Red Convertible (fini)

The elevator took them quickly to the 45th floor. It didn’t seem to faze Him in the least that the curved glass wall of the enclosure exposed them to Times Square. His hand continued to curve around her shapely ass, while his other hand kept her tucked against him, her butt on full view as he lifted her skirt once more, and slipped his fingers up and down her delectable crack.

“Someone will see us!” she hissed at him, her face nearly crimson.

“Is your cunt wet, little one?”

She made a sound that was born of frustration and humiliation. His finger pressed against her asshole, a silent warning to behave.

And dammit! She was so wet that she might splash when she walked!

“Yes sir, ” she murmured, voice low, humbled by her need. He smiled.

The 45th floor icon lit up, accompanied by a discreet “bong”.   He slowly lowered her skirt as the doors opened before them. He took her elbow and steered her to their room.

It was a suite, overlooking the Square. She ran to the windows, and looked down to the thronging crowds below. Night had fallen, and the neon signs pierced the night.  Natives pressed forward on their way to the nights amusements, as throngs of tourists stared gap-mouthed at the wonders of New York’s Great White Way.

He came up behind her, taking her hands and pressing them to the wall of glass, palms flat. They were raised higher than her head, not uncomfortable, but it could become a challenge. She knew his rule. In the texts that followed that initial phone call, He’d told her His three basic rules.  1. LISTEN 2. STAY 3. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. His goal was their mutual satisfaction, He had said.  She knew rule two was now in play.

“Stay in posture until I have released you to move”

His torso pressed against her, slowly pushing her hips against the glass. His hands came up to cup her tits, squeezing hard for a moment.

He released her, even as she gasped at the sudden pain. Gods, what a grip He had!

Then they moved on. She could see Him reflected behind her, looking at her. His hands rubbed over her hips, resting lightly there for a moment, thumbs caressing the small of her back, before rising to her nape. Those same fingers trailed lightly there, tugging a stray curl that had escaped her chignon, and a moment later, the steady zzzzzzzzzz of her zipper being released.

“Arms down.”

She let them rest against her sides, as the tip of his forefinger gently nudged the first strap off of her left shoulder. It fell in a dark grin against the paleness of her skin. She saw both dark smiles, her fallen strap, and His, as reflections in the window glass. He pushed the other strap off; a whisper of a touch against aroused flesh.  She shivered as those mirroed, hypnotic eyes met hers. Neither saw the brilliant glow beyond the glass, caught in a brightness that more than rivaled the street scene far below.

Just a little nudge and the black dress slithered down her body to lay in a naughty pile at her feet. She was left in 3 inch black stiletto’s  and a falling down bun.

He took her hair in his fist, pulling her head back hard enough to draw tears from her eyes, and her pussy. The trail of wetness between her thighs was almost shocking.

“open your mouth”

When she complied, he took the little swath of silk from his breast pocket and placed it inside, then used his finger against her chin to shut it.

“Your panties are dirty, little one. Clean them up for Me.”  His voice, smooth as the silk in her mouth, brushed her ear.

Her mouth froze. He’d put her panties in her mouth. Her soaked panties. Not so much fabric there to be an effective gag, but she would be busy using her tongue to do as he requested.

He pressed her fully against the glass, taking her wrists, and placing her hands up again. The window was cold against her heated flesh, and she shivered mightily. Her nipples rose, poking hard against the solid surface, and she swore she could hear the sizzle when He pressed her ass forward, mashing her mons. She knew there would be a smear of juice on the window later.

He stepped away.  She hadn’t realized that He’d been here earlier, but she could see His reflection, bending over a bag on the desk. She couldn’t make out what he was taking from it, however.

She heard a small *snick*. And heard the whoosh as the first stroke fell upon her exposed ass.

“OW!” she yelped, pressing harder against the glass. She wondered if she could be seen from here, body outlined against the night. Wondered if someone out for a show, would get one for free, simply by looking up. The wadded panties in her mouth did nothing to forstall her cries as she heard the tell-tale whoosh a moment before she felt it.



she saw his smile in the glass.

“you redden up nicely, little girl.” His hand caressed the two stripes across her cheeks.

“what is that?” her voice came out husky, soft, murmured around the now saturated panties. The stripes hurt, but in such a wonderful way. Her clit was throbbing in time to the hot hurt.

“The retractable pointer I sometimes use in class,” He replied, thwacking her with it several times in quick succession.

Her cries rose as she tiptoed, looking for all the world as though she was attempting to climb the smooth, slick glass.

“Nice, hmmm?”  His voice, filled with humor, was rich. She would appreciate it later, she thought, as another wicked volley played across her asscheeks. She felt on fire. Her ass hurt, throbbed painfully, and her pussy was  simply drooling.

That such a simple act could bring her to this state of wanton need stunned her.

“Thank you, Sir.”  She took a deep breath, holding it a moment, absorbing the feel of her burning flesh.

“That’s a lovely girl.”   He stroked her scorched butt with gentle, circling strokes. She pressed back into his palm. The first slap of his bare hand against the newly tenderized cheeks was shocking.



The cold window at her front frosted with her warm outline.

The heated flesh under his hand reddened, and dripped.

Her chignon fell apart as the last slap echoed in the room, her hands closed into fists but still pressed to the glass, as the breath squealed from between her clenched lips.

He took her hair into his hands, and pulled her away from the window. Grabbing her chin, he pulled the wet panties from her mouth.

“Time to start our fun, little one.   I can think of better uses for that mouth of yours.” He whispered into her ear.

Start? Oh. My.

The smile bloomed across her face.

The glow of her spanking bloomed across her ass.

“Yes Sir!”

“I’m going to take you for a ride, little girl.”

She knew he wasn’t talking about his red convertible.