HNT 9/30/10 Autumn Arrives

One last flash of summer heat….

8 thoughts on “HNT 9/30/10 Autumn Arrives

    1. thanks! Hard to believe how HOT it has been in New England this week, just heading into Autumn…and ..gosh if it’s not 74 humid degrees even now…


  1. its my mommy necklace…birthstones of all my kids. i can’t wear rings much tho i love them, but i love necklaces. Theres 2 Dec, April, June and September (the 5th one is for my foster dau who lives in state care, who still identifies us her Mom’s)


  2. even *I* was distracted by the shiny and was going to comment on it. But hey, nice boobage as well. I hope autumn arrives and stays for good. Hate this heat – I’m ready for a new wardrobe. 🙂

    1. Well, ~em, the heat she is broke. It was 80 at 10 and is 60 at 130….Yay! Autumn returns. (with a shitload of rain, but…i’ll take it)

      Funnah how peoples liked the shiny! i bet you’re easy to hypnotise…..


  3. I will admit that I noticed the necklace, but not until I checked out your breast for whip or rope marks. Nice view. What brand of bra, it appears to be a very sexy one if fully exposed.

    1. no whip or rope marks but there is a soft purple bruise over one (i didn’t notice it until later….) the biggest bruises are still upon my butt….


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