And Then HE Said…

Sir and i are getting together this upcoming weekend. Or to use the vernacular of the youth…’hooking up’.

Excited? check. (Hell YaH!)

Happy? check.

Anticipating? check. (double Hell Yah!)

There’s always this ramping up of sexual texts just before we play. I freely admit that i start it. *shrugs* then again, you’d expect that of me, yes? Of course you would (laughs)!!

And there are the phone calls. Not so many as in the beginning, but more than when he was studying all the fucking time.

Our play is very playful. He is very physically dominant, but when we are apart, not as much, and i am free to joke and tease and cajole as much as i dare. I laugh all the time with him. Maybe his ex-wife didn’t find him funny, but i think he’s hysterical. He does voices, and ..and…well, this isnt’ all that sexual, but we have a friendly kind of relationship outside of the bedroom.

i like that. He makes me happy, and there *are* times when He puts his Dom foot on my neck and says “do it.” Like when i was having a terrible time with insomnia recently. It flares up from time to time and this run has been about a month. Getting 3 hours of sleep is not helpful, not to my diet, not to my brain, not to my energy level.

and then He said, ” You will go to sleep and sleep the entire night through, nilla.” We’d been talking for about an hour, a very long call for us, and this came out near the end. He had made me convulsed with laughter a short time before, and then He just dropped that little sleep bomb.

We signed off shortly thereafter. I sent him a little text, a thank you for the long time He had given to me.

And then He said, in His return text….”Go to SLEEP.”

and i did.

and i’ve slept every night since that call, straight through until morning. Whoa. Who knew a Dom could cure insomnia?

Then an actual text here, something i sent him Saturday. “I’m thinking of  making up my own Wall Dance. I’d call it the Squirm and Wiggle.”

sounds innocuous doesn’t it? but it refers back to a previous phone call when i had said, all innocent-like (shush, it’s my story and i can pretend innocence!) “nilla might be a nauuuughty girl next week, Sir.” I pause a moment, then continue…”i might just come off the Wall…just sayin’, Sir.”

There is silence. Thick, lingering silence.

my heart beats into that silence.

i had thrown the gauntlet right onto my Dom’s foot. Would He ignore it? Or would He pick it up and spank my naughty ass with it?

“I wouldn’t recommend it, but this being you, nilla….” and He trails off. Then he muses something about purples and reds and i’m thinking what the fuck?

“Your ass nilla. I wonder how it will feel when it gets fucked and it’s all purple and red. ”

succinct. Got to give Him that. It’s in the tone, not so much the words He says. The *tone* carries the threat.

His text response btw…even better.

I’d call it the dance of calamitous events.”

 But this post wasn’t going to be about all that, really.

It was about all the salacious things i’ve sent to Him over the last week or 10 days. About sucking His cock, about spankings, about my tits rubbing on his body…

you don’t want to hear all about *that* stuff, do you?

Of course you do.

So okay, i’ve been a tease. I *know* He’s at work in his staid, uppercrust job. The respectable older gent in the custom-made suit, very proper.


and then i text Him.  Something like this:

Kiss. Soft, gentle, dancing over your mouth. My arms wrapped around you, my tits pressing against your chest. My leg hooking up and around your hip as i press close, closer, my pussy weeping down your leg.

then i follow it up with something like this…

“deeper kiss,  slashing across your lips, tongues twining;  biting your lower lip, before diving back into your mouth. i nibble up your throat, then swirl my tongue around your ear, sucking your lobe into my hot wet mouth…”

and then this…

“sliding to my knees to nuzzle you, look up for permission to taste you, drink you, hair swirling around your thighs as i crawl closer, ever closer to what i lust for most…”

Poor Guy. (giggles)

trust me, these are even a bit tamer than i’ve been known to send him.

He’ll either send me something wicked back, or something completely banal.  Like…”good luck with that.”

or He’ll pretend i’m someone else.

“nice one, Barbara. BTW, Babs, do you know how to get slug tracks off a hotel room wall? I have this ass-fuck–slut who won’t leave me alone, and she makes these tracks everywhere she goes…”

yeah. well. um. He wins, again.

And then He said this, just a little bit ago, via text. I’d been teasing him about…well,…just stuff. And He said something silly, and i jumped on it, and zinged Him a text saying…

“Do i need to salute it now?” (use your imagination as to what ‘it’ is….)

His response was immediate, and just as quickly threw me to His feet….

“Of course not – you just submit”

That sums it up rather nicely doesn’t it?

Is it any wonder that i adore Him?