Slapping nilla

It’s rather funny how many, many searches i get for tit slapping…as you all know i’m a HUGE fan of spanking, and tit slapping, and also, pussy slapping.

Tho i’ve maybe not spoken much to that of late.

So, reflecting back on my last sexcapade with Sir B, i realized that i’d left an entire chapter out. My bad.

Tit slapping? Not so much this time. More of a groping, squishing, squeezing tit play. But shortly after he had made me cum twice, still in my street clothing, and after i had squirted on my skirt and his sleeve….

…came the first of many cunt slapping times.

The sound is…as He describes it, laughingly, “the sound of one hand, clapping”. He sets up a steady, rhythmic, HARD cadence. O.  O.  OOO!!! The first 5 or 6 slaps warm, then heat, then sting. Any slap after that slams into my clit, feels like He’s driving through my pelvis and into my pussy. It Fucking HURTS!!!  And yet…..dang it!  That rotten slutty pussy responds by running liquid from me like…like…Niagara Falls. So eventually, as He is winding down, and i’m arching and crying out (his other hand pinning me to the mattress, usually by my hair) it sounds more like *splat*   *splat* rather than *slap*    *slap*.

Isn’t that just fucking ridiculous?

Throughout the 5 hours we spent together, He must’ve spanked my pussy…6? 7? 9? times. Each time a bit longer. By the third time, it only took a few swats for me to arch. To moan. To cry. To become dizzy with the pain commingled with the pleasure. And finally, to cum.

My abused pussy was reddened though not truly bruised, for 3 or 4 days afterwards. I remember checking it out after checking my butt bruise (and i *still* had one fading after 15 days !) and being amazed at how swollen and red it still was.

And admiring it. And i’d smile, remembering exactly how it got that reddened, that swollen.

Oh. Does that make me a wanton pain slut?

(He said it did!)


i’m good with that!