The Cure for Sub-Drop

For the better part of a year now, i have texted all in my little D/s family, happy little  morning greetings.

I am always especially ebullient on Wednesdays. Coz, yanno, it’s a day named for all us…the sexual “deviants”…”Hump Day.”

I always comment on that in my morning ‘Hallo’s”.

But, last Wednesday, not so much.

A wee bit of backstory…my vanilla life was not going well. EVERYONE had something mean/corrective/snarky to say to me. All Fucking Day. I alternated between anger and sad. I cried. I yelled a little bit. One sentence actually.

Don’t laugh now.


yeah. to my 6-year-old.

So, i was having a terrible day.  And went to bed feeling so fucking sorry for myself. And couldn’t sleep. Didn’t want to masturbate. Didn’t want to do anything but cry. Not sob, just pity tears, you know the kind.

poor wittle gurl.

So, no happy  Hump Day greetings. Woke up as grumpy as i went to bed. What the FUCK is wrong with me.

Then i read Aisha’s post. Oh. OOOOOOOooooooohhhhh.


Sub. Drop.

Well, i ponder. How the fuck do i grab my happy and stuff it back? Coz, you gotta know, i was So. Fucking. High. after my Saturday with Sir. (and i have the bruises to prove it!!)

Aisha did it. She admitted it. The first step. Hi, my name is nilla and i’m having sub-drop.

Then she remembered. And fantasized. Hey! *i* can do that.

So, that is how i’m curing my sub-drop. Coz, you’re reading this a full week after i wrote it. Coz it’s hump day again. So i’ll share a little bit of our day, a little bit more of our fun. Coz i’m good like that (laughs)….well…i *am*!!

We’re on the bed. Gawd, is there any better feeling than that of the full weight of a man on top of you? Pushing you into the mattress, compelling utter submission to His wants because you are pinned in place. An erotic butterfly, pinned by a prick. (giggle)

His legs have pinned my arms, all i can move is my hands, which i wrap around His thighs.  i think i’m holding so tight because i’m afraid i’m going to float right through Him ….

my hair is pinned under His knees. All i can do is suck his cock. And moan. Because we’re in a ’69’ and He is eating my pussy.

Did i say eating? Oh. So. Much. MORE.

DEVOURING my pussy.

MUNCHING on my clit.

DRINKING my juices.

He mumbles between my legs, i feel his words on my cunt, through my body.

“You are such a slut! So fucking wet!!!!

Those are the last spoken words for like…hours. Days maybe. He consumes me,  while i’m moaning and sucking His cock. A few times i gag, but He keeps lapping. Until.

His hands move around me, cupping my ass, spreading my cheeks, all the while He is sucking my clit so hard. i’m squirming, lifting up into His mouth, convulsing again in a giant orgasm that leaves me breathless, His cock in my slack mouth. A long low moan of ecstasy escapes around it.  i am spent, drained.

He’s not done.

His nimble fingers slide into my ass. Two? Three? Unclear. The intrusion only serves to throw me over the cliff and spiral right out into the stratosphere. I’m cumming, cumming, cumming…every molecule attenuated to those fingers, now fucking in and out of my asshole at a steady pace.

Not too fast.

Not too slow.

And His tongue is doing devilish things in my pussy, His beard rubbed, very deliberately on my swollen, throbbing clit.

And i cum apart.

Bucking, writhing, moaning, i’m only conscious of one thought.

Do. Not. Bite. His. Cock.

(i didn’t)

i slide back into my body, and suck Him. Lave his cock with my tongue, and STILL He is fucking my asshole with his fingers, fucking my pussy with his mouth.

Dear Great Goddess….how can i take more.

How could i not?

It is what He wanted.

It is what He took of me. And took. And took. Times 10.

Finally He stiffens on my body. i am unaware that He is beginning to cum, i am that out of it. But my mouth had been busy on Him, and His hips ground down into my face, stopping my breath momentarily until i learned his rhythm.

He spurted down my throat, as he bit on my clit.

And came for Him again.

*****     *****

Days later, and i still remember the floating sensations, the total awareness of my pussy, the complete control he had over every part of me.

i texted him later. HOW did making me cum so much please him? How did HE get satisfied that way.

I felt…guilty, i guess.

He told me it’s what He wants, the Dominant Control of me.


i can live with that.

12 thoughts on “The Cure for Sub-Drop

  1. This is soooo wonderful, Nilla. From feeling his body on top of you (yes… i know that feeling!) to well – you know, that lovely orgasmic ending – it was a pleasure to read. We are lucky that they enjoy that control thing so much, aren’t we? {smiles}


  2. Lovely new look, ‘nilla. and It’s always good to see what happens when you move from your imagination to your personal memories from whence some of those stories flow.


    • Thanks Mick, i appreciate your comments! I always wonder if it’s either tmi, too gushy (pun intended!) or just right when i put personal stuff here.

      And i’m glad you like the new look too…much …hmmm…cleaner? easier on the eyes than the other one, too.

      Happy Hump Day (laughs)…..


    • Yes, that is true…but i’m pretty much into the stories with nuggets of truth, as opposed to open right out there. I was thinking about that, and how i got into that habit…

      well duh. i had no D/s experience only dreams, lusts, and longings.

      then when i got some miles under my ass (tho you can still call me a newbie since it;s only been since Jan of this year that i’ve “jumped” into the Pool…) i simply felt that i had too little real life to offer.

      i’m still collecting data however……the hardest part is meshing Sir B and my calendars.


    • *grins* he was smiling…once he recovered. *bigger grin*

      what is it with you guys? one big blow and youze done…and yet we lil subgals are made to cum and cum and cum…oh. wait that sounds like a complaint. Sooooo not!!

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