Red Convertible (for marci)

It was a lovely afternoon, the sun shining pleasantly between the towering buildings of Town. She took a taxi  most of the way, but a few blocks shy, she instructed the driver to drop her off. It would help to calm her racing heart, she mused, her heels clicking in rhythm with her rapidly beating pulse, as she walked the rest of the way to the hotel.

She was a bit worried. Meeting a new Dom for the first time was always a bit like crossing the street during rush hour. In Manhattan. Blindfolded. Okay, maybe not blindfolded, but still.

They’d met by purest happenstance.

She had been standing on the street corner, attempting to cross, too impatient to wait for the light.  He’d whizzed by in his spiffy red convertible, so close to her that the wind from his passage briskly flipped the hem of her jacket. They made eye contact for 3 nano-seconds. He attempted to slow, but the cars behind set up a ruckus. He sped off, and she watched with no little regret as he buzzed off around the corner.

He was one fine lookin’ man.

Of course, she didn’t want just a fine lookin’ man. She wanted a strong man, a dominant man. A Man who was a Dom. Someone to release herself to. Fat chance she had of that…

The convertible scrrrrched to a halt in front of her. He’d run ’round the block.

He extended his card to her across the vacant passenger seat.

“Call.”  It was an order, not a request, nor a plea. Before she could do more than take the card, and stare at him like a bemused idiot, he roared off. She stood watching him, holding his card between her thumb and forefinger, feeling the sudden rush of heat in her pussy.


Later that night, snuggled with her dogs in her lap, her laptop booting up some truly hot, hawt, smut, she picked the card up and thumbed it over.

The only thing written there was an embossed, cursive  B, and a number.

She lay back a moment, eyes closed, dreaming a bit. Should she? She did hate when someone ordered her to do something unless she was *in* relationship with them. But he’d run around the block to find her again, no small feat in mid-town, and he was cute. Cute? Maybe too tame a word. Compelling. Yes, he was certainly that.

Besides, she was feel a compelling urge to obey. The submissive side of her reared up, and almost without awareness, she had dialed the phone.

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

That was how He had answered the phone. Remembering it now, as she stepped into the nicely appointed hotel lobby, sent a shiver up her spine.

He was there.

There, leaning against the far wall, one shoulder braced against the marble column near the front desk. His eyes were so fucking intense.  She felt as if He had lifted a curtain and was peering inside of her. It was as though the space between them was nothing. Her tummy quivered. Oh, my gawd, that he could do this to her with just that look.

He made her walk half-way, before he pushed off, and strode over to take her hand. She expected a crushing hand hold, but instead, He raised her hand to his mouth, and kissed each finger.

Her breath sighed out of her. Oh My Gawd. This was her ultimate fantasy. Tall, dark, handsome, seductive. Despite the very D/s nature of this new relationship, that he would tease and seduce her spoke volumes as to how this was heading…sweet, so sweet. She shivered as his mouth continued to work on her captive hand. He wasn’t letting go anytime soon.

His tongue gently teased between her fingers, as his other arm began scooping her into an embrace.

Except it wasn’t really an embrace. He was steering her, ever so subtly, to a stand of potted trees near the splashing fountain at the edge of the foyer. Her back was to the palm, as His hand cruised down the curve of her ass.

She normally wanted to get to know someone before they patted her ass.  He was sweet, but there was a whole lot of spicy in the mix. She felt the anticipation building in her, nipples growing hard, pussy getting moist. Maybe more than moist, she thought, as His teeth bit on the pad of her middle finger.

For a moment, she struggled with herself.  After all, she was a strong and capable woman. And here she was, turning into a pile of slut mush as His mouth worked dangerous miracles on her fingers. His tongue fucked gently between her fore-and-middle fingers, brushing the webbing back and forth. A low whoosh of breath came from her, as she half closed her eyes, falling into a happy, sexual place. She tried to keep some perspective. Strong. Capable. Woman. But who knew there were nerves that connected fingers and pussy?

She was a strong, capable woman. He was stronger. And she wasn’t thinking about his well-muscled arms. This man was ALL Dom.

