some amazing things, done even more than she’d ever thought possible.

..her fingers brushed ever-so-gently on her newly pierced nipples, hidden under her padded bra and suit jacket. They throbbed insistently, reminding her of the hands that had cupped her tits the night before last,  before  marking her as His with his rings. Her father would kill her if he ever found out what a slutty little deviant she really was….

He bent over the bed where she was tied, his lovely wife of 30 years. Her ass was already  reddened, welted and fucked. Amazingly enough, just seeing her there, watching as her ass continued seeping their commingled sex juice into their cotton chenille bedspread,  his cock began to twitch. There was life in the old guy after all! 

They’d had so much fun since their daughter Becky had moved to the city.