He Fucked with My Head

He fucked my head way before he ever decided to fuck my body.

Have you ever been inspected?

It’s hot. Verrah hot.

It’s humiliating. I’ve never been much into humiliation. Not into being embarrassed. I can embarrass myself quite easily without Him sticking his Domlyness into the mix.

Thank you very much, Sir.

Not that i *said* that, mind you. When He says

“bend over, slut,”  you can be damned certain i’m bending as the words are leaving His mouth.

His hands pull my ass cheeks apart. Oh fucking hell. You must be joking, right? Inside i’m squirming. Mumbling “no no oh no, don’t look at my asshole.”

Thinking, writhing inside.

“Please, sweet Mother of All, please don’t let Him say anything about it.”

He does.

About my little puckered anus. How tiny it looks, all shut up tight. But He knows. He knows inside my head that i want Him to put something there. He pokes with His finger. Prods. Feels the resistance.

I feel Him smile. He makes that noise in the back of His throat. If you’re a sub, you’ve likely heard your Dom/Master/Sir make that noise. If your a Dom/Master/Sir? You have too made that noise. We hear it. It makes us shiver and wet ourselves for you.

Is it approval? The predatory pre-growl? A purr for the fun to ensue?

He knows, you see, that i hate him knowing.

I hate him seeing my little brown hole yield to Him.

Because then i have to admit it.

i have to admit it.

***  +*+  ***

i have to admit that i like it

OH yeah.

He fucked with my head, opened up my head, opened up my ass.

Stretched me into what He wants.

He wants me embarrassed.

He wants me to curl my toes with humilation.

He wants me to admit it.

He wants me  to admit that i’m his little anal whore.

and i like that He makes me.