The Break-in (part 3)

this has been a long time coming though truth be told there are older tales left unfinished…and someday, somewhen, my sweet pervie readers, they shall be told in their entirety….

to refresh you, part two went like this

His fingers tickled as he slowly released each button. He was taking his time, tormenting her with the teasing brushes of his fingertips on her flesh. She was still shuddering from her last denied orgasm,  and feeling the pain of her cuntlips pulled cruelly open, her throbbing clit pegged with a clothes pin as well.

His hands kneaded her flesh through her bra, then she felt the release of the front clasp. The bra pinged away, elastic allowed to return to its relaxed shape, leaving her breasts naked, exposed.

“Found these babies down in the tools section,” his voice, though muffled by the hood he’d secured around her, was clearly amused.

She felt the weight of the C-clamps as he lay them on her chest. The sound of the crank as he wound it down was ominous. She knew exactly what they were by the time he pinched her left nipple in his fingers kneading it to a full, stiff  peak, and placed the top edge of the cold metal against her warm flesh. Even as she shivered with the chill, he began twirling the screw shut.

Her heart pounded furiously in her chest. She felt the first bite as the clamp began to tighten firmly around her nipple. She tossed her head as he continued twirling the clamp tightly. He tugged experimentally. It stayed on. She moaned through the gag in her mouth.

“Mmmm, nice, I’m loving that little squeal” he said.

The fucker was taunting her. She tried to buck, but she was tied too tightly. All she managed was to make the clamp slide off her tit a bit, and hang. Oh, fucking Ow…

“Silly girl, did you think you were going anywhere? We still have a long time to play…and I have all these fun toys to try out before I buy them. You do have a money back guarantee, right?”

She shook her head wildly, and he laughed. Laughed even as he secured the second clamp onto her right nipple.

“oh, sooooo purdy,” His voice mocked, as his hand slapped down on her captured nipple.

Her yelp of pain was immediate, though her pussy responded quite differently. Of course, he noticed. She felt his hands sliding up over her thighs, over the rough hook -n-loop tape and tug painfully at the wooden pins that pegged her open.

“Ooooh, you little slut. Your mouth says ‘you bastard’ and your pussy says ‘oooooh Master…’  You’re so fucking hot to be fucked, my little pain slut.

And she knew.

Ryan. It had to be Ryan. They’d met just once, at one of the last Munches’ she’d attended before moving from the Big City to Vermont. They’d hooked up during that event, and he was very into her, and exploring her addiction to pain. But she’d explained the move.

He’d been disappointed. Verrrry disappointed. As she recalled, he’d grabbed a chunk of her hair, tilting her backwards and growling into her face how annoyed he was that he’d found the “perfect” sub and now she was running away on him?

Truth be told, she was a bit frightened by that point. “Crazy Stalker Dude” is what she had labeled him in her blog entry that night. Little did she know. How He had found her, and why now after all this time bemused her. Yet she recalled too, that after their  session at the Munch, he’d been tender, careful of her hurts, though he had pincered her nipples in his hands one last time before she left. Tenderness with a bite. Was he a crazy stalker dude?

There was no denying that what he was doing to her was frightening, but even more so, sexually stimulating. She hadn’t been this needy in a long time, and her pussy was screaming for release, despite the pain.

Or because of it.

She wouldn’t dwell on that.

She felt something pressing against her hole.

“Getting a bit of lube here,” he said, as he ran whatever he held up and down her soaked slit. She felt the insistent push of something against her rectum.

“You have such a lovely variety of knobs and handles. Considering that you’re out here in the fucking boonies, you know? Take this lovely brushed aluminum knob. It fits great on the end of the metal dowel here. And just the right size to give your asshole a lovely “how do you do”. ” His laugh was just this side of mean.

She growled into her gag. She tried to squeeze her ass tightly, but he pressed inward and with a pop, the round knob was through.

She arched up on the bed. That fucking-A hurt!!! And he was still pushing. And pushing. She thought he must be putting 2 feet of the fat, cold dowel up her rectum.  she was tossing her head and moaning with the sudden stretching.

He released the clip on her clit as he pulled the makeshift dildo out of her ass with a pop.

Her orgasm took her by surprise, shaking and drenching the bed. Even as waves of pleasure took over her cunt, he was pressing the knob back into her ass, fucking her slowly.

The waves of orgasm wound down, even as the waves of pain increased. Blood flowed to her abused clit. Her pinned nipples throbbed. She hurt, and she was pleasured.

