This Must be Real-Life nilla Week

i am not sure why i’ve got sooo many things to say this week. Strangely enough, in my now over-one-year old blog, i have never written 3 true-life posts in a row.

Mostly coz i think my real life is …boring. I know, i’ve said that before and you all go ‘No no, nilla we want more.” So, as the Japanese saying goes…”be careful in what you wish for, as you might get it.”

gawd i love that expression!

i mostly am trying to just deal with a few little “sads” here. D2 has been away, and although He is back, He’s so so busy, too busy for playtime.  It’s been a long stretch for this subtoy#2.   I miss Him.

And then.

I found out earlier this week that a story i’d written will not be published. Boo.

My first try at being published, and i know full well that it’s a business fraught with disappointment. Which is why i never really pursued it before.  But damn, i really wanted it.

C’est La Vie.

That sounds smarmy. i surely don’t mean it that way. Soul baring is hard, even when i have such a supportive audience.

I don’t want to go all teary on y’all.  Coz i really am sad about it.  But i don’t want ya’ll to think…i go around thinking i’m the bestest writer on Earth and why wouldn’t they pick one of my stories, damn them!

I’m glad you like what i write. ‘What i write pleases me. I write just for that purpose, to please me, to release the stuff floating around in me so i don’t pop apart. That has always been my motivation. And when you chime in and say “wow, that’s so good,” or “that made me wank” or somesuch…that DOES make me happy, make me smile.

That my words affected you.

So, i’m just a wee bit pouty. A wee bit miffed. And a bigger bit sad that it didn’t work out for me this time.



(pardon me while i pull up my big girl panties and deal)


There. Life, it does roll on…and i have stories to write before i sleep…