The Taming of Princess Rapunzel (6)

She woke, groggy with the aftereffects of Him. Her body hurt in new places. Her shoulders, sore from hefting water for the horses, her arse, sore with that resounding spanking, and between her thighs, sore from ….

She blushed in the darkness. How had she let him do those ….things to her? Even now he controlled her, holding her tightly to him. She could feel the thickness of his cock, hardened in his sleep, pressing against her buttocks, his warmth all along her body. She lay, tucked under his chin, and so close to him that he may well have been wearing her.

She remembered his fingers sliding up and down her slickened slit,  her back arching as he twirled the mysterious, throbbing spot, and the feeling of splintering as she erupted.

Then, as she was floating softly down to her body, the piercing of her with his engorged cock. It had hurt, but so delightfully. She’d risen into his thrust, moaning and bucking as the splintering broke her yet again, into small glowing bits.

He had continued, his thrusting strokes building up in intensity, his body sliding along hers, his hands squeezing at her breasts, pulling her up and over the abyss again. She lay nearly insensate as He thundered on.

And yet that persistent tingle buzzed betwixt her thighs.

And the tingle became a roar, and the roar became a wave. As the wave built, she felt the most incredible things…hot and cold, her nipples peaked so tightly she could feel them throbbing, that little spot that he rubbed with every filling thrust…and she felt Him.

Felt that thick head deep in her belly, her belly grabbing it, trying to hold it within. She felt him go deeper, grow harder, until she was swept up in an explosion so intense, feeling Him spurting into her, that the world went dark.

Now she was awake. Awake with a throbbing in her loins that was not at all unpleasant. She wondered about the mystery of it all. How he had fit that giant rod into her. She was a Princess, after all, unused to the large, the coarse, the very meanness of life.  Yet….he had most definitely ‘fit’. Her hand traced lightly down his large and muscled thigh. It was covered in coarse hair, but ’twas  warm, strong. She wondered…

“you think too much, Princess.”

She jolted with surprise. She had thought him asleep, his breathing even and deep. He pulled her onto her back, rolled over her, his knees parting her thighs, until his cock lay along her woman channel. She felt the pressure, the heat of him.

His hands came to her breasts,  pinching her nipples firmly. His mouth touched at her lips, a brush of softness. A strong tremor ran through her at the sharp contrast.

His teeth flashed once in the darkness, the smile of the wolf, as she arched up, baring her neck in her innocence.

Bending his head, angling his hips, he feasted anew.