He left the dildo in her ass as he unwound the rope from her neck, and pulled the pillowcase from her head.

Her hair was a tangled nest of silky tresses, clinging to her sweaty face, her wet lips. He pulled the gag from her mouth, replacing it with his lips. As she moaned against his invading tongue, his cock began to fill her cunt. The bite of the clothespins holding her lower lips apart faded. All she wanted was to be filled.

To be fucked.

To be whole again.

His cock was long, girthy. She’d remembered teasing him about being a porno star, how he’d actually blushed a little. Who knew a man could be embarrassed about that? She’d found that rather endearing, actually.

That girth was filling her so good, pressing and spreading her cunt like a garden spade split the earth. Her dildo was not this big. It had been forever since she had been fucked like this. The added presence of the thick dowel buried in her asshole, combined with his super-filling cock drove her over the edge, and she spasmed yet again.

He moaned when her cunt convulsed around him, but he slowed the pace. Not for nothing was he the Top. Control was everything. He wanted her to cum again, and again. It was merely another form of control, after all. He could deny her, and likely would, someday. But for now, it was all about making her, forcing her, to give him what He wanted. And he wanted her cum.

He fucked her, filled her, until she came yet again. She could hardly stand it, the pain the pleasure the intensity. Her head was bobbling around like a broken-necked doll.

And he pulled out.

His hands, which had been holding onto her arms, tied to the head of her bed, slid down as he sat on her lower belly, his engorged cock throbbing wetly against her abdomen.

His fingers curled under the open “C” of the clamps on her tits. And he lifted. Lifted straight up, until her tits were pulled into hard tight cones, her head pressing back as she tried to raise her torso to accommodate the pull.

The tears fell before the sound escaped her mouth. Silvery streaks beading from her outer eyes, sluicing down her face, filling her ears, dampening the bedding beneath her.

“Take it, cunt,” He ground out, his cock growing impossibly larger as he drank in her agony.

He dropped the clamps in unison, her tits and the devices falling hard against her torso.  He anticipated the cry that would come from her mouth, and he fell upon her, his mouth swallowing her scream. His chest pressing the clamps into her, hurting her more. His cock slid into the vee between her thighs, splashing in the renewed wetness there.

He entered her cunt ungently, fucking urgently. Reaching down, he pumped the dildo he’d made for her ass, sliding it up and down her back hole. He felt the bulbous head of the knob rubbing on his cock, moaning at the sudden pleasure there. She was squirming to move him, his body crushing her tits, increasing her pain, until he felt her cunt clench down on him in a sudden orgasm.

He smiled against her throat. Little pain slut.

He fucked her until he punched her cunt into yet another orgasm. His balls tightened in response, and he could not stop the boil that became insistent. He slammed into her fuck hole once, twice, a third time, striving to bury himself fully into her, balls deep, ass deep, his body merging, and consuming hers, as his cock spat his fuck juice up into her clenching cunt.

He lay upon her for a moment, catching his breath.

He levered up on one elbow, watching her eyes blinking at him, knowing she was lost, destroyed by the powerful orgasms he’d pulled from her.

“Almost time to unwrap you, my little pain-slut.” He smiled, his grin feral, yearning.

Her eyes fluttered closed, as she moaned from low in her belly.

“This was always the worst part,”  she thought.

“This was always the best part,”  He thought.

6 thoughts on “The Break-in (part 3)

  1. Damn nilla – that was fuckin’ hot! I’m suffering from damp panty syndrome again – thanks! At work, aroused and unable to do a damned thing about it. Grrr.

    But seriously – C clamps on the nips? Do they come in different sizes? I’ve only seen the big ones. My nips are aching at the thought. Owwwwww!

    Love the crazy stalker dude bit too. 🙂

    Thanks for starting my day off right. I’ve got my Lelo Mia in my bag – think I can sneak off to the ladies’ room on another floor for a quickie? *g*

  2. They do come in other sizes…there are some very small ones for woodworking (tho finding them in metal is somewhat harder) and some hand sized for larger projects.

    That CSD was for you, btw (laughs)…

    Def. go for the quickie. *nods* life is short. cum often.

    (my new motto…what do you think?)


  3. I can see you now walking around Ace Hardware picking out what you would like used on yourself, putting it in hand of a stranger to do as they wish. Ace Hardware has plenty of items to make whips out of you know.

    • really? whips? okay, this home improvement Miss wants more deets…(I have *always* loved hardware stores, even *before* this new kinky side emerged)

      And yes, this is an uber fantasy of mine….


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