This Must be Real-Life nilla Week

i am not sure why i’ve got sooo many things to say this week. Strangely enough, in my now over-one-year old blog, i have never written 3 true-life posts in a row.

Mostly coz i think my real life is …boring. I know, i’ve said that before and you all go ‘No no, nilla we want more.” So, as the Japanese saying goes…”be careful in what you wish for, as you might get it.”

gawd i love that expression!

i mostly am trying to just deal with a few little “sads” here. D2 has been away, and although He is back, He’s so so busy, too busy for playtime.  It’s been a long stretch for this subtoy#2.   I miss Him.

And then.

I found out earlier this week that a story i’d written will not be published. Boo.

My first try at being published, and i know full well that it’s a business fraught with disappointment. Which is why i never really pursued it before.  But damn, i really wanted it.

C’est La Vie.

That sounds smarmy. i surely don’t mean it that way. Soul baring is hard, even when i have such a supportive audience.

I don’t want to go all teary on y’all.  Coz i really am sad about it.  But i don’t want ya’ll to think…i go around thinking i’m the bestest writer on Earth and why wouldn’t they pick one of my stories, damn them!

I’m glad you like what i write. ‘What i write pleases me. I write just for that purpose, to please me, to release the stuff floating around in me so i don’t pop apart. That has always been my motivation. And when you chime in and say “wow, that’s so good,” or “that made me wank” or somesuch…that DOES make me happy, make me smile.

That my words affected you.

So, i’m just a wee bit pouty. A wee bit miffed. And a bigger bit sad that it didn’t work out for me this time.



(pardon me while i pull up my big girl panties and deal)


There. Life, it does roll on…and i have stories to write before i sleep…

15 thoughts on “This Must be Real-Life nilla Week

  1. I’m not going to say very much here, ‘nilla, as you don’t need it at the minute; everyone, even, as in the old porno story ‘pony-girls’, get the blues.

    It will pass – it always does – not that that is much consolation at present. I hope it won’t sound too cheesy if I offer my thoughts, good wishes – and even prayers – for you, but I do; I’ve been there too often myself.

    As my old Dad used to say ‘It won’t always be dark at six o’clock’.


    ps. I liked the oblique reference to Robert Frost, too – you see, things ARE still making you smile.

    1. *snaps fingers* thats IT! They’s Bengals fans!! It was for a pervy publication, but…i don’t know why it wasn’t chosen. C’est la vie. Now i move onward!


  2. That’s too bad about the story Nilla – I don’t know what you submitted or to who, but I’m certain that with the right story to the right audience you could have success. Success wouldn’t be worth much if it was easy would it?

    1. exactly so, sin, and your comment got me over the worst of my pout. It didn’t last too long, but i’m glad it’s done, and being denied helps keep me focused on what i do want to accomplish.


    1. Awwww, you’re making me feel warm and fuzzy. Thank you. And disappointment is a learning tool to success. Gods…. wouldn’t life be soo boring if it went perfect all the time? I was upset at the time i wrote, but i’m over it. It makes me want to work harder to succeed the next time.


  3. What if you put it on a CD and sell it here. I know one guy in Maine that will buy it for sure. Or there must be other ways to sell it I’m sure. There are several sites that do that type of thing.

    1. You won’t believe it but i *just* got back from Maine. Drove up, dropped off the family and drove back home. phew. 5 hours in the car. I’d say my ass is sore, but since it’s gonna get beat by Sir B tomorrow…that would be misleading!!


    1. smart ass! laughing…aren’t you the clever girl today… unless anyone has read over at your blog they won’t understand that you’re talking about my verrah sore ass, either!!!

      today i have rainbow butt. it’s a sight, i ‘ll tell ya!


  4. I know you’ve so moved on from this by now, but I gotta tellyou how much I respect your courage in trying. Just sending something in is such a leap in the dark. I think you get a prize just for doing it. (Yeah, ok, that and $4.50 will get you a latte, but still…) I hope you keep trying.


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