The Taming of Princess Rapunzel (3)

part two is here

For a long time, the only sound in the forest was the steady whack of hand on bare ass, and the mewling cries of a spoiled Princess getting her long overdue punishment.

The blows were steady, firm but not brutal. At least from the Chief Woodsman’s point of view, as Her Royal Highness certainly had a different perspective on the situation.

After landing 50 or so smacks to the Royal Posterior, He began to rub her roasting little tush. Soft, whirling strokes, round and round the Royal bottom.

She squirmed.

The gently teasing strokes slipped higher than her buttocks, coasting ticklishly around her lower spine, then swirled lower, to tease at her succulent upper thighs.

She moaned, his warm hand against her breeze-cooled flesh was stunningly sexual. She flushed, wondering if He would know that her woman-folds were wet with her unexpected arousal.

She expected Him to flip down her skirts, setting her to rights once more, but He continued, steadily stroking the reddened flesh of her ass.

She squirmed again.

Then let out a squeal of surprise as His finger swirled from her lower back, following the split of her backside.

Slowly, ever so teasingly slowly, His finger slid down that valley, until he was poised at the deepest part of the curve, just before it slid into the deeper, darker valley between her thighs.

She moaned as His finger hovered there.

“Touch me.”

Had she spoken aloud? No. Yes? Oh Great Uncle Harold’s Ghost!

He purred. She felt the rumble of it through his legs, through her belly, through the finger poised just there.

Would He?

His finger slid down that crevasse, a bit more pressure now, until it skidded across a swollen lower lip. It was slick with her juices, and a smile flitted briefly across his face, though the Princess was unaware of it, in her face-down position.

She shifted across his lap, trying to move his finger deeper, uncertain about what exactly she wanted, other than more. It was the first time anyone had touched her intimately, other than her bath-maid, and that was only the briefest of touches. And never brought her to this state…panting, almost, and a deep throbbing that she had no idea how to assuage.

Suddenly, two fingers were twisting in her folds, rubbing not-so-softly up and down her slit. She twisted on his lap, moaning louder.

He chuckled.

She felt the shifting of his legs, but was still surprised when He grabbed her upper arm and lifted her to stand on wobbly legs. He loomed over her in the gloaming.

“Time to set up the tent. We wouldn’t want Her Royal Highness to sleep under the stars like commoners, now, would we, Princess?” There was amusement in his voice- she would remember that, later. For now, however, she could only stand on lust-shaken legs, and stare at him open-mouthed.

A long moment passed. They stood, a handsbreath apart.  His hand still holding her forearm, she stared up into his dark eyes,  her own baby-blue gaze revealing her inner confusion. She gaped at him, at a complete loss for words, a rare occasion indeed! He took advantage of her open mouth, and slid his fingers, still covered with her juice, into that inviting cavern.

“Clean me, Princess.” He commanded her, a steely look coming into his eyes.

She wondered what He would do to her should she bite those oddly flavored fingers. His quirked eyebrow showed he expected nothing less from her. She opted to surprise the smug bastard, then.

Slowly lowering her eyes, she began to suck, to lave, to totally surround his fingers with her hot little mouth.  When she was done, she slowly pulled her mouth from his hand, letting the last fingertip leave her lips with a loud *pop*. She glanced down, and sure enough there was a bulge in the front of his pants!

She couldn’t resist a smug smile of her own.

“Careful Princess,” he cautioned, “Play with fire and you might get more than you bargained for…”

Once more she let her eyes drift down to his crotch.

“Oh, I doubt that,” she said airily. “That’s not all that impressive to me, you know.”

And she flounced away to the wagon, not quite daring to look over her shoulder at his reaction to her incendiary words.

She reached into the depths of the buggy, unwilling to climb up with her aching ass, reaching for her bag, unaware that He had come up to stand right behind her.

oh dear oh my, Rapunzel is such a naughty girl…stay tuned…