They had yet to speak a single word to each other. Not hi, hello, how are you, none of the expected niceties. She’d not commented on his suit, nor He on her choice of dress.

She had chosen the little black dress with care. She didn’t always wear black, she liked being a girly-girl. But this occasion just seemed to call for it. The front appeared discreet, until one got close enough to notice that the panel covering her tits was translucent. The swirled pattern of the flocking hid this from casual glances, but for anyone truly looking, her tits were nearly fully exposed.

She wondered if he noticed, so consumed was he with her hand and fingers. As if reading her mind, He lowered her hand from his mouth, retaining it in his own larger one.

He noticed.

His eyes lit on her chest, then back to her face, and the smile there was all wolf.  Her pussy reacted, instantly. The wolf’s smile deepened.  She flushed. Uncertain whether it was in reaction or embarrassment, she attempted to pull her hand away.

He pulled her closer with it.

His breath caressed her ear, and for a moment she melted against him. He smelled earthy, manly. All those rich scents that she associated with them.  Not perfume-y, just His own intoxicating smell.  His lips lay for a moment on her hair, then  slipped softly down to the slender column of her neck.

She felt His teeth grazing along that tender place beneath her ear, and shuddered with the rise of heat in her pussy. The hand holding hers slid behind her, pulling her hand along and placing it mid-back. Submissive position.

His other hand had been busy. Slowly, ever so slowly He had gathered up the backside of her dress. Unbeknownst to her, her ass had slowly become exposed.

“Use your free hand and slip out of those panties,” He whispered against her ear.

That, of course, was when she noted the sudden elevation of her dress.

Her heart thumped madly. She struggled a brief moment, before deciding that it would be better to give him what He wanted,  the faster to lower her skirt once more.

Her free hand fumbled to grasp the rear band of her thong panties. He held her upright, that hand still holding hers at her lower back.   The other was gathered in her skirt,  so she struggled a bit to slip the band over both hips, and step out of them somewhat gracefully in 3 inch heels.

She held them in her hand, her breath coming in short little gasps. She felt his hand slide down her bare cheek, as he pulled the skirt of her dress down.

“Good girl, ” He spoke softly in her ear.

The shiver skittered up her spine. Oh, how she loved being a good girl. And oh dear gawd, was her pussy soaked.

He took the panties from her limp hand, as she attempted to hide them in her palm. He raised them to his nose, inhaling her fragrance, all the while holding her eyes with His.

The wolf was scenting his prey.

8 thoughts on “Red Convertible (for marci)

  1. OMG, Nilla – what a perfectly beautiful way to start a new day. So hot! I love when she realizes her skirt is already up – sends shivers through me. And even the “call me-” well, I don’t know why I say “even.” That’s the lovely thing with Doms isn’t it – that the intensity can start before it even starts. Thank you!!


  2. OMG nilla – this is A-fuckin’ Awesome! With a capital A! I love what you’ve done with my little NYC experience and expanded on it – in a verra good way. Also love how you’ve incorporated some other ‘real life’ experiences into this story. tee hee.

    Can’t wait for more, my friend. I am so excited.

    sitting here with dogs at my side, searching for some, how did you say it? truly hawt smut.

    Loving this – 100%. I swear you’re in my head, missy.

    • best compliment is one where someone says “you’re in my head”….*smiles*

      part two coming soon…Tues. i think. Anyway, i’m thankful for the idea, and glad you enjoyed this! It truly was a joy to write!


    • Why, thank you, Mick! This is one of my all-time favorites. It took a while to come out and play, but boy…i even turned myself on when i wrote it!!


  3. girrrrrgggggllleee….. drip.. drip… drip… Nilla, I swear, that if you hear an explosion from this end of the universe it’s because I’ve exploded. Oh my gods that was um….. how do you say that??? HAWT! droo….llll…

    Now to catch up on the rest of the stories!

    • thanks Roz!!! this was a story nugget from a gal-pal. She had the experience of the convertible zipping up to her and the guy giving her his card…and thought i’d have fun playing with the idea.

      i did.



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