The Game


Face against the wall.

He stands behind me, hands grasping my hips.

His torso, the warm and solid presence of Man, pressed against me. His head pressed against mine, his chin hooked over my shoulder.

His voice slips softly like a feathery touch into my ear.

“We’re going to play a new game, nilla.”


Usually, i like games. He’s never played a “game” with me before, but smart cookie that i am, i *know* the cards are already slanted in His favor.

“o-o-o kay, Sir”

It’s not like i had another answer, another choice, right? i hate that my voice is little girl soft, little girl nervous. i bite my lip.

“It’s called left hand, right hand.”   He continues, his voice absolutely mesmerizing me. Soft, honeyed tones. mellifluous.  i shiver. i don’t hear the sadist all that often in Him, but it was clear with whom i was playing this game.

“you get to choose which implement i spank your ass with next, little girl.”

Now i hear the smile in His voice, the thin veil of “nice” that veils His evil intent.

It’s too easy.

Nothing is that fucking easy.

i wait, breathing a bit more rapidly now. My arms are swathed in long black satin gloves, from my fingers to my mid-arm. Sexy. i feel sooo sexy in them. Those black-clad fingers splayed across the wall in front of me, pressing forward as if to do a vertical push-up.

And i feel the insistent presence of His heat against my left side. He softly rubs His beard across my cheek.

“Hmmmmm?” He queries. “Time to choose, nilla. Left hand?” He pauses, waits a beat. “Or right.”

i am past verbal. i wonder if any sound will escape if i try. Slowly, my right hand fingers its way up the wall.

“OOoooooh, good, Right hand!” He laughs.  “What a terrible choice nilla!” and He laughs.

The Sadist has come to play.

9 thoughts on “The Game

  1. Nilla.

    I’m frigging speechless. Ok, maybe I spied on you and your Sir for my last fantasy, but you just slide inside my head, pluck them out, and then put your own warped twist on them. “Choose what I’m going to use on you,” is a personal favorite. The gloves are a nice addition, I hadn’t thought of that. The “moving your hand because you can’t even speak”? Whew. But your true genius is in the “right hand/ left hand” options. OMG. That’s so perfect.


    • i wasn’t going to admit this so early….but this is true-life nilla.

      Sir was verrrrrah frisky last Saturday….still processing all the bits, but this was too good not to share sooner, rather than later!


  2. I’m thinkin that you really presented a beautiful target up against the wall in nothing but long black gloves. I hope you didn’t try to protect yourself with them, I would think that might make him upset…It is a great vision in my mind, thank you.

    • You are very welcome! and heck no, i’d never cover my butt with my hands…might ruin the gloves (laughs)…i know this is perverted (gosh? perverted? on da nilla blog?!!) but i really really like spankings. LOVE them. So, they do for sure hurt like holy fuck…but gawd above does it make me wet.

      hmmm, i think those gloves will have to make an appearance on HNT sometime….


  3. I’m sure you looked great in the dress, but you will have to excuse me as I already have you nude up against the wall, too late for the dress. I think the dress is already neatly folded and on the chair next to you. I just checked my mind, and yep it’s folded. Now as he has you turn around

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