The Mountain Pt 8

Their time in the mountains had begun to draw inexorably to a close. It was hard to pinpoint exactly what the highlights had been…so many sexy adventures. Serving Master and Mistress in any way, from steak grilling, to assisting Master in securing his sub in a variety of intricate, secure ways…it had been eye-opening, exhilarating, intensely sexual fun.

He wondered if his marriage had ever been better. Likely, not, at least, not like this. It never failed to stir his heart, seeing her so happy. And it never failed to stir his cock, seeing her fulfilled. Who could have guessed that the dual role as his Mistress, and as Master’s slut would have filled them both with a renewed sense of love, companionship, and sexual heat?


Her voice rang across the clearing, where he was gathering blowdowns for their final campfire tonight. It sent a shiver right to his cock, stirring it painfully against the tight confines of the toothed cage around his rod. Her voice was sinfully rich, husky and deeply sexy.

He headed back to the porch where she waited, her hair blowing in the wind, her nipples perkily poking out as the fresh breeze wafted against her bare golden skin. He never tired of looking at her, his sense of pride, and okay, a bit of cave-man ownership. Despite being her slave, she was his. Always, his.

And then the tall man who was her Master, and his Master by proxy, came out of the cabin to stand behind her. One hand rose to twine in her hair, tilting her head back while He nuzzled her neck, leaving her twisting and turning to free herself as he bit that tender, succulent flesh. Yet she was laughing as well. His other hand was not in sight, and slave imagined it was caressing her oh-so-lovely ass.

He felt no jealousy. The only thing stabbing through him was pain, the pain of steel teeth on a rapidly rising cock.  A fresh surge of lust rose in his balls, though he tried to tamp it down. It was so fucking erotic, watching Master manhandle this wanton slut. Master’s slut, and slaves Wife and Mistress.

He headed back to the porch with his bundle of firewood. Master was still playing with Mistress, and she was attempting to fend off his busy hands, though slave didn’t really sense sincerity in her “fight”.

He hated to interrupt, and he certainly enjoyed watching her tits bounce, nipples now extremely erect, as Master toyed with her. Still, a command was a command.

“Yes Mistress?”

A gurgling moan was his only reply. His cock pulsed back to life, watching the two of them.

“Inside slave” she gasped, as Master reached around and pinched one delightful nipple, hard and obviously painfully.

He edged around them, not quite hearing Master’s words to Mistress, though he thought he heard him say “won’t like that much.”

That made his heart lurch a bit.

Master was a definite Dominant, with a wide streak of sadism. Mistress had her moments. What the fuck had they devised this time?

He went into the bedroom, and knelt on the pillow beside it. They had graciously given him the pillow when Mistress noted that he was stiffly rising after kneeling there several days ago. She was benevolent.

A few minutes later, Mistress came into the bedroom. She sat on the bed, looking down at her slave. Her eyes were solemn.

“He wants to watch me fuck you in the ass, slave.” She said it baldly, dropping the words into the room. While Master certainly knew this occurred, it was quite one thing to blog about it, and another altogether to actually have someone witness it first hand.

He gulped. Still. They’d talked about going to a D/s club when they traveled, and this would be a field test for them both.

“Yes, Mistress. Shall i get Your tools?”

“Not this time, slave. Bend over the spanking bench.”

He was startled. Usually they fucked in the bed, a large pillow supporting him. And teasing him. His cock got so fucking hard this way. And it always ended with a lovely fucking session. When in Rome….

When he was positioned over the bench, he felt humbled, a bit nervous, and oddly sexually stimulated. His cock was being bitten by the cage surrounding it, and he used his mind to think of banal things to relieve some of the sexual pressure. He wondered if the lawn guys had applied the fall fertilizer yet, back at home, and if his team had won their big football game with the number 2 team.

His cock deflated, but minimally. It would seem as though the spanking bench was in and of itself, a definite turn-on.

He heard sounds behind him, and felt Mistress approach. She lubed him, and he tried to relax. The beginning was the worst, getting his anus to relax and to begin to enjoy the ride, as it were.

He moaned when the dildo slid in. He’d worried for a while that Master had commanded her to use the giant fist dildo, but obviously not.  He realized that the cage remained locked in place.

Oh Fuck!

This could be bad.

Yet, as she began fucking him in earnest, a curious thing happened. He was horny, erect, or as erect as he could be in the confinement of the cage, but he was so aware of her total dominance over him, and it was, as a friend of his would say, “fawking hawt”!

His eyes closed and he focused inward on the myriad of sensations in his body, the delightful sounds of Mistress cumming as she fucked him, when his chin was lifted.

Master stood in front of him, his large thick cock protruding from his lower belly. It was an impressive cock, and he knew Mistress had certainly enjoyed it this week.

“Suck it.”

His eyes shot up to stare at Master. No. Fucking. Way!!!

From behind him, Mistress drove into his ass with renewed vigor. He could tell by the timbre of her breathing that she was reaching closer to another orgasm.






each word, punctuated by her thrusting forcefully into his rectum. For a moment he was lost in sensation, the hyper-erotic sensation of being taken this way, of submitting to Her, the rub on his prostate as she fucked with vigor.

She had ORDERED him to submit.

What the fuck was he going to do?

He opened his eyes and looked once more at the large thick cock in front of him.

And opened his mouth.

15 thoughts on “The Mountain Pt 8

  1. OMG! Nilla! You have a WICKED imagination! And I’m so locked into thinking that’s Mick in your story that it might as well be him. OMG, OMG, OMG…

    What are you going to do next???? Oh, hurry up and write it! Um, please!


    • thanks aisha!! poor Mick…now everyone will have this image of him….*disclaimer* it’s ONLY a fantasy…mine, not Micks!!!!

      i think the Muse will let me know when to sit and wri……ooops she’s callin’ me now….


  2. hmmmm. well you’ve certainly applied my research well to your work, ‘Nilla. now that last part. not my cup of tea. I am curious to see what Mistress has to say about this one….. your lab rat. Mick.

  3. Great story Nila,

    Its always fun to see where you will thake the three of us next. Great writing as usual.

    The over paid and under productive Western Corispondent

    • *gurgles out a laugh*

      i am having fun putting you guys in the thick of things….oops…there goes that silly double entendre again!


  4. Good to see the Western Correspondent writing something, somewhere.

    BTW, Mistress says she is keeping his special occasion cock to herself. And also my mouth.

    • well, that is, if subbie gets a vote…..


      just kidding…fantasy remember folks….this is just a naughty fantasy ….


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