(the wait) Is Over

She paced restlessly around the room.



She stared down at her cell, willing it to chime.

It didn’t.

Why did she have a Dom, anyway? Who cared what the fuck HE thought. It was HER body, HER pussy, HER needs.

He simply didn’t understand her. That was all.

And yet.

She had abstained from touching herself. The wily bastard had sent salacious texts during her meeting, including one of his hard, thick cock. His fucking fist wrapped around it, it was more than evident that he was jacking off. Then later. As she was wrapping her scarf around her throat, preparing to run home and <defy his no masturbation order>  cook dinner, she’d received another text.

“no, no, no, little girl! No touching MY pussy.”

How the fuck he knew what she’d planned drove her bonkers.

Now here it was, freedom day. She’d been told that He would make her cum, breaking her restraints Himself.

Did <the fucking Bastard>  He call?  Text?



Frustration poured through her. Two days without touching.  She took a deep breath, and tried an exercise He had suggested at the end of a very rough first night.  Three little words. At the time all she wanted was to hit, punch, scream.

It was HER fucking pussy.

Except, they both knew, it was His.

He’d sent the simple text after an especially rancorous text from her, telling Him she couldn’t sleep, it was all HIS fault, she needed to cum, why was He punishing her, didn’t He care about her anymore…

“Focus on Me.”

By that, she knew He meant “focus on your submission to Me. Focus on what we each give to this relationship. Focus on more than your needy cunt for a change. Focus on what you give to Me.”

She’d finally fallen asleep in a huff. It had taken all night for the chains of His ownership to wrap  around her tightly enough for her to feel them. She thought constantly of her needy pussy, even thought about nipping off to the ladies room for a quickie. Instead, she thought of Him. How disappointed He would be in her.

How disappointed she would be in herself. This was the first real test of their union. It wasn’t like He was saying she could never cum again. It wasn’t like her pussy was going to shrivel and dry up.

Ohhh, far from that!

She was drenched. She throbbed relentlessly, juice slipping down her thighs, her engorged clit getting rubbed with every step she took.

Now the longest day in her life was over. She sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for her cell to ring. Or chime.  Shifting, squirming a bit, she could not get comfortable.

Somehow, it  didn’t feel quite right.  She knelt. Naked, pussy gleaming wetly, she looked over her shoulder at the wet spot on the bed. She’d need to change that cover before her Mom visited next week! She smiled, then returned her focus.

Maybe this would help.

or not.

She took a deep breath. Hands behind her back, thrusting her tits outward. Sitting on her legs, eyes closed, she focused on her breath, on lifting her nipples up, up.

She pictured Him, sitting in the chair across the room where He’d sat just a few weeks ago. Maybe just looking at her, not saying a word.  A visual inspection before He got a feel of her juicy pussy.  Her breath deepened at the thought.

“What a pretty picture.”

Her eyes flew open. So did her mouth.

He was here.

Her wait was finally over.


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